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By Ron John Rinaldi


MAR. 21, 2019


2019 NCAA Wrestling National Championship Preview

Commander Ron John here folks and I am here to give you a synopsis of the mission set forth by the 330 collegiate competitors commencing to launch at the NCAA Wrestling Nationals Championship. Only 10 will stand a top of their respective weight classes! Who will rise to reach the top of the podium?

Just a few hours away and last minute preparations are underway for the 2019 National Tournament. We are here to preview the expedition plans set forth for some of the most advantageous weight classes for the 2019 National Tournament this year in Pittsburgh, PA.


“GLORY! In The Hole!!”

Under the Radar Missiles: Brent Fleetwood (NDSU) and Jay Schwarm (UNI)


– Moisey (NEB) vs Oliver (IND), classic first round bout amongst veterans.

– Personally, will be front row of the Arujau (COR) vs Heinselman (tOSU) first round match to start off my Thursday action!

– Tough Road for Spencer Lee (IOWA) to reach the top of the mountain.

– Should we que in on Fleetwood (NDSU)?


– I see #13 Seed Hildebrandt (CMU) making it to the Beaver Bresser (OrSt) and giving him a run into UTB.

-If Ravon Foley (MSU) is healthy and moving onto the second round, he will likely have Vitali Arujau from Cornell. Expect a scrappy match, with the winner moving onto to face Rivera (NW) in Friday mornings round.

-Fleetwood vs Glory (PRIN)àVeteran vs Frosh

Semi-Predictions: Rivera vs Mueller(UVA)/ Lee vs Piccininni(rematch of less than 1 month ago where Picci cradled and stuck Spencer Lee to his back!

Champ @ 125 Pounds Prediction: Nick Piccininni (Oklahoma State)


“Quick Fix?”

Under the Radar Missiles: DJ Felhman-34 registered wins, coming into the tourney? (Lock Haven) and #20 Brandon Paetzell (Lehigh)- He has wins this year over #9 John Erneste and #12 Montorie Bridges.

First Round Firecrackers!!

So is it just me?… Or has there has been a Nickell on Cal State Bakersfield’s roster for two decades now. Sean Nickell will have Matt Schmitt of Tim Flynn’s Fleet in a first-round whirl.

-Expect Tim Rooney (KSU) to go big and attempt to upset Buckeye Luke Pletcher

-Sykora of NDSU vs Montorie Bridges (WYO) will be a battle of the West.

-Cefalo (RID) is no gimmee for Lizak (MINN) in Round 1.


-Chazz Tucker (COR) vs Erneste (MIZZ) will be exciting!

-Gomez (ISU) vs Phillipi (PIT)…Ok Ok We are Heating Up!

-Pumped we have another Terao (AMR) to watch during the post season. Terao’s are known for tearing up the field come March.

-Possible Lizak (MIN) vs Tariq Wilson (NCST) 2nd Round?! That is if Wilson is healthy and can move on past his first bout.

-DeSanto (IOWA)vs RBY (PSU) Legoooo

Semi-Matchup Predictions:

-Fix(OKSt) vs Pletcher (tOSU)

-Suriano (RUT) vs DeSanto (IOWA) -Micic (MICH), if healthy

Champion @ 133 Pounds Prediction: Daton Fix (Oklahoma State)


“McKenna’s are Born For March”

Under the Radar Missiles: #20 Matt Findlay (Utah Valley)14-2 with losses only to Mitch McKee (MIN) and a Josh Alber (UNI) injury default. Knocked off Tristan Moran, Chad Red, Nate Limmex, Jamal Morris and Sam Krivus. #13 Kyle Shoop (Lock Haven) Will he be the next A.J Schopp-EWL AA Breakout?!


STRAP UP FOR 141 ROUND 1 FOLKS… because we are launching in 3…2…1…

BOOOM-> Ian Parker (ISU) vs Chad Red (NEB) bout # 44 and right down the line we have the following:

-Demas (OU) vs Moore (VT)

– Finesilver (DUKE) vs Storr (MICH)

– Headlee (UNC) vs Kelly (OHIO) for head bangers in the top half.

As for the second half, Lee (PSU) vs Limmex (PUR) is no lay over.

Former AA bash as S’Darian Perry (ODU), EMU transfer, will face off against Jamal Morris of the Carolina Wolfpack.(NC)

Additionally, Moran (WIS)vs Murin (IOWA) [BIG 10 matchup]

Rounding up the 1st round we have Brock (OkSt) vs Lantry (BUF)

Round 2:

-Demas will man-handle Kanen, as the Wolverine does not know what is in Storr for him.

– Carr vs Moran, BIG 10 Conference Rematch, where Moran won the last match in the conference consolations 9-4.

– A healthy and slick Jamal Morris can give Nick Lee problems.

Semi-Predictions: Yianni vs Eierman and Lee vs McKenna

Champion @ 141 Pound Prediction: Joey McKenna (The Ohio State)


“J’eet yet? No, djew?” — It’s Time to Eat!


#13 Anthony Artalona (Penn)-Wildcard semifinalist?!? Following a hot EIWA title.

#12 Brady Berge (Penn State)

#11 Josh Heil (Campbell)-It runs in the family


Bouts 71 and 72: Kaden Gfeller (OKST) vs Ryan Blees (MINN) & Maruca (ASU) vs Lugo (IOWA)


Lugo vs Gfeller will get the place rocking.

Semi-Predictions: Ashnault vs Kolodzik (PRIN) & O’Connor (UNC) vs Jordan (tOSU)

Champion @ 149 Pounds Prediction: Jersey Mobbin (Rutgers)




#12 Taleb Rahmani (PITT)


1st Round: Early (ODU) vs Monday (PRIN) I am excited to see early on Thursday!

Round 2:

-This is where things start to heat up for the weight, Pagdalio (ASU)/McClure (UNC) vs Humphreys (LEH) will be a low-key battle to see who takes on Nolf, Friday morning.

– BIG10 bash between Hayes (tOSU) and Kaleb Young (IOWA)to move onto Deakin (NU), and a fair shot at the Semi’s!

-Early (ODU) vs Bleiseee- Will Winner advance passed Berger?

Semi-Predictions: Nolf (PSU) vs Pantaleo (MICH) and


Champion @ 157 Pounds: Jason Nolf (Penn State)




#9 Demetrius Romero (Utah Valley), #10 Branson Ashworth (WYO), & #33 Joe Smith (OKST)

*First Round Firecrackers*

-One of the biggest controversies of this tournament is the Pig-Tail placement of Jo Jo Smith (OKST). Nonetheless, in Round 1, he would have to face #1 ranked Alex Marinelli (IOWA)

-Bullard (NCST) vs Viruet (Brown)

-I will be personally viewing the #29 Nick Kiussis of WVU take on #4 Evan Wick (WIS). Kiussis battled in the OH State Semi-Finals for 3 straight seasons, with a wrestler I coached for several seasons, Greg Brusco. Curious to see where Nick is now as a competitor.

-Fogarty (NDSU) vs Marinelli (GMU), Round 1, may draw eyes.

Round 2: Marinelli (IOWA) vs Viruet (BROWN) and Marinelli (GMU) vs Wick (WIS). Will the Marinelli’s steal the spotlight?

Semi-Predictions: Marinelli vs Marstellar (LHU) and Massa (MICH) vs Joseph (PSU)

Champion @ 165 Prediction: Alex Marinelli- Lone Hawkeye Champ (Iowa)


“Repeat in the Hall of Champions?”

UNDER THE RADAR MISSILES: Ethan Smith (tOSU) will he bring some flavor back to his home state?


-If Kane of UNC doesn’t wrestle like a stiff, he can surprise Hall and give Mark a run for his money!! $$

– Lydy (PUR) vs Harvey (ARMY)

-Bullard (NCST) vs Labriola (NEB)

Round 2: Statzka (MINN) vs Lujan (UNI)/ Kutler (LEH) vs Finesilver (DUKE)/Labriola vs Jacobe Smith (OKST)

Semi-Predictions: Hall (PSU) vs Amine (MICH)-Will Amine finally break through? & Valencia vs Lewis-Lewis stuck Valencia in a cradle last month!

Champion @ 174 Pounds Prediction: Zahid Valencia (Arizona State)



UNDER THE RADAR MISSILES: Lou Deprez (BING) and Dakota Geer (OKST)

*FIRST ROUND FIRECRACKERS* Gravina (RUT) vs Cash-Money Wilcke (IOWA)

Round 2: Maxwell Dean (COR) vs Cash Wilcke (IOWA)/ Bonoccorssi (PIT)vs Emery Parker (ILL)/ ZZ Top (VT) vs Cam Caffery (MSU) /Ness (UNC) vs Rasheed (PSU)

Semi-Predictions: Martin (tOSU) vs Max Dean (CORN) & Rasheed (PSU) vs ZZ-Top (VT)

Champion @ 184 Pound Prediction: Myles Martin


“The next face on the Nickal?”

*First Round Firecrackers*

– Bullsack (CLAR) and Trexler (STAN)- Just because…

Round 2: Warner (IOWA) vs Caywood (ARMY)

Brunner (PUR) vs Miklus (ISU)

Sliegh (BUCK) vs Aiello (CORN)- to move onto Moore!

Semi-Predictions: NIckal (PSU) vs Brucki (PRIN) & Weigel (OKST) vs Moore (tOSU)

Champion at 197 Pounds Prediction: Bo NIckal (Penn State)


“Let’s Set the Stage for the BIG Boys”


*First Round Firecrackers*

-Jensen vs Singletary to single out a solid first round match for this weight.

– Hemida (Maryland)-There only representative vs Sweeeny (Corn)

-Cory Daniel (UNC) vs Conan!! Cory will overcome Conan!

– Stoll (Iowa) vs Mason Parris (MICH) -a BIG ONE!!

-Haines (LHU) vs Edinboro transfer-Billy Miller

-Orndorff vs Goodhart will be a good one!

ROUND 2: HIlger (WIS) vs Hemida (MD) & Bouts 255 and 258!!

Semi-Predictions: White vs Stoll & Gable vs Cassar

Champion @ Heavyweight Prediction: Derek White (OkST)



#1 Penn State vs #3 Ohio State

BIG10 Dual Preview

No. 1 Penn State vs No. 3 Ohio State

FEB. 08, 2019

125- Devin Schnupp (So., Lititz, PA] vs Malik Heinselman (Fr., Castle Rock, CO)

133-#15 – Roman Bravo-Young (Fr., Tucson, AZ) vs #6 – Luke Pletcher (Jr., Latrobe, PA)

141- #5 – Nick Lee (So., Evansville, IN] vs #2 – Joey McKenna (Sr., Towaco, NJ)

149- #11 – Brady Berge (Fr., Mantorville, MN) OR Jerod Verkleeren (Fr., Greensburg, PA) vs #3 – Micah Jordan (Sr., St Paris, OH)

157- #1 – Jason Nolf (Sr., Yatesboro, PA] vs #6 – Ke-Shawn Hayes (Jr., Kansas City, MO]

165-#1 – Vincenzo Joseph (Jr., Pittsburgh, PA) vs Kaleb Romero (Fr., Mechanicsburg, OH) OR #12 – Te’Shan Campbell (Sr., Pittsburgh, PA)

174-#1 – Mark Hall (Jr., Apple Valley, MN] vs #18 – Ethan Smith (Fr., Latrobe, PA)

184- #2 – Shakur Rasheed (Sr., Coram, NY) vs #1 – Myles Martin (Sr., Penns Grove, NJ)

197- #1 – Bo Nickal (Sr., Allen, TX) vs #2 – Kollin Moore (Jr., Burbank, OH)

HWT- #3 – Anthony Cassar (Sr., Rocky Hill, NJ) OR Nick Nevills (Sr., Clovis, CA] #19 – Chase Singletary (Fr., Naples, FL)

The Nittany Lions come hailing into Columbus backing a 55-consecutive match win streak, yet Ron John breaks this down and boils this battle down in the Buckeyes favor!


125 LBS

Do not put Schupp past you here. The match could be over after this first bout this evening if Ohio State drops this opener. However, Heinselman has the home momentum. Let the bells ring in favor for the Buckeye.

Prediction: Heinselman by decision

Score: PSU 0, OSU 3

133 LBS

Pletcher dropped a blowout defeat two weeks home against #1 Micic. I feel Pletcher racking up points tonight!

Now, if Bravo-Young is Wrestling, Pletcher will not be able to keep up with RBY’s speed. Therefore, if RBY lines up against Pletcher-Penn State will knot it up at 3. However, if Bravo-Young remains side-lined-We will see Pletcher pick up +3 regular decision, but do not count bonus points out for Pletch-daddy flex.

Prediction: Pletcher by decision

Score: PSU 0, OSU 6

141 LBS

McKenna is on a mission. After a week off from competition-I see McKenna coming back without skipping a beat. BANG BANG!!

Prediction: McKenna by decision

Score: PSU 0, OSU 9

149 LBS

Micah Jordan-who cut to this weight to avoid the Nolf matchup, will need to rack up Bonus Points for the Buckeyes for any chance at an upset victory here at the St.John’s Arena!

Prediction: Micah by major decision

Score: PSU 0, OSU 13

157 LBS

Ke-Shawn will have a game plan to slow down Nolf’s offense. I predict this match closer than you think. Bonus Points in this match could be the swing factor. Nonetheless, Nolf will end up with his hand raised.

Prediction: Nolf by major decision

Score: PSU 4, OSU 13

165 LBS

Cenzo will run a clinic on Romero. Te’Shan, on the other hand, will have Cenzo dealing with contrasting styles.

Prediction: Joseph by decision

Score: PSU 7, OSU 13

174 LBS

Hall is a tough son of a gun. However, be prepared for Hall to struggle scoring against the PA native-Smith. Smith has been impressive thus far this year and holding this match to just a regular decision; if not a big upset, will help the Buckeyes win this dual. Hall’s grit will win this bout.

Prediction: Hall by decision

Score: PSU 10, OSU 13

184 LBS – Marquee Match

Martin is on one this year. No one is getting in his way. MyMar by bonus!! BANG BANG!!!

Prediction: MyMar by major decision

Score: PSU 10, OSU 17

197 LBS – Match of the Meet #2

Moore’s last 7 dual matches, Pin, Major, decision, Pin, Pin, Decision, Pin, Tech fall = 36 team points-Lets keep that streak going!! Nickal is one of the best wrestlers in the NCAAs this year, and Moore is very solid.

Yet.. Bo will simply out funk Moore. The match will be a head-banger, but with Bo running off the conqueror.

Prediction: Nickal by decision

Score: PSU 13, OSU 17

285 LBS

Singletary will have to show some medal this match. Cassar is going to try and Bully the young former Blair Buc.

Prediction: Cassar by major decision

Score: PSU 17, OSU 17


5 to 5 Split?!?





Buckeyes Snare the Badgers at St. John’s Arena

Dec. 11, 2018.

On a crisp Midwest Sunday afternoon, thousands of wrestling fans from central Ohio gathered in the St. John’s Arena, to watch the #2 Ohio State Buckeyes take on the #19 Wisconsin Badgers. The Buckeyes are coming off their 3rd Straight Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational title this year. Myles Martin of Ohio State was named the tournament Outstanding Wrestler out in LV and then followed it up the next week, as Big10 wrestler of the week! As for Wisconsin, the Badgers have the better of the matchups historically, out winning 29 out of the 51 matchups in the all-time series among the two Big10 wrestling powerhouses. A new head coach is at the helm for Wisconsin, replacing 25-year head coach Barry Davis-a member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Olympic silver medalist as a wrestler, Chris Bono takes control coming from previously South Dakota State University and Chattanooga years earlier on, bringing along Jon Reader and including Matt McDonough to the staff, who is joining the Badger staff from Hawkeye Wrestling Club. The new gang has a chip on their shoulder, holding a 6-0 dual record coming into Columbus.

Prior to the first whistle, the 2018 BIG10 Championship banner was revealed from the St. John’s Arena rafters, rewarded to the Buckeye wrestlers!

The dual began with the straw weights as Columbus local from Olentangy Liberty, Sophomore Braken Mead, faced South Dakota State Transfer, #20 ranked Connor Brown. Mead struck first at the edge of the mat to rack up 2-points with the backing from the energy of the crowd. Brown then escaped and earned a takedown before the end of the first. Brown eventually caught stride racking up several takedowns, securing the win to open up the dual with the Badgers on the board first.

Next at 133, #7 Pletcher battled with veteran Jens Lantz, a top 8 placer at Universities, to edge out a 4-0 matchup, to knot the dual at 3-3.

Senior Captain, Joey McKenna kicked the home squad into high gear with a dominating 14-2 major decision against #12 ranked Tristan Moran. On his way to a techinical fall, McKenna just fell short of time on the clock.

Following the major at 141lbs, Micah Jordan came out for the Buckeyes for the first time in a while as a 149 pounder to face off #18 ranked Cole Martin, who went the whole bout without showing one sign of offense. Jordan stalked Martin, attacking left and right to grab a major and additional bonus points for the Bucks.

[Photo By: Ron John Rinaldi]

At 157, Zander Wick for Wisconsin centered up to scrap #9 KeShawn Hayes, instead replacement, Elijah Clearly stepped in respectably for the named starter Hayes. Cleary had the chance to be a hero, down by one and needing a takedown, yet Wick One held off the charge.

Wick Two ranked at #2 in the country for the Badgers faced off against Ryan Ferrao, who is another fill-in for the Buckeyes and wrestling his first career dual appearance in the Scarlet and Grey fell short of the returning All-American Wick, decreasing the deficit for the Wisconsin heading into the final four matches. Wick nearly had Ferrao stuck in a cradle but the curly headed Buckeye busts out to avoid to fall.

Dual Score 11-6 Ohio State @ Intermission

Coach Ryan stated, “when the door opens, you have to be ready to bust through”, and Ethan Smith did just that, as he pulled of a wild 10-9 win against a ranked opponent. La Trobe, PA native, Smith ignited the crowd upsetting top-10 ranked redshirt senior, Christensen.

*Ohio State deducted one team point because of unsportsmanlike conduct (bench) during 174-lbs bout*

Captains took control to close the match out in the Buckeyes favor, as Myles Martin snagged misdirection shots back and forth off Mason Reinhardt to secure a 21-8 Major decision and Kollin Moore followed up his teammates triumph with a 2 min PIN to seal the match for the Ohio State Buckeyes!

Concluding the match battled the big boys, as two, top 15-ranked redshirt freshmen squared up, and the bout ending with the traveling #9 ranked Trent Hillger defeating Blair boy Chase Singletary, to pick up his 3rd win against ranked wrestlers and to remain undefeated on the season. Singletary seems to be competing out of the wrestling shape he is used to, moreover lets see the adjustments he will make to adapt to the weight class for the remainder of the season.

The Buckeyes showed mixed feelings to fans as some guys are riding on the coat-tails of the Fab-5 in the lineup.

We need everyone to start stepping up. Our guys have great lives. We need to sacrifice and suffer as a group more to get tougher. Tonight was a great performance, but we need to get better. -Coach Tom Ryan

No. 2 Ohio State will be off for almost a month, and it will play host at St. John Arena in Columbus against North Carolina State on January 6.

As for Bono and his Badgers,

I’m proud of our first semester, the way we’ve come, the way we’ve built this program,” Bono said. “We’ve been sky high all semester and this was our first setback. I’m very excited to see how we come back after the break and compete. Tough night tonight, but these guys are winners and they’re going to return, and we’ll be ready to roll!

Next up, the Badgers will be competing against a lot of high-quality opponents at the Midlands Championships on Dec. 29-30.

No. 2 Ohio State 23, No. 19 Wisconsin 13
125 lbs | No. 20 Connor Brown (Wisconsin) def. Brakan Mead (Ohio State) | D, 7-2; Team Score: 0-3
133 lbs | No. 7 Luke Pletcher (Ohio State) def. Jens Lantz (Wisconsin) | D, 4-0; TS: 3-3
141 lbs | No. 2 Joey McKenna (Ohio State) def. No. 12 Tristan Moran (Wisconsin) | MD, 14-2; TS: 7-3
149 lbs | No. 3 Micah Jordan (Ohio State) def. No. 18 Cole Martin (Wisconsin) | MD, 14-4; TS: 11-3
157 lbs | Zander Wick (Wisconsin) def. Elijah Cleary (Ohio State) | D, 7-3; TS: 11-6
165 lbs | No. 2 Evan Wick (Wisconsin) def. Ryan Ferro (Ohio State) | MD, 13-1; TS: 11-10
*Ohio State deducted one team point because of unsportsmanlike conduct (bench) during 174-lbs bout
174 lbs | Ethan Smith (Ohio State) def. No. 9 Ryan Christensen (Wisconsin) | D, 10-9; TS: 13-10
184 lbs | No. 1 Myles Martin (Ohio State) def. Mason Reinhardt (Wisconsin) | MD, 21-8; TS: 17-10
197 lbs | No. 3 Kollin Moore (Ohio State) def. Andrew Salemme (Wisconsin) | PIN, 2:04; TS: 23-10
285 lbs | No. 9 Trent Hillger (Wisconsin) def. No. 14 Chase Singletary (Ohio State) | D, 6-1; TS: 23-13



By: Ron John Rinaldi

Near 6,000 wrestling fans migrated up to East Lansing, Michigan for the Big 10 Wrestling Championships this past weekend.

Located just 3 miles from the State Capitol, known as Spartan Country- with a city population of 45,000 and home to 40,000 students at their home institution Michigan State University, East Lansing is a town really only known for the Magic Johnson era and their fighting Spartans football squad.

Not this weekend twelve days before the Ides of March. It was wrestling, not football or basketball, that breached the quiet of the Michigan State campus.  

One hundred and twenty nine years after the Samoan Cyclone destroyed six American and German warships,  this south central Michigan town saw its own cyclone hit as it was bombarded by wrestling fans from across the nation to witness a first mini take of the Nationals tournament as BIG10 competitors battled in the Breslin Arena.

The final Team scores concluded with Ohio State as the 2018 Big Ten Wrestling Champions on Sunday with a team score of 164.5. The Buckeyes earned their second consecutive Big Ten Championship and 5th overall in its storied program history. Besides the team title, the Ohio State Buckeyes also went on to claim four individual titles from Nathan Tomasello (125), Joey McKenna (141), Kollin Moore (197) and Kyle Snyder (285). Awards even exceeded outside of the Ohio States competitors, as the Buckeyes Head Coach himself, Thomas Ryan was named Big Ten Coach of the Year.

Penn State finished with the silver, ending with 148 points, followed by third-place Michigan finishing with 118. Iowa finished in fourth place with 90.5 points and Nebraska rounded out the top five with 72.5 team points.

To ignite the night, Nathan Tomasello captured his 4th Big10 Title to become the 15th wrestler of All-Time to accomplish this feat, defeating Minnesota’s Nathan Lizak for the second time this year. Tomasello out wrestled Spencer Lee in a highly contested Semi-Final bout to move on and in the title bout, Tomasello scored a routine takedown early in the bout, then the Gopher dug himself out of an early deficit by racking near falls and a reversal, nevertheless Tomasello powered through with a takedown at the closing seconds to seal the Gold at 125 pounds.

At the 133 pound weight class, the Buckeyes had their second finalist of the night, Luke Pletcher compete against #1 seed Stephan Micic of Michigan. Micic got in on a quick takedown to get up early on Pletcher, but persisting with short sit outs and movement on bottom, Pletcher was able to get out with a Granby Roll in the 3rd period to get within 2-points. Micic survived fending two consecutive shots by Pletcher with a Russian tie defense to hold on to capture his first BIG10 title and first of the day for the Wolverines.

Micic dominated the top bracket racking up a major and two-technical fall defeats, one of them over Nebraska’s Renteria-really welcoming him to top Big-10 competition.

For the 141 pound final, Joey McKenna defeated Mike Carr of the Fighting Illini’ in devastating fashion tallying 13 points to zero to capture his first BIG10 Title and the second of the day for the Buckeyes.

The 149-pound gold went to Zain Retherford of Penn State, who earned a decision over Iowa’s Brandon Sorensen. Zain rode out the lone Hawkeye finalist, Sorenson, the whole second period and routed an escape from underneath to win just 2-0. Retherford, who was questionably pinned defensively by Ohio States Keyshawn Hayes in the Semi-Finals, went on to win the BIG10 Wrestler of the Year award after winning his 3rd Big 10 title.

Following the biggest Pin of his career, Micah Jordan of the Buckeyes faced off against Alec Pantaleo of the Wolverines, who went on to beat Jordan for the second time this year in  claiming a hard fought 3-1 decision.

The 165 pound weight flared excitement all weekend, with upsets like the “Bull” going down in the quarterfinals to Ritchie Lewis of Rutgers. Not to mention, the bizarre stall call against Logan Massa of Michigan which gave Vincenzo Joseph the point to reach the finals.

Nevertheless, we saw a rematch of the 2017 NCAA Finals and turned the result as Illinois’ Isaiah Martinez, the top-seeded 165-pound wrestler, posted a 4-1 decision over Vincenzo Joseph of Penn State to win his fourth-consecutive conference title. Martinez became the 16th wrestler in Big Ten history and the second wrestler of the day to win the fourth individual title of his career, thereby joining his head coach Jim Heffernan in that elite club.

Martinez went on to say after his final bout, “It’s only been 351 days since the last time we wrestled, but I’m not obsessed.”

At 174 pounds, Myles Amine of Michigan had a great tournament and stunned the arena sticking Bo Jordan in the semi finals, and aggressively pushing Hall to nearly giving up a stalling point late in the 3rd to tie up the match! Nonetheless, #1 rank and undefeated Mark Hall of Penn State picked up a Big Ten title, securing a Gold medal with an 4-3 decision over Amine.

At 184 pounds, Hall’s teammate and next man up in Penn States famously known Murderers row, Bo Nickal, another 1 seed, claimed a 7-4 decision over No. 2 Miles Martin of Ohio State, earning his second-straight Big Ten title.

Tables turned as, Top-seeded Moore of Ohio State successfully defended his 197-pound title, earning an 8-4 decision over Penn State’s Shakur Rasheed.

Last but not least, in a battle for the record books, rounding out the group of individual Big Ten Champions was No. 2 Kyle Snyder of Ohio State, who claimed a 4-2 sudden victory over Adam Coon of Michigan for his third conference title.

BIG TEN WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIPS INDIVIDUAL AWARDS Wrestler of the Year: Zain Retherford, Penn State Freshman of the Year: Spencer Lee, Iowa Coach of the Year: Thomas Ryan, Ohio State Outstanding Wrestler of the Championships: Isaiah Martinez, Illinois

2018 ALL-BIG TEN TEAM Isaiah Martinez, Illinois Stevan Micic, Michigan Alec Pantaleo, Michigan Joey McKenna, Ohio State Kollin Moore, Ohio State Nathan Tomasello, Ohio State Kyle Snyder, Ohio State Mark Hall, Penn State Bo Nickal, Penn State Zain Retherford, Penn State

The #1 Buckeyes Defend Homeland Against #4 Hawkeyes

By RonJohn
Jan. 23, 2018

The Buckeyes proved to be the true attackers on the afternoon outscoring the known aggressors Iowa by 14 takedowns, additionally 10 points of near fall points throughout the whole bout opposed to the Hawkeyes zero!?

Action began at the lightweights which provided heavy action resulting in #1 Nathan Tomasello falling to true Freshmen #6 Spencer Lee, by riding point criteria 3-2. After getting ridden out a full period by a frosh, Tomasello scored the one and only takedown of the bout with just over a minute left in the 3rd. A questionable move next by Tomasello deciding to cut his opponent rewarding Lee 1-point, self-assured to get another takedown to seal the win, however Lee held off the tumbleweed of Tomasello attacks to get the big upset.

After seeing his practice partner take a devastating defeat, 133-pound Luke Pletcher got the Buckeyes on the board with a 8-2 win over Glynn.

In seek to bounce back after the outcome of his last home match, Jr. Joey McKenna did just that, amassing five takedowns, a two-point nearfall and a riding time edge point to complete a 13-3 victory and put Ohio State ahead 7-3.

At 149, it was #2 Brandon Sorensen over #6 Ke-Shawn Hayes in a bout that went all seven minutes, while the senior Sorenson was tested, nevertheless, he gutted a third-period takedown and ride out to remain unbeaten thus far throughout the season and 29-1 overall in BIG10 competition.

The Hawkeyes stayed hungry as #2 Michael Kremerer edged out a gritty defeat over #6 Micah Jordan at 149 pounds and then #9 Alex Marinelli won his bout returning to his home state for the first time in a Hawkeye singlet with a win over #13 Te’Shan Campbell. Both aforementioned Hawkeyes remain undefeated past the half way point of their season.

With Iowa ahead 12-7, Ohio State came storming back with the power of their upper weights, starting off with #3 BoJo at 174 pounds, scoring 3 takedowns in the first period and then coasted to a solid win to close out his home competition stint as a Buckeye.

The 184 pound weight class included another set of ranked wrestlers facing off, as #2 Myles Martin collected 4 more points for the Buckeyes earning a Major decision over #20 Bowman.

The wrestlers at 197 have met a couple of times throughout their careers already, twice in 2016 in their respected teams dual matchup where Moore defeated Wilke by a Major and then again in the BIG10 Finals where the Mountain Man came out ontop 10-5. This year Cash Wilke, coming in with a 13-1 season record while currently ranked 5th in the nation, battled the #1 ranked Buckeye tough into the 3rd period, nonetheless, the Mountain Man pulled away with a 6-3 victory.

The finale of the match featured, Ohio State’s No. 1 Kyle Snyder (5-0), the reigning 2x National Champion and 2016 Olympic Gold medalist, faced sophomore Steven Holloway (5-2), as wrestling fans were in slight disappointment to see that Iowa held out #3 ranked Sam Stoll. Snyder, as expected, beat Holloway definitively, winning 24-9 in just 5 minutes by technical fall.

The Top-Ranked Buckeyes sent their seniors out with a 22-12 Big Ten victory over No. 4 Iowa in front of 15,117 spectators at Value City Arena (The Schott).

“If someone were to ask me 14 years ago, if I’d think I would have enjoyed this evening with as much joy as I did tonight, Ryan went on with saying, “Noway.”

“Every human being wants to surround themselves with people like these guys. They have made me a better coach, a better husband, a better friend. I admire them. It’s a two-way street. I’ve learned a lot from these guys.” -The Ohio State Head Coach Tom Ryan during Post-Meet Press Conference

Ohio State hosts its final `home’ match of the season next Sunday (Jan. 28), holding a dual vs. Purdue at St. Paris Graham High School. As for Iowa, the Hawkeyes wrestle No. 8 Michigan at 5 p.m. CT or 6 p.m ET this Saturday at Carver-Hawkeye Arena.


125 / No. 9 Spencer Lee dec. No. 1 Nathan Tomasello, 3-2
133 / No. 2 Luke Pletcher dec. Paul Glynn, 8-2
141 / No. 11 Joey McKenna major dec. Carter Happel, 13-2
149 / No. 2 Brandon Sorensen dec. No. 6 Ke-Shawn Hayes, 4-2
157 / No. 2 Michael Kemerer dec. No. 6 Micah Jordan, 8-4
165 / No. 9 Alex Marinelli dec. No. 13 Te’Shan Campbell, 4-1
174 / No. 3 Bo Jordan dec. Kaleb Young, 10-5
184 / No. 2 Myles Martin major dec. Mitch Bowman, 17-8
197 / No. 1 Kollin Moore dec. No. 5 Cash Wilcke, 6-3
HWT / No. 1 Kyle Snyder tech fall Steven Holloway, 25-9


OSU VS IOWA Match Notes:

125- Clubbing on eachother trying to test strength. #1 tomasello vs #6 True Frosh Lee.

-Lee favors Russian tie set-up.

-Lee ontop start of 2nd and cracked tomasello back for questionable set-of 2 count near fall swipes.

-lee rode him whole 2nd period! Racked up 2 min of riding.

-tomasello in on a shot and gets takedown but cuts him with just over a minute left!? Why cut him!? Could have possibly ridden him out rest of period to knock off riding point advantage making it final score 2-1 Tomasello.

-Lee bigg upset against 3x all-american home season Tomasello. Lee 3-2..+3 Iowa.

133-Glynn and other guy alternating? Glynn’s father old Hawkeye wrestler and alum.

-Luke solid win after his practice partner takes a fall 7-2..+3 Ohio State.

141- McKenna in seek for bounce back win at home.

-in on quick shot for 2.

-Blair half ride and almost turns him over for a set before Mike Haggerty the ref calls it for potentially dangerous.

-2nd period- neutral start 8-2 score.

– Mckenna always finishes with oppenents leg high.

-Mckenna- 13-3.. MD+4.

149- #2 Sorenson vs #7 Ke-Shawn Hayes

-2nd period TD+2

-2-2 w/ 30 seconds left in 2nd!

-3rd- Sorenson takedown with 20 seconds left to win bout.

157-#2Kremerer vs. #6 Micah Jordan

-Kremerer in on lightning fast takedown. After Jordan jacked up Kremerer’s knee unintentionally Brands points at Ohio State coaches corner and heckles back in forth with the crowd hovering over the mat.

-4-0 after 2 periods. Jordan goes on good run with a takedown end of match but falls short.


– 165-Marinelli back home vs Pitt transfer te-Shan Campbell

– -Chippy start.

– Stalling chants rang through the arena while Campbell rides marinelli out the whole second period.

– Marinelli holds onto win bout.

– [174,184,197,HWT= Buckeyes Murderers Row]


Father Bo Jordan against Kaleb Yound. Bo in need for bonus points for buckeyes after losing 3-straight!

– 3rd period Bo up 8-3. Finishes with 10-5 win.

184- Iowa’s Bowmans just breaking through on rankings. Top 20.

Martin commanding lead 10-0. 15-5 heading into 3rd.

-ends a 17-8 MJD..+4.

-Martin look either mad or hurt.

-Iowa finishing all matches physically ontop.

-14-12 Buckeyes first lead of dual after Martins Major.

197- Moore vs Cash Wilke. Wilke one match shy of all-american in 2017. Wilke kept it close. Strong finish for Moore. Buckeyes.. 17-12 lead.


-NO SAM STOLL?!? Not good for wrestling fans and poor decision by Brands brothers. Reserving what his senior record?!

-Faces holloway

-Synder big win last home match!

#1 Buckeyes Ground the #17 Gophers

By RonJohn
Jan. 16, 2018

The Ohio State Wrestling Buckeyes showcased the Nations top ranked squad at the Schottenstein Arena Friday evening, mauling Minnesota winning 8 out of 10 bouts in a blowout 33-7 final result. The last time these wrestling legacies and true powerhouses of the sport faced off was less than a year ago when the Buckeyes traveled into Minneapolis and won by 4 points. Overall, Minnesota leads the series by a record of 16-35-2 all time.

The dual began at 184 pounds and Myles Martin struck first against RS Frosh Dylan Anderson, an in-conference transfer from Wisconsin, to tally the first points on the scoreboard for the Buckeyes with a Major Decision. Martin, confident with the chest lock and his leg attacks controlled Anderson, however he left pinning opportunities on the mat, nonetheless still sealing the win to start things up. Following up Martin, was 197 pounder Mountain Man Kollin Moore against Apple Valley vet Bobby Stevenson in a bout that went the full seven minutes of bangin’ heads, concluded with the Mountain Man on top 7-3.

The crowd then rose to their feet as the Olympic Gold medalist and World Champion Kyle Synder ran out of the tunnel and routed to a Tech-Fall victory to keep the Bucks rolling with 3-straight wins heading into the marquee matchup of the night at 125 pounds.

The return of Nathan Tomasello did not disappoint the wrestling fans who came out during the Blizzard snow storm Friday evening, as Tomasello dominated #4 Nathan Lizak of the Leigh Valley in a 18-3 Tech-Fall victory. Lizak’s frightened look on his face during warm ups carried on into the center of the mat and Tomasello bullied Gopher light-weight with relentless pressure and powerful offensive attacks.

At the 133 pound class, #2 ranked Luke Pletcher was paired up to wrestle #12 Mitch McKee however the traveling team sent out back-up 125 pounder, Steve Polakowski. Pletcher showed a sign of pain after an early throw-by attempt, even so the pain didn’t display for the remainder of the bout as Polakowski kept things close but Pletcher plunged through to pull off his 19th straight win on the season to remain undefeated.

The Buckeyes led 20-0 heading into Intermission.

Following the 15-minute recess for Alumni and Veteran recognition, the Minnesota Gophers began to dig themselves out of a hole with a turn of events at the 141 weight class. #6 Joey McKenna of Ohio State came out strong with a double leg attack elevating Thorn to score a takedown quickly into the first. Thorn then snatched McKenna back with crack backs to tilts on top and racked up 9 points worth of near falls. Thorn finishes the match with an impressive major decision upset 13-3.

“That’s a nice quality win for Tommy,” Eggum said. “He’s looking really good right now and is really getting back on track. To pick up a win against a guy like McKenna will be big for him as Big Ten rankings begin to take shape.”

After the one of only two wins on the night for Minnesota, #6 Ke-Shawn Hayes pushed the pace the whole bout to round up a major decision victory at 149 pounds and another 4-points for the home Buckeyes.

The 157 lb bout featured two ranked wrestlers, #6 Rs-Jr. Micah Jordan for Ohio State and #18 Rs-Sr. Jake Short for Minnesota. They battled on their feet for the first period and remained knotted after 2 periods until Short lost gas and Mickey Jordan turned up the pace with offensive attacks for a couple of takedowns and tossing him to his back for a four-point nearfall to increase his victory margin 11-4.

With two bouts left in the dual, another pair of classified guys battled off to hold their ranks. #9 Nick Wanzek continues to make positive strides on his senior season as he picked up his third ranked victory, with the 8-5 decision over Buckeye new comer, Te’Shan Campbell.

Last bit of destruction came from Father Bo who outscored Chris Pfarr and concluded the match with a cherry on top takedown to record a major decision scored 12-4.

The final match in Columbus this season for the Buckeyes awaits this Sunday, the 21st. An elite senior class will take the mat for the final time on their home campus, taking on #3 Iowa inside Value City Arena at the Jerome Schottenstein Center.

Match-By-Match Results:

184: No. 2 Myles Martin maj dec , 18-7 | Minn 0 – OSU 4
197: No. 1 Kollin Moore dec , 7-4 | Minn 0 – OSU 7
HWT: No. 1 Kyle Synder tech fall , 24-9 | Minn 0 – OSU 12
125: No. 1 Ethan Tomasello tech fall No. 4 , 18-3 | Minn 0 – OSU 17
133: No. 2 Luke Pletcher dec , 8-6 | Minn 0 – OSU 20
141: No. 11 maj dec No. 6 Joey McKenna, 13-3 | Minn 4 – OSU 20
149: No. 6 Ke-Shawn Hayes maj dec , 14-2 | Minn 4 – OSU 24
157: No. 6 Micah Jordan dec No. 18 , 11-4 | Minn 4 – OSU 27
165: No. 9 dec No. 13 Te’Shan Campbell, 8-5 | Minn 7 – OSU 27
174: No. 3 Bo Jordan maj dec , 12-4 | Minn 7 – OSU 31

Ohio State 31, Minnesota 7
184 lbs | No. 2 (OSU) def. Dylan Anderson (MINN) | MD, 18-7; Team Score: 4-0
197 lbs | No. 1 (OSU) def. Bobby Steveson (MINN) | D, 7-4; TS: 7-0
HWT | No. 1 (OSU) def. Rylee Streifel (MINN) | TF, 24-9; TS: 12-0
125 lbs | No. 1 (OSU) def. No. 4 Ethan Lizak (MINN) | TF, 18-3; TS: 17-0
133 lbs | No. 2 (OSU) def. Steve Polakowski (MINN) | D, 9-6; TS: 20-0
141 lbs | No. 11 Tommy Thorn (MINN) def. No. 6 (OSU) | MD, 13-3; TS: 20-4
149 lbs | No. 6 (OSU) def. Ben Brancale (MINN) | MD, 14-2; TS: 24-4
157 lbs | No. 6 (OSU) def. No. 18 Jake Short (MINN) | D, 11-4; TS: 27-4
165 lbs | No. 9 Nick Wanzek (MINN) def. No. 13 (OSU) | D, 8-5; TS: 27-7
174 lbs | No. 3 (OSU) def. Chris Pfarr (MINN) | MD, 12-4; TS: 31-7

CKLV Invitational-2 Years, 2 Titles in Sin City

By RonJohn
Dec. 04, 2017

The Ohio State Buckeyes hit the Vegas strip on a mission to capture their 2nd Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational title in row this past weekend. The Buckeyes had 3 All-Americans out of their lineup at 125, 141 and HWT and still routed to finish 15 points ahead of Michigan to take home the hefty hardware.

Ohio State racked up a total of 39 wins over in the tourney, tallying 7 pins, 3 tech falls and an additional 7 major decisions worth of bonus points. The Bucks crowned, Luke Pletcher at 133 lbs, Myles Martin at the 184 lbs and Kollin Moore at 197 pound weight classes.

As for the individual champions, Luke Pletcher handled his stacked bracket to come out on top of the 133 pound weight class with keynote wins over top seed Stevan Micic of Michigan 7-5 in a semifinal battle and then finished off Teague Moore’s Josh Terao of American with a 9-2 win.

The champion at 184 lbs, Myles Martin powered 2 tech falls, a major decision and a pin on the day to roll through his bracket. The top seed Martin defeated the 2016 Big 10 Champ, Domenic Abounader of Michigan in a scrappy final bout, 8-5 to give the Buckeyes the edge over the Wolverines heading into the final 2 weights of the evening.

And at 197, Moore captured his title in style as he dumped Jared Haught of Virginia Tech to his back for a 1st period win to solidify the Gold for The Ohio State in the team race.

Pletcher and Martin improved to 13-0 and Moore is 9-0 entering the holiday season.

The Jordan Brothers both cashed in a Silver, both dropping their final bouts to #4 seed Alec Palenteo of Michigan at 157 and #1 Zahid Valencia of Arizona State at 174 pounds. It was Valencia’s second consecutive win over Jordan this season. Valencia was named the tournaments Outstanding Wrestler.

Supplementary titles were earned by two freshmen, Utah Valley’s Taylor LaMont at 125 and Cornell’s Yianni Diakomihalis at 133 pounds cruised to the top of their podiums, both turning heads from wrestling fans while passing by NCAA finalists on their road to the finals.

Also claiming individual titles were Central Michigan All-American Justin Oliver at 149 pounds, fellow Jersey boy and competitor for Virginia Tech, All-American David McFadden at 165 pounds and lastly Adam Coon of TTUN took down Tanner Hall from ASU in overtime.

Team Standings

1. Ohio State 155.5
2. Michigan 140.0
3. Arizona State 113.5
4. Northern Iowa 104.0
5. Nebraska 100.5
6. Virginia Tech 89.5
7. Central Michigan 82.0
8. Cornell 62.0
9. Wyoming 61.0
10. Stanford 58.5


1st: No. 16 Taylor Lamont (Utah Valley) dec. No. 8 Sean Russell (Edinboro), 4-3
3rd: No. 3 Ethan Lizak (Minnesota) maj. dec. No. 18 Drew Mattin (Michigan), 9-0
5th: No. 11 Connor Schram (Stanford) by medical forfeit over Jacob Schwarm (Northern Iowa)
7th: No. 15 Louie Hayes (Virginia) dec. Christian Moody (Oklahoma), 6-5

1st: No. 9 Luke Pletcher (Ohio State) dec. No. 13 Josh Terao (American), 9-2
3rd: No. 7 Jack Mueller (Virginia) dec. Austin Desanto (Drexel), 7-0
5th: No. 2 Stevan Micic (Michigan) dec. No. 11 Korbin Myers (Edinboro), 8-2
7th: No. 6 Dom Forys (Pittsburgh) maj. dec. Zach Sherman (North Carolina), 15-3

1st: No. 12 Yianni Diakomihalis (Cornell) dec. No. 13 Josh Alber (Northern Iowa), 8-2
3rd: No. 3 Bryce Meredith (Wyoming) dec. No. 7 Chad Red (Nebraska), 5-3
5th: No. 20 Mason Smith (Central Michigan) by medical forfeit over Nick Zanetta (Pitt)
7th: No. 8 Tommy Thorn (Minnesota) pinned No. 19 Kanen Storr (Iowa State), 2:36

1st: No. 6 Justin Oliver (Central Michigan) dec. No. 9 Troy Heilmann (North Carolina), 9-7
3rd: No. 8 Ke-Shawn Hayes (Ohio State) dec. No. 3 Max Thomsen (Northern Iowa), 4-3
5th: No. 12 Josh Maruca (Arizona State) by medical forfeit over No. 5 Colton McCrystal (Nebraska)
7th: No. 17 Zander Wick (Wisconsin) dec. Michael Sprague (American), 7-5

1st: No. 11 Alec Pantaleo (Michigan) dec. No. 6 Micah Jordan (Ohio State), 10-3
3rd: No. 5 Josh Shields (Arizona State) dec. No. 4 Tyler Berger (Nebraska), 6-4
5th: No. 20 Archie Colgan (Wyoming) dec. Coleman Hammond (CSU Bakersfield), 6-4 SV
7th: No. 19 Taleb Rahmani (Pittsburgh) pinned Tristan Rifanburg (Binghamton), 2:04

1st: No. 5 David McFadden (Virginia Tech) pinned No. 17 Evan Wick (Wisconsin), 2:58
3rd: No. 11 Isaiah White (Nebraska) dec. No. 7 Te’Shan Campbell (Ohio State), 4-1
5th: Andrew Fogarty (North Dakota State) by medical forfeit over No. 9 Nick Wanzek (Minnesota)
7th: No. 8 Anthony Valencia (Arizona State) maj. dec. No. 18 Jon Jay Chavez (Cornell), 16-7

1st: No. 1 Zahid Valencia (Arizona State) dec. No. 3 Bo Jordan (Ohio State), 9-6
3rd: No. 6 Myles Amine (Michigan) dec. No. 8 Taylor Lujan (Northern Iowa), 12-8
5th: No. 7 Jadaen Bernstein (Navy) dec. No. 15 Keaton Subjeck (Stanford), 7-5
7th: Yoanse Mejias (Oklahoma) dec. Dylan Lydy (Purdue), 6-5

1st: No. 2 Myles Martin (Ohio State) dec. No. 5 Domenic Abounader (Michigan), 8-5
3rd: Taylor Venz (Nebraska) dec. No. 6 Zack Zavatsky (Virginia Tech), 9-3
5th: No. 11 Ricky Robertson (Wisconsin) dec. No. 14 Steven Schneider (Binghamton), 5-2
7th: No. 7 Drew Foster (Northern Iowa) dec. No. 8 Jordan Ellingwood (Central Michigan), 3-

1st: No. 1 Kollin Moore (Ohio State) pinned No. 3 Jared Haught (Virginia Tech), 1:52
3rd: No. 14 Jeric Kasunic (American) dec. Jacob Holschlag (Northern Iowa), 5-2
5th: No. 9 Matt Williams (CSU-Bakersfield) dec. Stephen Loiseau (Drexel), 7-0
7th: No. 16 Nathan Traxler (Stanford) by medical forfeit over Jacob Seely (Northern Colorado)

1st: No. 2 Adam Coon (Michigan) dec. No. 4 Tanner Hall (Arizona State), 4-2
3rd: No. 6 Jacob Kasper (Duke) dec. No. 13 Nathan Butler (Stanford), 3-1
5th: Shawn Streck (Purdue) pinned No. 8 Ryan Solomon (Pitt), 0:33
7th: Andrew Dunn (Virginia Tech) maj. dec. Jeramy Sweany (Cornell), 14-6



Nov. 28, 2017

Competing inside the St. John Arena for the last time this season, the buckeyes dominated, dropping only 3 of 20 bouts. In addition, 14 of the 17 victories were convoyed by bonus points, racking up 8 Tech-Falls, 2 Major Decision and powered 4 pins to be pimped out by the PIN-CHAIN!

Veterans like the Jordan brothers both racked up a pair of victories, as Poppa BoJo Teched both of his opponents and his younger bro Micah recorded a Pin and a Techfall on the day. Kollin Moore was responsible for 11 team points along with the new brotherly pair to the Buckeyes, the Snyder Brothers- Kevin and Kyle- combined additional bonus points in splitting the heavyweight bouts. Myles Martin posted impressive back to back tech falls and one over a top 20 184-pounder from Cleveland. Another top-20 wrestler was defeated at the 149 pound weight class, #9 Ke-Shawn Hayes took down #20 Nick Monico of Kent State.

True Frosh and Olentangy Liberty local freshman Brakan Mead suffered two of the three losses of the day for the Buckeyes. The first came in a 10-5 decision to Kent State redshirt senior Will Bardezbain. Cleveland State redshirt freshman Cameron Lathem then kicked off round three with a 6-3 decision victory versus Mead.

Lastly, a pair of PA natives competing respectively for OSU at 133 pounds #10 Luke Pletcher and new trasnfer from PITT at 165 pounds, #7 ranked Te’Shan Campbell both picked up 2 more wins a piece.

Individual tournament competition comes next for Ohio State as the Buckeyes continue their season on Dec. 1 and 2 in the Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational.

125 lbs | Cameron Lathem (CSU) def. Brakan Mead (OSU) | D, 7-3
133 lbs | No. 10 Luke Pletcher (OSU) def. Andrew Coghill (CSU) | PIN, 4:12
141 lbs | Clay Ragon (OSU) def. Sam Matzek (CSU) | SV1, 9-7
149 lbs | No. 9 Ke-Shawn Hayes (OSU) def. Ryan Ford (CSU) | MD, 16-2
157 lbs | No. 6 Micah Jordan (OSU) def. Georgio Poullas (CSU) | PIN, 5:31
165 lbs | No. 7 Te’Shan Campbell (OSU) def. John Vaughn (CSU) | MD 11-1
174 lbs | No. 3 Bo Jordan (OSU) def. Gabe Stark (CSU) | TF, 19-4
184 lbs | No. 2 Myles Martin (OSU) def. No. 19 Nick Corba (CSU) | TF, 23-7
197 lbs | No. 1 Kollin Moore (OSU) def. John Kelbly (CSU) | TF, 18-2
285 lbs | Kevin Snyder (OSU) def. Collin Kelly (CSU) | TF, 20-5

125 lbs | Will Bardezbain (KSU) def. Brakan Mead (OSU) | D, 10-5
133 lbs | No. 10 Luke Pletcher (OSU) def. Anthony Tutolo (KSU) | D, 2-0
141 lbs | Tim Rooney (CSU) def. Brendan Fitzgerald (OSU) | PIN, 6:57
149 lbs | No. 9 Ke-Shawn Hayes (OSU) def. No. 20 Nick Monico (KSU) | D, 7-2
157 lbs | No. 6 Micah Jordan (OSU) def. Casey Sparkman (KSU) | TF, 19-4
165 lbs | No. 7 Te’Shan Campbell (OSU) def. Isaac Bast (KSU) | TF, 15-0
174 lbs | No. 3 Bo Jordan (OSU) def. Dylan Barreiro (KSU) | TF, 19-4
184 lbs | No. 2 Myles Martin (OSU) def. Colin McCracken (KSU) | TF, 27-12
197 lbs | No. 1 Kollin Moore (OSU) def. Shane Mast (KSU) | PIN, 1:16
285 lbs | No.1 Kyle Snyder (OSU) def. Devin Nye (KSU) | PIN, 3:39

125 lbs | Will Bardezbain (KSU) def. Cameron Lathem (CSU) | PIN, 2:37
133 lbs | Anthony Tutolo (KSU) def. Andrew Coghill (CSU) | D, 9-4
141 lbs | Tim Rooney (KSU) def. Sam Matzek (CSU) | PIN, 1:50
149 lbs | No. 20 Nick Monico (KSU) def. Ryan Ford (CSU) | SV1, 3-1
157 lbs | Casey Sparkman (KSU) def. Georgio Poullas (CSU) | TF, 18-3
165 lbs | Isaac Bast (KSU) def. John Vaughn (CSU) | MD, 12-4
174 lbs | Gabe Stark (CSU) def. Dylan Barreiro (KSU) | PIN, 5:57
184 lbs | No. 19 Nick Corba (CSU) def. Collin McCracken (KSU) | D, 7-2
197 lbs | Kyle Conel (KSU) def. John Kelbly (CSU) | TF, 18-3
285 lbs | Devin Nye (KSU) def. Collin Kelly (CSU) | MD, 12-4

-Ron John Rinaldi


#2 Buckeyes Over Power the #14 Sun Devils at Home Opener

 By RonJohn

Nov. 15, 2017

Starting off the dual and substituting in for Senior Nathan Tomasello; Central-Ohio local, 125 lb Braken Mead a True Freshman,held in tough against Ryan Milhof a transfer from Oklahoma who left during the Mark Cody catastrophe. Milhof eventually turned him over and caught him flat for the fall, which added +6 for Arizona State to start of the dual in pinning fashion.

Following the fall, Luke Pletcher of LaTrobe, PA boy faced Nasar a Cali kid who placed 3rd at Michigan State Open, Cliff Keen in Vegas and Journeyman Classic last season. Pletcher with a single and threw it by for a takedown. Nasar reversal right before the end of the 1st period. Nasar an experienced senior giving the #10 ranked wrestler at 133 a run for their money. A match that battled mainly on their feet, goes into Sudden Victory starting back neutral at the center. Pletcher gets in on an outside single and does not give up until Nasar surrenders to take the victory in overtime and put the Buckeyes on the board!

A treat for wrestling fans as Former Blair Buc Joey McKenna breaks out of the tunnel in a Buckeye singlet for the first time this season to make his debut for Ohio State! McKenna who is a recent transfer from the Stanford farm with an impressive 2-year career record of 58-6, 2 PAC-12 Championship Titles and an All-American honor placing 3rd in 2016. with. Quick off the start, Joey takes a 4-1 lead to give himself a little confidence heading into the remaining periods.

[ FOOD FOR THOUGHT–> Take a step back and think if Arizona State was not in the same conference as Stanford, maybe McKenna would have stayed out West to compete with the Sun Devils and Sunkist club at ASU?! ]

McKenna controls the remainder of the match with the classic Jeff Buxton claw and tight waste offense ontop to eventually ride out a solid 6-1 victory to start off his Buckeye campaign.

At 149 pounds, Ke’Shawn Hayes is tested once more against a top 20 opponent in just over 1 week after defeating #12 Baby Bannister of Maryland to take the Princeton Open title in NJ. Hayes coming in facing an opponent at the 7-1 mark and last years Pac-12 Champion. Following a successful Zeke Jones challenge, the match resumes after a questionable set of near fall points. Stalling by Hayes on top and looks like he can be in better shape coming into the start of the season. Hayes nailed a TD with 5 seconds left at the edge of the ASU bench to lead 4-2 with over a minute of riding time. Hayes in the 3rd looking tired is caught by his ankle at the edge of the mat and ready to give up a takedown but scatters away without getting the fleeing call against him?! Hayes holds on to take the win at home.

The Sound of “Sail” blasts upon the St. Johns Arena speakers as Micah Jordan bursts out to take on undefeated #12 ranked Josh Shields at the 157 weight class. Micah comes out quick and snags a takedown to set the tone however Shields quickly got up to drag Jordan down and nearly to his back to end the period knotted at 4. Micah trailing 5-3 resorted to an underhook to work in on Shields, which is a sign of fatigue from the Buckeye. Match comes to a conclusion with Shields edging out the gassed Jordan 7-4.

Bummer for the Bucks leading into intermission.


A spark from newcomer Te’Shan Campbell starting his Buckeye stint undefeated thus far at 165 pounds with a Princeton Open title already under his belt, squares off against the struggling Anthony Valencia. Campbell came out and tilted Valencia all across the mat to start out leading 8-0 into the 2nd. Campbell ended up winning 13-0 to earn a lop-sided major decision win.

Marquee match of the night arrived as the anticipated #1 Valencia faced off against Poppa #4 Bo Jordan. Valenica recently earning his top rank over Penn State’s Mark Hall after defeating him at the NWCA Classic. Valencia spear doubled Bo off the mat. Valencia got rough pushing Jordan which sparked excitement from the Sun Devil bench. Valencia ends up on top and looks better than ever to put Arizona State back on the board.

Heading into the last three weight classes, Ohio State led the Sun Devils 13-12.

Following the Sun Devils victory, a Sun Devil freshman Norfleet who was quickly thrown to his back by Ohio State junior # 2 Martin countered an attempted throw and earned a pin for the Buckeyes and the right to sway to PIN-CHAIN!

An unfortunate FORFEIT at 197 for killer Kollin Moore put the score at 25-12 in favor of Ohio State.

Tanner Hall flaked out against #1 Kyle Snyder for the final match of the night at Heavyweight. Instead ASU sent out Harris and he could not contain Snyder’s powerful offense. Synder picked up the pin and 6-points for Ohio State.

The final score of the dual meet ended up being 31-12.

Although ASU ended the weekend 0-2, the Sun Devils’ youngins were able to hold their own. As for the Buckeyes, the boys will compete again before a fall recess at the THANKSGIVING THROWDOWN against inner-state foes Kent State and Cleveland State for their last competition for the year at the St. John’s Arena (WHY?!?!?! MINN MATCH SHOULD SHOULD PACK THE St.JOHNS!)

125 lbs | No. 7 Ryan Millhof (ASU) def. (OSU) | PIN, 5:16; Team Score: 0-6
133 lbs | No. 10 (OSU) def. Ali Naser (ASU) | SV1, 7-5; TS: 3-6
141 lbs | No. 6 (OSU) def. Cory Crooks (ASU) | D, 6-1; TS: 6-6
149 lbs | No. 11 (OSU) def. No. 13 Josh Maruca (ASU) | D, 6-3; TS: 9-6
157 lbs | No. 12 Josh Shields (ASU) def. No. 5 (OSU) | D, 7-6; TS: 9-9
165 lbs | No. 7 (OSU) def. No. 6 Anthony Valencia (ASU) | MD, 14-0; TS: 13-9
174 lbs | No. 1 Zahid Valencia (ASU) def. No. 3 (OSU) | D, 9-4; TS: 13-12
184 lbs | No. 2 (OSU) def. Kordell Norfleet (ASU) | PIN, 4:31; TS: 19-12
197 lbs | No. 1 (OSU) wins by forfeit; TS: 25-12
285 lbs | No. 1 (OSU) def. Austyn Harris (ASU) | PIN, 6:18; TS: 31-12

-Ron John Rinaldi


4 Buckeyes Bully the #12 Fighting Illini’ 29-18

Ron John Rinaldi , Ron John Wrestling on January 16

The Fighting Illini’ threw the first punch in Sunday afternoon’s brawl as their 125 pounder Freshmen Travis Piotrowski started out with an early lead on Ohio State’s #12 ranked 125lb Jose Rodriquez and then eventually powered the upset over the Buckeye with a Major decision shut out. This was Piotrowski’s second recent win over a ranked opponent (PITT L.J Bentley @Midlands) At 133lbs, we had the marquee of the matches for the night, Tomasello stuck to his speed and elbow pass set-ups to pick apart #4 ranked Zane Richards of the Fighting Illini’. With a score of 9-4 at the start of the third period, Richards on the top position rides Tomasello out for a large portion of the period to erase riding time. However, with less than a minute to go Tomasello breaks free and scores an elevated double-leg takedown at the closing seconds to put a stamp on his victory. 

Next at 141, #14 ranked Luke Pletcher for the Bucks came out aggressive attempting to extend his lead early on in the match, which eventually led to a physical defeat over Mousa Jodeh, for the second time this season. In the next bout of the afternoon, #5 ranked Micah Jordan struggled at first with Rs FR. Eric Barone who was tough on his feet but once Micah got to the mat it was game over. Micah tilted Barone up for an easy set of backs and then 4-more near fall points off a bar-tilt. Third period Barone made the mistake of picking bottom and within seconds Micah had him tightly locked up in a cradle, like a snake gripping his prey, to stick the Pin for an additional 6-points on the board for the Buckeyes. 

#2 Nathan Tomasello of The Ohio State handles #4 Zane Richards of Illinois [Photo By: RON JOHN RINALDI]


Momentum started to shift after 3 straight-victories for the Fighting Illini’ starting off with 157lb Kyle Langenderfer as he racked up points in the 2nd and 3rd period to earn a Technical Fall win over Buckeye no-namer Anthony DeCarlo in place of Rs. SO. Jake Ryan. At 165, we saw 2x NCAA Champ and Top 3 Pound-For-Pound wrestler in nation Isiah Martinez quick to his attacks then shift to high gear the 3rd period demoralizing Burcher to the point where he gave up. The following match up was supposed to be one to catch, however with BO JO as a NO GO sidelined in a walking boot, #12 ranked Zac Brunson of Illinois squared off against Rs SR. Justin Kresivic of Ohio State. Brunson, an Oregon native, got the first takedown which routed his way to an easy major decision and his 20th win on the year. 

2x NCAA Champion-Isiah Martinez gets loose for his upcoming bout. [Photo By: RON JOHN RINALDI]

No sign of worry seemed to show from Head Coach Tom Ryan’s face as the Buckeyes entered into the 184 bout down by 5-points to a BIG 10 foe. 184lbs featured one of the most anticipated match ups of the afternoon as returning NCAA Champ Myles Martin a fellow Jersey boy for Ohio State battled a tough #13 ranked Emery Parker of Illinois. After a tight body-lock and to his back take-down for against Emery, Myles started up by a quick 6 points! “My-Mar” (as announced, is a total knockoff of “I-MAR”, who was present and angry about the nickname being stated) controlled the remainder of the bout until the last minute of the third period until Emery flurried frantically for a desperation take down. Nonetheless, along with a riding time point rewarded, the returning National Champ wins big in front of his home fans 11-3 for the major. 

To seal the deal, the Ohio State Buckeyes #5 Kollin Moore at 197 pounds and Olympic gold medalist Kyle Snyder representing HWT,  finished off the match with back-to-back pins on Andre Lee (4:46) and Deuce Rachal (4:17) [In place for old Blair Boy #17 Brooks Black] to win the dual.

We know that we are a team that is going to be in the hunt for a championship going forward. We have to be a team that is scoring bonus points. Pinning is an art. Majoring good people takes a tremendous amount of work. We need to continue to do that.” -OSU Head Coach Tom Ryan

Up next, the Fighting Illini will return home to host their first two dual matches of the season, as the Illini host No. 13 Michigan at 7 p.m. on Friday, January 20 and Northern Illinois at 1 p.m. on Sunday, January 22. Illinois will host the Great Escape as part of the Michigan dual, with a youth clinic held prior to the match and the first 500 fans receiving a foam finger. 


No. 4 Ohio State 29, No. 12 Illinois 18 | St. John Arena | Columbus, Ohio
Ohio State: 7-0, 3-0; Illinois: 2-2, 1-2 | Attendance: 3,279
125: Travis Piotrowski (ILL) major decision over #12 Jose Rodriguez (OSU) 10-0 | ILL 4, OSU 0
133: #2 Nathan Tomasello (OSU) major decision over #4 Zane Richards (ILL) 12-4 | OSU 4, ILL 4
141: #14 Luke Pletcher (OSU) decision over Mousa Jodeh (ILL) 10-4 | OSU 7, ILL 4
149: #5 Micah Jordan (OSU) fall over Eric Barone (ILL) 6:19 | OSU 13, ILL 4
157: Kyle Langenderfer (ILL) technical fall over Anthony DeCarlo (OSU) 18-3 | OSU 13, ILL 9
165: #1 Isaiah Martinez (ILL) technical fall over Cody Burcher (OSU) 22-7 | ILL 14, OSU 13
174: #12 Zach Brunson (ILL) major decision over Justin Kresevic (OSU) 19-8 | ILL 18, OSU 13
184: #10 Myles Martin (OSU) major decision over #13 Emory Parker (ILL) 11-3 | ILL 18, OSU 17
197: #5 Kollin Moore (OSU) fall over Andre Lee (ILL) 4:46 | OSU 23, ILL 18
HWT: #1 Kyle Snyder (OSU) fall over Duece Rachal (ILL) 4:17 | OSU 29, ILL 18


UNC  TAR HEELS topple IOWA STATE  Cyclones in Thriller

2016-2017 UNC Tar Heels Wrestling Team

01/14/2017- CHAPEL HILL James Szymanski‘s late takedown of No. 15 Markus Simmons in the final bout of the night lifted the North Carolina wrestling team to a 20-17 win over visiting Iowa State Saturday evening at Carmichael Arena. With the dual tied at 17 and the match tied at 3, Szymanski scored with less than 15 seconds left to give the Tar Heels a thrilling win.

Jack Clark (UNC) tech fall Logan Breitenbach (ISU) (PHOTO BY ALEX RINALDI)

Carolina (5-3) built a 17-5 lead thanks to five straight wins starting with No. 5 Joey Ward at 141. Ward dominated John Meeks 5-1 to get UNC on the board after No. 12 Earl Hall opened the dual with a first-period tech fall at 133.

Troy Heilmann (UNC) dec. Chase Straw (ISU) (PHOTO BY ALEX RINALDI)

Troy Heilmann then gave the Tar Heels their first lead of the night with a 9-6 decision at 149 beforeJoey Moon‘s wire-to-wire win at 157. Moon had a pair of takedowns and a pair of reversals against Colston DiBlasi to put Carolina ahead 9-5.

#7 Ethan Ramos (UNC) dec. #9 Lelund Weatherspoon (ISU) (PHOTO BY ALEX RINALDI)

Jack Clark delivered his fourth tech fall of the season at 165, using three takedowns and a trio of near falls to beat Logan Breitenbach 17-2.

At 174, No. 7 Ethan Ramos‘s third-period takedown secured a top-10 victory over No. 9 Lelund Weathersppon, putting Carolina up 17-5 with just four matches remaining.

Joey Moon putting the legs in on Colston DiBlasi  (PHOTO BY ALEX RINALDI)

Iowa State (1-6) wasn’t done, however, as the Cyclones went on a run to suddenly even the dual. Carson Powell started the rally with a first-period pin at 184 before No. 8 Patrick Downey outlasted Danny Chaid 6-4 at 197. Quean Smith then evened the overall score at 17 with a 6-3 win over Cory Daniel at 285.

That set the stage for Szymanski to win it in the dual’s final seconds. The win was the Shoreham, New York, sophomore’s first over a ranked opponent on the year and improved his record to 4-3 in dual action.

UNC Tar Heels Joey Ward (L) and Alex Rinaldi (R)

Carolina will hit the road next week as the Tar Heels travel to Tempe to face Arizona State on Jan. 20.

North Carolina 20, Iowa State 17
133: #12 Earl Hall (ISU) tech fall Nicholas Lirette (UNC), 18-2 (2:01) – ISU leads 5-0
141: #5 Joey Ward (UNC) dec. John Meeks (ISU), 5-1 – ISU leads 5-3
149: Troy Heilmann (UNC) dec. Chase Straw (ISU), 9-6 – UNC leads 6-5
157: Joey Moon (UNC) dec. Colston DiBlasi (ISU), 9-3 – UNC leads 9-5
165: Jack Clark (UNC) tech fall Logan Breitenbach (ISU), 17-2 (5:26) – UNC leads 14-5
174: #7 Ethan Ramos (UNC) dec. #9 Lelund Weatherspoon (ISU), 7-4 – UNC leads 17-5
184: Carson Powell (ISU) pinned Lance Armenta (UNC), 1:24 – UNC leads 17-11
197: #8 Patrick Downey (ISU) dec. Danny Chaid (UNC), 6-4 – UNC leads 17-14
285: Quean Smith (ISU) dec. Cory Daniel (UNC), 6-3 – Tied 17-17
125: James Szymanski (UNC) dec. #15 Markus Simmons (ISU), 5-3 – UNC wins 20-17

Story courtesy of UNC Wresting

#4 The Ohio State Buckeyes Tame the #5 Tigers of Mizzou


Leading off the dual for the Buckeyes #10 ranked 125 pounder Jose Rodriquez handled another fellow Ohio native coming out of Brecksville, OH Aaron Assad. Rodriquez swept up a high single in the first period for a nice 2-point takedown, however with the home state motivation behind him, Assad held sturdy against Rodriquez keeping the score only at a 2-point difference. At 133 pounds, Nathan Tomasello returned to action in Ohio after some time off due to injury. Just about a minute into the bout Tomasello caused an uproar with a slam down on #8 Jaydin Eierman after the whistle was blown by the official. The match resumed and Tomasello took control the remainer of the match while nearly pinning the ranked Eierman in the 2nd period. 


Next for Ohio State, Luke Pletcher a LaTrobe, PA native had his Red-Shirt yanked last night as he will now step into the 141 slot, due to the season ending injury of Ke-Shawn Hayes to compete for the Buckeyes. Pletcher gave up a quick takedown by 2x NCAA qualifier Zach Synon in the first, but by the end of the bout the new polished Buckeye had hiked up several single leg take downs to pull off the swing match victory over a veteran Tiger Synon. Following the 141 win for the Bucks, Micah Jordan took care of business racking up a Tech-Fall victory, to give the Buckeyes a 15-0 lead.


The Tigers rose from their den as #3 Ranked 157 lb Joey Lavallee put on a takedown clinic against Buckeye RS SO. Jake Ryan. LaVallee tallied Missouri their first Team points and put the Tigers on the scoreboard heading into halftime, with the Buckeyes ahead 15-3.

Following intermission the Tigers stayed hungry as #4 ranked Daniel Lewis secured a solid triumph for Missouri at the 165 pound weight class. After Lewis’s hand was down from being raised by the official, the infamous Bells rang throughout the St.John’s Arena, which proclaimed it was time for a fan favorite to make his way out on the mat. At 174 #1 Ranked Wrestler in the Country Bo Jordan bursts out of the locker room as the crowd rises to their feet! Bo Jordan returning to varsity competition works Wisman of Missouri all of the mat to seal the deal with a 14-6 major decision. 

Next, for The Ohio State University 184 lb #5 Myles Martin the returning NCAA 2016 National Champion at 174 pounds kept the high energy flowing throughout the Arena rallying 16 points in the 1st period against the backup for Missouri’s #9 Willie Miklus. Martin secured a Techinical Fall victory over Lemanowicz which set the stage for the match up of the night!

Representing the #5 Missouri Tigers, USA 2016 Olympic Bronze Medalist-J’den Cox took the line at 197lbs as he was greeted with positive cheer from the wrestling fans within the arena. Across him stood Jr.World Team Member and  Rs. FR for the Bucks, Kollin Moore coming in ranked 6th in the country. Moore came out aggressive not showing any fear against the Olympic Medalist pushing Cox to his limit on the night, while all the Tiger could do is survive inside the ring. Kollin Moore displayed that he is the real deal as he struck two demanding takedowns against Cox a former 2016 &2014 NCAA Champion, 2015 NCAA All-American and not to mention again the 2016 USA Olympic Bronze Medalist. J’Den Cox nonetheless pulled off the win and added another 3-points to the Tigers score. 

Wrestling fans were given a special treat last night as Olympians performed Back-To-Back in Columbus. To close off the evening, 2016 NCAA National Champion & USA Olympic Gold Medalist- Kyle Synder took the mat for the Buckeyes. Snyder, wrestling competitvely in Columbus for the first time since making history at the Rio Olympic Games last August, took Missouri’s Austin Myers down 8 times and then stuck him half way through the 2nd period. 

“Well I think the most important thing for our team tonight was to continue to find value in scoring points. I think what we’re seeing with this team is a good combination of leadership and some of the younger guys. Overall, it was a good performance from us.” -OSU Head Coach Tom Ryan

No. 4 Ohio State 30, No. 5 Missouri 9 | St. John Arena; Columbus, Ohio
Attendance: 2,820
Records: Ohio State 4-0; Missouri 2-1125: #10 Jose Rodriguez (OSU) decision over Aaron Assad (MIZZU) 3-1 | OSU 3, MIZZU 0
133: #3 Nathan Tomasello (OSU) major decision over #9 Jaydin Eierman (MIZZU) 12-2 | OSU 7, MIZZU 0
141: Luke Pletcher (OSU) decision over Zach Synon (MIZZU) 6-4 | OSU 10, MIZZU 0
149: #5 Micah Jordan (OSU) technical fall over Alex Butler (MIZZU) 23-7 | OSU 15, MIZZU 0
157: #6 Joey Lavallee (MIZZU) decision over Jake Ryan 12-5 | OSU 15, MIZZU 3
165: #4 Daniel Lewis (MIZZU) decision over Cody Burcher 6-1 | OSU 15, MIZZU 6
174: #1 Bo Jordan (OSU) major decision over Dylan Wisman 14-6 | OSU 19, MIZZU 6
184: #5 Myles Martin (OSU) technical fall over Matthew Lemanowicz (MIZZU) 21-5 | OSU 24, MIZZU 6
197: #1 J’den Cox decision over #6 Kollin Moore (OSU) 6-4 | OSU 24, MIZZU 9
285: #1 Kyle Snyder (OSU) fall over Austin Myers (MIZZU) 4:32 | OSU 30, MIZZU

UP NEXT–>The Buckeyes return to action next Sunday, Dec. 18, when they take on Northwestern at Wadsworth High School in OHIO.


UP NEXT–> Mizzou will next be in action on Sunday, Dec. 11, when the Tigers face Mid-American Conference opponent Ohio. The dual from Athens, Ohio.



NCAA wrestling




image descriptionby Ron John Rinaldi

125 Pounds:
1.  Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State)
2. Joey Dance (Virginia Tech)
3. Nico Megaludis (Penn State)
4. Thomas Gilman (Iowa)
5. Eddie Kilmara (Oklahoma State)
6. Ryan Millhof (Oklahoma)
7. Tim Lambert (Nebraska)
8. Ronnie Bresser (Oregon State)
WWW: Shakur Laney (Ohio) and Alfredo Rodriquez (SIUE)

Notes: – Cruz and Dance will be an interesting Quarterfinal. Even if Bresser loses to Kilmara in the 2nd round he will have a decent path for a potential podium spot! Will Millhof knock off Gilman?! Mizzou could have a featherweight 125lb AA if Barlow can wrestle back and possibly beat Bresser in a potential match-up. Lambert vs Rodriguez will be a backside match you will NOT want to miss. Will Joey Dance be able to knock off the Mighty Megaludis? Overall, Buckeye Nate becomes a 2x Champ- toughness and self-will beats Gilman once again. The winner that Semi-Final matchup will be the NCAA Champ!

133 Pounds:
1. Nahshon Garrett (Cornell)
2. Zane Richards (Illinois)
3. Cody Brewer (Oklahoma)
4. Cory Clark (Iowa)
5. Ryan Taylor (Wisconsin)
6. Johnni DiJulius (Ohio State)
7. Earl Hall (Iowa State)
8. Nathan Kraisser (Campbell)
WWW: Dom Forys (PITT) And Rossi Bruno (Michigan)

Notes: – Interesting Pigtail Match! Rossi Bruno in a tough spot but I do see the veteran making it to Thursday nights 2nd Round. Poor Lehigh fella Beckman getting absolutely screwed with seeding. The EIWA Finals in round 1? BIZZARRE. A 3-time AA v. a 2-time AA. Keep an eye out for Kraisser (If he keeps his head straight) who will have to knock off a couple of slick opponents on the back burner however I see Cary Kolat and Campbell earning a 2016 All-American. Dom Forys Pitt Panthers prowling to Possibly sneak in an AA at 133?! Giraldo will have an unfortunate quick exit at MSG. #9 Seeded Mack McGuire-I see him 2 and OUT! Conaway and Taylor will be a crucial match-up. Also, will a sudden quick Conaway departure falling to Taylor and Cam Kelly or Johnni DiJulius affect Penn State’s Team Score in the end?!? Brewer-Lets see what ya have again brother! Look forward to another Richards and Clark clash in the Semi-Finals. Garret does NOT have a clear road to the Big Stage-Will he be able to take down 4 brutal opponents to raise up this well-earned National Title Trophy?!

141 Pounds:
1. Joey McKenna (Stanford)
2. Dean Heil (Oklahoma State)
3. Kevin Jack (North Carolina State)
4. Micah Jordan (Ohio State)
5. Anthony Ashnault (Rutgers)
6. Joey Ward (North Carolina)
7. Solomon Chishko (Virginia Tech)
8. Jimmy Guilbon (Penn State)
WWW: Todd Preston (Harvard) and Tommy Thorn (Minnesota)

Notes: – Watch Unseeded Jimmy Gulibon make noise upsetting Manley and Mecate opening night. I see Manley going 1-2 in New York. Durso vs Ward will be a good one, and if Ward pulls off a decent win here I think we will have another upset win with the TarHeel downing the #1 seed Heil to take on Ashnault in the Semis that evening. This is going to be a thrilling weight folks-Championship side and throughout the backbone, with the titans working their way up to the medal rounds! Another upset I see coming is Micah Jordan over NC State’s Kevin Jack. Gopher Tommy Thorn will have to tough out some wins to make it to medal rounds but do not count him out. I would LOVE to see a Blair bash between Todd Preston vs Joey McKenna however, Preston will have to take down a slick Chishko of VT. Toss up for Bronze between Kevin Jack and Micah Jordan for re-match. Overall, I see Jersey and Buxton Bred Boy-Joey McKenna taking his 1st NCAA title!

149 Pounds:
1. Zain Retherford (Penn State)
2. Brandon Sorensen (Iowa)
3. Alec Pantaleo (Michigan)
4. Evan Henderson (North Carolina)
5. Jason Tsirtsis (Northwestern)
6. Lavion Mayes (Missouri)
7. Jake Sueflohn (Nebraska)
8. Matt Cimato (Drexel)
WWW: B.J Clagon (Rider-Former AA) and Anthony Collica (Oklahoma State)

Notes: – Will we see Henderson vs Retherford in the quarters, if Evan can even reach their Friday morning? Pantaleo will knock off Cimato Friday morning to move onto face Retherford in the Semis. I do have Pantaleo dropping down and taking out #3 Lavion Mayes and Evan Henderson for a Bronze 3rd Place Trophy. Can Collica take out Tsirstis Thursday night-if not will he be able to stay focused and make a run through the backside for a potential AA run?! Depending on the backside consolation top chunk- Clagon, Neff and Cimato are all toss-ups for either 1 of the 3 guys earning an All-American honor. Retherford will have a nice walk on the Golden Brick Road to the Top of the Podium for his 1st NCAA title. The man is on a mission folks and NOONE is going to be in his way.

1. Isaiah Martinez (Illinois)
2. Jason Nolf (Penn State)
3. Jo Jo Smith (Oklahoma State)
4. Thomas Gantt (North Carolina State)
5. Edwin Cooper Jr. (Iowa)
6. Richie Lewis (Rutgers)
7. Ian Miller (Kent State)
8. Dylan Palacio (Cornell)
WW: Tyler Berger (Nebraska) and Russel Parsons (Army)

Notes: – I do not see Isiah Martinez having much struggle to make it to the Big Stage on Saturday Night in site of his 2nd NCAA title! Richie Lewis v Brascetta will be an interesting match to watch and is crucial regarding where they will land on trail for All-American hopes. Coaches kids? In round 1!? What are the odds? RYAN’S VS SMITH’S! Friday Morning, if both guys get there, we will see a fun battle with Cornell’s Dylan Palacio vs Iowa’s Edwin Cooper Jr.With that bout being said, I find Ian Miller dropping to Edwin Cooper Jr. with outrage but making a noisy run on the backside. NOLF v Jo Jo showdown Friday morning as well! Folks, DO NOT COUNT JO JO OUT!! However, I do see an IMAR vs NOLF #3 Matchup ahead for the 2016 NCAA title!!! 


1. Alex Dieringer
2. Issac Jordan
3. Bo Jordan
4. Anthony Perrotti
5. Max Rohskopf
6. Austin Wilson
7. Tanner Weatherman
8. Devon Gobbo
WWW: John Michael Staudenmayer (North Carolina) and Steven Rodrigues (Illinois)

Notes: – Dieringer 6 out of 10 times is the winner at this weight, that is why I predict him to be the champion again this year. This Cowboy will once again fly under the radar and win his 3rd NCAA Title!!! I do not find him struggling to find a rhythm against Devin Gobbo 2nd round. Seth Thomas is tough and I see him taking out 1 of the 3 Welch brothers. However, do not put the Jordan’s past your radar folks as possible title contenders. Daniel Lewis of Mizzou received a generous draw, but I see Rhoades or Rohskopf dampening his dreams. Backside of the bracket I predict Austin Wilson to make a strong run and eventually finish out as an All-American. Staudenmayer will have to take out some solid opponents to reach the podium however this Tar Heel is determined to have a strong finish on a much accomplished career. Perrotti will come back with vengeance and reach the 3rd-4th match after losing to Issac Jordan in the Quarters, however his hopes will halt once the other Jordan takes the bronze as Perrotti will finish out with a 4th place.

1. Bo Nickal
2. Blaise Butler
3. Ethan Ramos
4. Chandler Rogers
5. Brian Realbuto
6. Alex Meyer
7. Zach Epperly
8. Mike Ottinger
WW: Bryce Hammond (Cal St. Bakersfield) and Nick Wanzek (Minnesota)

Notes: – Nickal will not have an easy road to the finals-courage, bravery and perseverance will need to be ignited from the Texas-Lone Star! Brunson put up an effortless performance against Nickal in the BIG10 Finals and therefore he does not impress me out here in NYC on this stage. Brunson MIGHT take down Jackson, however Ethan Ramos will roll through Zac and that is where we will see a Nickal vs Ramos Semi-Final; Southern Scuffle Final Rematch. #3 Blaise Butler I believe will have a solid run to the finals to face off for the 174lb title. On the backburner I predict that we will see action from Alex Meyer to work is way back after a 2nd round loss to Ramos. Myles Martin Mystery Weekend?! Will Brain Realbuto luckily make the NCAA finals for the second year in a row. Nutty Weight ahead folks!!

1. Gabe Dean
2. Blake Stauffer
3. Nate Brown
4. Domenic Abounader
5. Tim Dudley
6. Willy Miklus
7. Sammy Brooks
8. Nate Boyd
WW: Zach Zavatsky (Virginia Tech) and Vic Avery (Edinboro)

Notes: – What an action packed weight wrestling fans!! We will see another final with Gabe Dean representing Cornell. 1st Round I do not predict any crazy upsets, however 2nd round is a different story! Avery is not in shape enough to compete on this stage. I do not even except the 3rd seed to AA this year. Dudley is one of my favorites in this weight where I predict he will make the Semi-Finals to take on veteran Blake Stauffer. Will Kenny Courts come alive again this March!? Kenny loves the Big Stage and with that being said, I do have him dropping 1st Round against Stauffer but working his way up through the backside strong. Boyd continues to impress me and I see that Cowboy making an All-American run!!


1. Morgan McIntosh
2. J’Den Cox
3. Nate Burak
4. Brett Pfarr
5. Aaron Studebaker
6. Jared Haught
7. Conner Hartmann
8. Max Huntley
WW: Phil Wellington(Ohio) Senior may want to go out strong!! NO MERCY! And Reuben Franklin (Boise St) Bronco has a lot of Heart!

Notes: – I predict McIntosh v Burak and Pfarr v Cox for the 197-pound semi-final bouts. Will Max Huntley have the desire to pull off another heroic showing this year for another All-American honor?!? Throughout the consolation side of the bracket, I see DaSilveria making a run but just tripping short of the podium. Scottie Boykin will run into the same unfortunate as Huntley will knock him off to send him packing. Studebaker continues to wrestle with heart and a whole lot of toughness; therefore, I see bringing home an award. Cox vs McIntosh NCAA Final Folks?!? How about that!!!??

1. Nick Gwiazdowski
2. Kyle Synder
3. Ty Walz
4. Adam Coon
5. Austin Marsden
6. Sam Stoll
7. Michael Kroells
8. Tanner Hall
WW: Billy Smith (Rutgers) and Denzel Dejournette (Appalachian State)

Notes: – The Big Boys will be battling this weekend wrestling fans! What a deep field the Heavy fellas have this year. Bottom of the Bracket, I except a Dhesi v Synder matchup with Synder handling him soundly. I would really like to see a Billy Miller vs Mardsen matchup on Thursday night. The Edinboro big boy is a brute! Is Sam Stoll healthy?!? Don’t Put Former Blair Buc Brooks Black past your radar!! Gwiazdowski vs Synder NCAA title match? Could this go down in one of the most anticipated Heavyweight clash of ALL TIME?!?

My last preview will be posted shortly Wrestling Fans! I am driving to Madison Square Garden right now and will be covering LIVE TONIGHT @MSG for Session 2! See you there!! Best Always-Ron John Rinaldi

Much More to Come!!


The snow fell heavy on Friday evening, setting a chilly, sad mood,  as the evening began with a much respected moment of silence, to honor the loss of Kevin Randleman,  a 2x National champion, UFC prize fighter and,  more tragically,  a fellow Buckeye suddenly a couple days ago.  A true giant in the sport, Randleman was a 1992 and 1993 National Champion at the 177 pound weight class and a 2004 Hall Of Fame Athlete for The Ohio State University Buckeyes.

“When I think of Ohio State, I think of the greatest university in the world,” Randleman said last year.”

– Kevin Randleman

After the silence, the action and cheering  immediately commenced with an interesting and anticipated Cousin Clash as #3 Issac Jordan came into the St. John’s Arena to face off his first Cousin #2 ranked Bo Jordan, for not only family bragging rights, but also for a higher spot in the National Rankings. Both cousins were former high school teammates for the Ohio Wrestling powerhouse St. Paris Graham, with Head Coach Jeff Jordan at the helm of the Falcon flock.

Cousin Issac came out strong as he elevated Bo and powered 3 strong takedowns to deflate the crowd right from the gate. Bo, simply,  could not find any angles to his offense and scored only 4 points – all by escapes.

Up next at the 174 pound weight class, Jersey boy Myles Martin for the Buckeyes attacked  his way to a major decision victory over Wisconsin’s Ricky Robertson to get the crowd back on their feet. Following the freshmen’s win, brethren Kenny Courts faced off against Ryan Christensen and nailed a quick takedown at the start of the period. Christensen then reversed the Buckeye and the bout held even heading into Overtime. Sudden Victory is all about attacking and that’s what Courts did and it paid off taking the bout for the home team.

“Gotta Shoot” Yelled Barry Davis 

Wrestling at the 197 pound weight class, Senior Mark Martin faced off against Eric Pessig. Martin snuck to his low leg attacks for the majority of the match, but could not finish high with any of his takedowns to seal more points. To his credit,  Martin held on to beat Pessig to give the Buckeyes a comforting lead heading into the Heavyweight contenders.

Hearing his name on the loudspeaker, Synderman shot out of the tunnel for the Ohio State Buckeyes to take on Badger Horwath who was coming in at 11-12 on the year. Right away the World Champion picked the ankle of Horwath and like timber the big man went down to get an “Awwhhh” out of the fans in the St. John’s Arena. Synder  then put on a show before the Alumni were recognized during halftime intermission.

At 125, Nathan Tomasello came out aggressive as usual in front of home fans in the new Mat Black-Singlets,  but was quickly taken down by a deceiving Johnny Jimenez towards the edge of the mat, to send a shock wave through the crowd. Jimenez continued passing Nate’s wrist and ended up getting to Tomasello’s legs several times throughout the 1st period. Nevertheless, Nate closed the 1st period with his signature lefty-high crotch and nailed a takedown with 25 seconds left in the period. The next period,  Tomasello came out raging, scoring sweep single after sweep single, as he tapped into Jimenez’s gas tank and drained him out of the match completely, before the Wisconsin head-case cautioned DQed to end the match plus 5 points for the Buckeyes and #1 ranked Nathan Tomasello closed out a 20-5 Tech-Fall victory!

Out next for the Buckeyes was 133 pound fan favorite Senior Johnni DiJulius to face off with the Badger back-up for Ryan Taylor, Jens Lantz a 4x-State Champ Wisco native. Johnni immediately worked to control and went to his dump, but Lantz was prepared for the attack held strong. Undeterred, Johnni keep his motion going and nailed an elevated takedown! He then bent back a bow n’ arrow on the opponent and earned 4-Near Fall points and before long it’s a quick 6-0 lead for the Buckeye senior after the 1st.  though Jans slicked out a takedown to get himself on the board, it was Johnni DiJulius who routed to the major decision win to give the Buckeyes a 24-3 lead over Barry Davis’s Badger Boys.

At 141 pound Micah Jordan racked up a win to pick up his brothers spirits,  as he nailed one low leg attack after another to seal another major decision for the Scarlett and Gray, 10-1.

Senior Hunter Stieber up next,  represented Ohio State at 149 pounds. Stieber, another crowd favorite, received a roar from the fans as he funked through for an opening takedown to his match. Crone a solid Red-Shirt Sophomore for Barry Davis and the Wisconsin team, tied the match up at 3 and the bout eventually led into Sudden Victory. Whistle blows and Stieber gave up his legs and Crone attacked to blow out Stieber’s Right Knee-and that will likely end his career. You can honestly feel the sadness flow through the Arena as the Senior was carried off the mat by trainers.

For the fans and the faithful,  in all  it was plenty worth it with the finale featuring 157 pounder Jake Ryan catching T.J Rushell and packing him on his back for the Pin and the final win of the Dual which gave the Ohio State Buckeyes a 34-6 home victory!

With the big win, Ohio State finished the regular season at 7-2 in the Big Ten and has accumulated 15 conference wins over the past two seasons, the most of any two-year period in program history. Ohio State has one regular season dual left, a date in the NWCA National Championship Dual against The Edinboro Scots on Monday February, 22nd at 7pm.

Box Results:
165 lbs. – #3 Isaac Jordan (UW) dec. #2 Bo Jordan (OSU), 6-4 | UW 3, OSU 0
174 lbs. – #15 Myles Martin (OSU) maj. dec. Ricky Robertson (UW), 12-1 | OSU 4, UW 3
184 lbs. – #16 Kenny Courts (OSU) dec. Ryan Christensen (UW), 6-4 (SV-1) | OSU 7, UW 3
197 lbs. – Mark Martin (OSU) dec. Eric Peissig (UW), 6-3 | OSU 10, UW 3
285 lbs – Kyle Snyder (OSU) tech fall Brock Horwath (UW), 26-11 (6:35) | OSU 15, UW 3
125 lbs – Nathan Tomasello (OSU) tech fall Johnny Jimenez (UW), 20-5 (6:36) | OSU 20, UW 3
133 lbs – Johnni DiJulius (OSU) maj. dec. Jens Lantz (UW), 10-2 | OSU 24, UW 3
141 lbs – Micah Jordan (OSU) maj. dec. Gabe Grahek (UW), 10-1 | OSU 27, UW 3
149 lbs – Andrew Crone (UW) dec. Hunter Stieber (OSU), 6-4 (SV-1) | OSU 27, UW 6
157 lbs – Jake Ryan (OSU) pins TJ Ruschell (UW), 3:36 | OSU 34, UW 6


Blair Platt 2

Jared Platt in the old and famous Blair Wrestling Room

blair platt 3In December 2006, when I was a freshmen attending Blair Academy I was excited and nervous as hell to step in Jeff Buxton’s wrestling room. At that time, the old Blair Wrestling room had an entry way which stepped up into a small lobby filled with numerous trophies and boatloads of medals,  all perched like ravens along the walls alongside a gallery of classic Blair Buccaneer Wrestling team photos of the athletes standing along the Front Old Steps the Gymnasium. The were lined up like gunslingers,  with mean-killer faces and business-like  attire. That was what Blair Wrestling was –  all business! 

blair platt 4

FORMER BLAIR ACADEMY GYMNASIUM-WRESTLING ROOM. Front Steps were where the Varsity Blair Boys lined up for their annual Team Photo.

Unlike the rest of the facilities and buildings at Blair Academy, the wrestling room was at a consistent 105 degrees day in a day out for the entire year. Unlike the school’s other athletes, there was no off-season for Blair wrestlers. The Mat Room was 2-Stories and on the second floor was a rubber track with exercise bikes lined up for the wrestlers to work out and cut weight, while the first floor was the lobby and 2 separate wrestling rooms. The Varsity A Team drilled in the one room while the  B and C Teams practiced together in the adjoining  room.

The atmosphere was always intense, hot, sweaty, and water breaks were…what-FOR THE WEAK?  The Head Coach of Blair, Jeff Buxton, acted as the Head pirate at the helm of his  Buccaneer battleship, coaching his comrades to prepare for a mean fight in upcoming competitions. Coach Buxton is not only a great man, he is also a tremendous Wrestling Coach. He produced hard-nosed tough men every year who ended up competing for Division 1 Wrestling programs across the nation. Some of the sports greats have sweat in the Blair room and the intense and prestigious Wrestling tradition still lives rich today. Blair Platt

As a young Blair Buc at the time, there was one wrestler on the team who stood out to me as the toughest, most bad ass guy in the room. He was a tall strong blonde with a distinctive pineapple tattoo on his wrist. I was in a wrestling room full of the best wrestlers and top recruits in the country like; Kellen Russell, The Shanaman brothers, Mario Mason, Chris Villalonga, Garret Frey, Travis Blasco, and  Hudson Taylor, just to name a few. Still, there was that one wrestler that stood out to me as the Leader in the room, the most popular and well-liked teammate in the wrestling room, that wrestler was none other than Jared Platt. 

His name alone stirred fear, envy, and violence among his contemporaries and more importantly  among his adversaries. Platt was an All-American legend at Blair as a Junior Nationals freestyle champion in 2007 at 215 pounds, he later placed second in the 2010 University Nationals and fourth in the 2008 University Nationals. He also went on to win gold medals in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling at the 2007 Pan American Junior Championships. He did all of that while dealing with Type 1 diabetes and wrestling against the advice of doctors.

Always and continually wrestling against the odds, Jared Platt was and will always remain a Winner. 

Sadly he recently lost his battle against his toughest nemesis ever – cancer, and like his entire wrestling career he went down fighting to the very last moment.

Sometimes there are people who see things as they are and ask “why,” while others like Jared Platt dream of things that never were and ask “why not.” He was a great wrestler, a great friend, a great role-model, and great husband and father.  With those as his landmark, he was indeed a great man. His type rarely make their way around again.

All Blair wrestlers past and present, like me, and all people in the wrestling community miss him greatly and will forever mourn his loss.




Friday, January 15:

Penn State 24, Nebraska 10
125: Nico Megaludis (Penn State) dec Tim Lambert (Nebraska), 8-5
133: Jordan Conaway (Penn State) dec Eric Montoya (Nebraska), 5-3
141: Anthony Abidin (Nebraska) dec Kade Moss (Penn State), 4-1
149: Zain Rutherford (Penn State) maj dec Jake Sueflohn (Nebraska), 12-3
157: Jason Nolf (Penn State) tech fall Tyler Berger (Nebraska), 19-3
165: Austin Wilson (Nebraska) dec Gino Morelli (Penn State), 3-2
174: Bo Nickal (Penn State) dec Micah Barnes (Nebraska), 10-3
184: Matt McCutcheon (Penn State) dec TJ Dudley (Nebraska), 8-7
197: Morgan McIntosh (Penn State) dec Aaron Studebaker (Nebraska), 2-1
285: Collin Jensen (Nebraska) maj dec Wes Phipps (Penn State), 10-1

Oklahoma State 37, West Virginia 3
125: Eddie Klimara (OSU) dec Zeke Moisey (WVU), 6-0
133: Gary Wayne Harding (OSU) inj def. Keegan Moore (WVU)
141: Dean Heil (OSU) tech fall Tony DeAngelo (WVU), 17-2
149: Anthony Collica (OSU) tech fall Zach Moore (WVU), 23-8
157: Joe Smith (OSU) dec Dylan Cottrell (WVU), 11-4
165; Alex Dieringer (OSU) tech fall Connor Flynn (WVU), 17-1
174: Kyle Crutchmer (OSU) maj dec Ross Renzi (WVU), 12-4
184: Nolan Boyd (OSU) dec Bubba Scheffel (WVU), 11-4
197: Jake Smith (WVU) dec Preston Weigel (OSU), 4-2 SV
285: Austin Marsden (OSU) maj dec AJ Vizcarrondo (WVU), 8-0

Oklahoma 23, Bucknell 21
125: Ryan Millhof  (Oklahoma) fall Paul Petrov (Bucknell), 5:15
133: Ben Bliss ?(Bucknell) forfeit
141: Trae Blackwell (Oklahoma) maj. dec.Grim Gonzales (Bucknell), 15-4
149: Davion Jeffries (Oklahoma) dec.Victor Lopez (Bucknell), 4-2
157: Brock Wingbermuehle (Oklahoma) dec. Zach Kelly (Bucknell), 3-2 
165: Clark Glass (Oklahoma) maj. dec. Robert Schlitt (Bucknell), 10-1 
174: Rustin Barrick (Bucknell) dec. Matt Reed (Oklahoma), 7-5
184: Tom Sleigh (Bucknell) DQ Lance Dixon, (Oklahoma) 6:27
197: Brad Johnson (Oklahoma) dec.Tyler Greene (Bucknell), 8-4
HWT: Joe Stolfi (Bucknell) fall Ross Larson (Oklahoma), 2:25

Michigan 25, Illinois 14 
125: Conor Youtsey (MICH) tech fall Francis Edelen (ILL) 25-10 
133: Zane Richards (ILL) dec. Rossi Bruno (MICH), 4-1 
141: Brock Ervin (ILL) dec. George Fisher (MICH), 4-1 
149: Alex Pantaleo (MICH) dec. Kyle Langenderfer (ILL), 5-2
157: Isaiah Martinez (ILL) tech fall #9 Brian Murphy (MICH),18-3 (3:34)
165: Steven Rodrigues (ILL) dec Garrett Sutton, 10-3 
174: Davonte Mahomes (MICH) major dec. Emery Parker (ILL), 11-3
184: Domenic Abounader (MICH) dec. Jeff Koepke (ILL), 7-2
197: Max Huntley (MICH) fall dec. Andre Lee (ILL), 2:39 
HWT: Adam Coon (MICH) major dec. Brooks Black (ILL), 11-2 

Purdue 27, Michigan State 15
125: Mitch Rogaliner (Michigan State) over Ben Thornton (Purdue) (Dec 7-5)
133: Luke Welch (Purdue) over Garth Yenter (Michigan State) (Dec 10-4)
141: Javier Gasca III (Michigan State) over Danny Sabatello (Purdue) (Fall 5:51)
149: Alex Griffin (Purdue) over Kaelan Richards (Michigan State) (TF 17-0 5:00)
157: Doug Welch (Purdue) over Joseph Johnson (Michigan State) (Dec 5-1)
165: Chad Welch (Purdue) over Dean Vettese (Michigan State) (MD 13-4)
174: Jacob Morrissey (Purdue) over Shane Shadaia (Michigan State) (Dec 5-2)
184: Tanner Lynde (Purdue) over Shwan Shadaia (Michigan State) (Fall 2:29)
197: Jacob Cooper (Michigan State) over Drake Stein (Purdue) (Fall 1:54)
285: Tyler Kral (Purdue) over Dimitrus Renfroe (Michigan State) (Dec 6-0)

Kent State 20, Ohio 15
157: Ian Miller (Kent State) over Spartak Chino (Ohio) (Dec 5-2)

165: Austin Reese (Ohio) over Tyler Buckwalter (Kent State) (Dec 8-3)
174: Cody Walters (Ohio) over Mike Vollant (Kent State) (Dec 8-3)
184: Andrew Romanchik (Ohio) over Cole Baxter (Kent State) (Dec 3-2)
197: Kyle Conel (Kent State) over Phil Wellington (Ohio) (Fall 6:28)
285: Devin Nye (Kent State) over Jesse Webb (Ohio) (Dec 4-1)
125: Shakur Laney (Ohio) over Edilberto Vinas (Kent State) (Dec 3-1)
133: Cameron Kelly (Ohio) over Mack McGuire (Kent State) (Dec 9-2)
141: Chance Driscoll (Kent State) over Noah Forrider (Ohio) (TB-1 2-1)
149: Mike DePalma (Kent State) over Nick Steed (Ohio) (TF 17-2 3:39)

Navy 25, Drexel 14
125: Zachary Fuentes (Drexel) over Brant Leadbeter (Navy) (Dec 5-2)
133: Zachary Davis (Navy) over Franco Ferraina (Drexel) (Fall 4:32)
141: Nicholas Gil (Navy) over Kevin Devoy (Drexel) (Dec 5-3)
149: Matthew Cimato (Drexel) over Corey Wilding (Navy) (MD 8-0)
157: Drew Daniels (Navy) over Richard Viruet (Drexel) (Dec 3-2)
165: Austin Rose (Drexel) over Michael Coleman (Navy) (MD 10-2)
174: Jadaen Bernstein (Navy) over Nicholas Elmer (Drexel) (MD 15-5)
184: Mathew Miller (Navy) over Stephen Loiseau (Drexel) (Fall 4:06)
197: Michael Woulfe (Navy) over Nezar Haddad (Drexel) (Dec 9-4)
285: Joseph Goodhart (Drexel) over Nicholas Mabry (Navy) (Dec 6-4)

Chattanooga 24, Gardner-Webb 13

125: Cortez Starkes (Gardner-Webb) over Alonzo Allen (Chattanooga) (Dec 6-5)
133: Tyler Ziegler (Gardner-Webb) over Cody Hill (Chattanooga) (Dec 3-2)
141: Mike Pongracz (Chattanooga) over Ryan Hull (Gardner-Webb) (Fall 4:58)
149: Ryan Mosley (Gardner-Webb) over Chase Zemenak (Chattanooga) (MD 10-2)
157: Kamaal Shakur (Chattanooga) over Christopher Vassar (Gardner-Webb) (Dec 9-4)
165: Dominic Lampe (Chattanooga) over Kyle Ash (Gardner-Webb) (Dec 10-9)
174: Sean Mappes (Chattanooga) over Brett Stein (Gardner-Webb) (MD 10-2)
184: Hunter Gamble (Gardner-Webb) over McCoy Newberg (Chattanooga) (Dec 7-4)
197: Scottie Boykin (Chattanooga) over Drew Barrett (Gardner-Webb) (TF 17-1 3:00)
285: Jared Johnson (Chattanooga) over Boyce Cornwell (Gardner-Webb) (Dec 4-0)

Missouri 24, Eastern Michigan 10
125: Armando Torres (Eastern Michigan) over Aaron Assad (Missouri) (Dec 6-3)
133: William `John` Erneste (Missouri) over Blake Caudill (Eastern Michigan) (MD 13-2)
141: Matt Manley (Missouri) over Kyle Springer (Eastern Michigan) (Dec 5-3)
149: Lavion Mayes (Missouri) over Nick Barber (Eastern Michigan) (Dec 2-0)
157: LeRoy Barnes (Missouri) over Devan Marry (Eastern Michigan) (MD 12-1)
165: Daniel Lewis (Missouri) over Dakota Juarez (Eastern Michigan) (Dec 8-4)
174: Jacob Davis (Eastern Michigan) over Cody Johnston (Missouri) (Dec 5-3)
184: Willie Miklus (Missouri) over Derek Hillman (Eastern Michigan) (MD 12-2)
197: J`Den Cox (Missouri) over Anthony Abro (Eastern Michigan) (Dec 10-5)
285: Gage Hutchison (Eastern Michigan) over James Romero (Missouri) (MD 11-0)

Cornell 31, Harvard 14
125: Dalton Macri (Cornell) over Noloan Hellickson (Harvard) (Fall 6:45)
133: Jeffrey Ott (Harvard)
141: Todd Preston (Harvard) over Mark Grey (Cornell) (Dec 2-0)
149: Joseph Galasso (Cornell) over Patrick Hogan (Harvard) (Dec 8-2)
157: Tyler Tarsi (Harvard) over Kyle Simaz (Cornell) (TF 20-3 0:00)
165: Christopher Dowdy (Cornell) over Peter Bearse (Harvard) (MD 12-3)
174: Brian Realbuto (Cornell) over Josef Johnson (Harvard) (TF 16-0 0:00)
184: Gabriel Dean (Cornell) over Michael Mocco (Harvard) (Fall 6:43)
197: Owen Scott (Cornell) over Josh Popple (Harvard) (MD 15-3)
285: Jeramy Sweany (Cornell) over Nick Gajdzik (Harvard) (Dec 5-2)

Campbell 24, VMI 15
125: Dalton Henderson (Vmi) over Collin Stewart (Campbell) (MD 12-0)
133: Nathan Kraisser (Campbell) over Bennie Pachello (Vmi) (Fall 5:46)
141: Lucas Stewart (Campbell) over Hunter Starner (Vmi) (Dec 6-3)
149: Stevan Smith (Vmi) over Zane Knight (Campbell) (MD 16-5)
157: Neal Richards (Vmi) over Quentin Perez (Campbell) (MD 15-5)
165: Paul Duggan (Campbell) over Shabaka Johns (Vmi) (Dec 9-2)
174: Mark Darr (Vmi) over Matthew Olauson (Campbell) (SV-1 11-9)
184: Ville Heino (Campbell) over Derek Thurman (Vmi) (TF 22-7 6:29)
197: Austin McNeil (Campbell) over Taylor Thomas (Vmi) (Dec 7-6)
285: Jere Heino (Campbell) over Sivaatasi Mathias (Vmi) (MD 16-7)

Indiana 26, Maryland 13

197: Jake Masengale (IU) decision over Garrett Wesneski (MD), 5-3 (SV-1)
285: Garret Goldman (IU) decision over Youssif Hemida (MD), 3-2 
125  Elijah Oliver (IU) fall over Michael Beck (MD), 2:01 
133: No. 13 Geoffrey Alexander (MD) major decision over Alonzo Shepherd (IU), 9-0 
141: Cole Weaver (IU) decision over Alfred Bannister (MD), 8-3 
149: Luke Blanton (IU) tiebreaker decision over Wade Hodges (MD), 9-4
157: No. 19 Lou Mascola (MD) decision over Jake Danishek (IU), 8-7 
165: Bryce Martin (IU) decision over Brendan Burnham (MD), 7-5 (SV-1) 
174: No. 6 Nate Jackson (IU) tech fall over Josh Snook (MD), 23-8 
184: Jaron Smith (MD) fall over Wyatt Wilson (IU), 6:01

Virginia Tech 19, Northern Iowa 15
149: Trevor Jauch (UNI) dec. Sal Mastriani (VT), 10-3
157: Bryce Steiert (UNI) dec. Jake Spengler (VT), 10-4
165: Dave McFadden dec. #8 Cooper Moore (UNI), 11-5
174: Kyle Lux (UNI) dec. David Bergida (VT), 8-2
184: Zack Zavatsky (VT) maj. dec. Drew Foster (UNI), 13-2
197: Jared Bartel (UNI) dec. Austin Gabel (VT), 3-2
285: Ty Walz (VT) dec. #15 Blaize Cabell (UNI), 5-2
125: Joey Dance (VT) pinned Leighton Gaul (UNI), 5:36
133: Josh Alber (UNI) dec. Dennis Gustafson (VT), 8-3
141: Solomon Chishko (VT) dec. Jake Koethe (UNI), 8-2

Stanford 37, Utah Valley 5
285: Nathan Butler (S) dec. Dustin Dennison (U), 2-0
125: Connor Schram (S) dec. #18 Chasen Tolbert (U), 3-1 (SV)
133: Jade Rauser (U) tech. fall Eric Cramer (S), 20-1 (4:30)
141: Joey McKenna (S) maj. dec. Jarod Maynes (U), 14-0
149: Paul Fox (S) maj. dec. Matthrew Ontiveros (U), 15-3
157: Walker Dempsey (S) dec. Raider Lofthouse (U), 7-3
165: Jim Wilson (S) won by forfeit
174: Peter Galli (S) tech. fall Ross Taylor (U), 16-0 (3:49)
184: Garet Krohn (S) maj. dec. Will Sumner (U), 10-2
197: Michael Sojka (S) tech. fall Aryton Almberg (U), 16-0

Boise State 19, North Dakota State 16
165: Taylor West (Boise State) over Grant Nehring (North Dakota State University) (Dec 5-2)
174: Austin Dewey (Boise State) over Blake Thompson (North Dakota State University) (Dec 5-1)
184: Hayden Zillmer (North Dakota State University) over Keavon Buckley (Boise State) (Fall 5:50)
197: Harley DiLulo (Boise State) over Logan Paxton (North Dakota State University) (SV-1 5-3)
285: Benjamin Tyanan (North Dakota State University) over Gaylen Edmo (Boise State) (Dec 7-3)
125: Joshua Rodriguez (North Dakota State University) over Rami Haddadin (Boise State) (Fall 2:39)
133: Josh Newburg (Boise State) over Nicolas Colunga (North Dakota State University) (Dec 9-5)
141: Thomas Walton (North Dakota State University) over Jake Velarde (Boise State) (Dec 5-3)
149: Geo Martinez (Boise State) over Clayton Ream (North Dakota State University) (Dec 10-5)
157: Chris Castillo (Boise State) over Kyle Gliva (North Dakota State University) (MD 16-5)

Iowa 31, Wisconsin 3
197: Nathan Burak (Iowa) maj dec Peissig (Wisconsin), 20-7
285: Sam Stoll (Iowa) dec Brock Horwath (Nebraska), 4-1
125: Thomas Gilman (Iowa) tech fall Johnny Jimenez (Wisconsin), 23-7
133: Cory Clark (Iowa) dec Ryan Taylor (Wisconsin), 7-3
141: Topher Carton (Iowa) dec Grahek (Wisconsin), 4-2
149: Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) dec Andrew Crone (Wisconsin), 6-3
157: Edwin Cooper (Iowa) dec TJ Ruschell (Wisconsin), 8-2
165: Isaac Jordan (Wisconsin) dec Patrick Rhoads (Iowa), 5-1
174: Alex Meyer (Iowa) dec Ricky Robertson (Wisconsin), 2-0
184: Sammy Brooks (Iowa) maj dec. Christensen (Wisconsin), 14-6

125: Ben Gillette (SDSU) tech. fall Jesse Reed (UNC), 18-3
133: #18 Brance Simms (SDSU) dec. Rico Montoya (UNC), 6-4
141: Seth Gross (SDSU) major dec. Colton Orrino (UNC), 9-1
149: Timmy Box (UNC) dec. Alex Kocer (SDSU), 16-12
157: #6 Cody Pack (SDSU) dec. Joseph Grable (UNC), 9-3
165: Luke Zilverberg (SDSU) dec. Keilan Torres (UNC), 7-4
174: David Kocer (SDSU) tech. fall Tanner Davis (UNC), 21-4
184: Brady Ayers (SDSU) tech. fall Horacio Vialpando (UNC), 25-10
197: #14 Nate Rotert (SDSU) dec. #17 Trent Noon (UNC), 9-5
285: Alex Macki (SDSU) dec. Jack Kuck, 4-2 TB-2

Arizona State 23, Iowa State 18
157: Oliver Pierce (ASU) maj dec Logan Breitenbach (ISU), 12-4
165: Tanner Weatherman (ISU) FALL Jacen Petersen (ASU), 4:27
174: Lelund Weatherspoon (ISU) maj dec. Preston McCalmon (ASU), 11-3
184: Blake Stauffer (ASU) dec Dane Pestano (ISU), 8-2
197: Josh DaSilveria (ASU) FALL Marcus Harrington (ISU), 2:35
285: Tanner Hall (ISU) maj dec. Joe Scanlan (ISU), 10-0
125: Kyle Larson (ISU) dec Mikel Perales (ASU), 6-2
133: Earl Hall (ISU) tech fall Tyree Owens (ISU), 20-4
141: Robbie Mathers (ASU) dec John Meeks (ISU), 8-3
149: Matt Krause (ASU) dec Gabe Moreno (ISU), 5-4

Saturday, January 16:
Lehigh 40, Franklin & Marshall 6
125 – Darian Cruz (Lehigh) tech fall Aaron Moldoff (F&M) 23-4 
133 – Scott Stevens (F&M) dec. Dean Somers (Lehigh) 4-1, tb
141 – Rick Durso (F&M) dec. Randy Cruz (Lehigh) 2-1
149 – Cortlandt Schuyler (Lehigh) major dec. Jason Bing (F&M) 14-6
157 – Ian Brown (Lehigh) Fall Sharron Townsend (F&M) 1:29
165 – Drew Longo (Lehigh) tech fall Gordon Bolig (F&M) 20-5
174 – Gordon Wolf (Lehigh) tech fall Colin Gironda (F&M) 18-3
184 – Nathaniel Brown (Lehigh) tech fall Josh Young (F&M) 18-0
197 – Ben Haas (Lehigh) tech fall Charles Kerkesner (F&M) 16-1 
285 – Max Wessell (Lehigh) tech fall Antonio Pelusi (F&M) 21-3

Oregon State 32, Wyoming 7
125: Ronnie Bresser (OSU) maj. dec. Drew Templeman (UW), 12-4
133: Joey Palmer (OSU) maj. dec. Drake Foster (UW), 19-5
141: Bryce Meredith (UW) maj. dec. Jared Reis (OSU), 12-4
149: Joey Delgado (OSU) dec. Cole Mendenhall (UW), 8-5
157: Archie Colgan (UW) dec. Abraham Rodriguez (OSU), 3-2, OT
165: Seth Thomas (OSU) pinned Chaz Polson (UW), 5:00
174: Tyler Chay (OSU) dec. Jace Jensen (UW), 7-2
184: Corey Griego (OSU) dec. Benjamin Stroh (UW), 5-0
197: Cody Crawford (OSU) pinned Brandon Tribble (UW), 4:12
Hwt.: Amarveer Dhesi (OSU) dec. Tanner Harms (UW), 13-6

Stanford 27, Duke 15
197: #5 Conner Hartmann (D) fall Michael Sojka (S), 4:36
285: Nathan Butler (S) maj. dec. Brendan Walsh (D), 13-0
125: Brian Rossi (S) won by forfeit
133: #20 Connor Schram (S) dec. Brandon Leynaud (D), 10-3
141: #2 Joey McKenna (S) maj. dec. Zach Finesilver (D), 9-1
149: #19 Mitch Finesilver won by inj. def. over Paul Fox (S)
157: Walker Dempsey (S) dec. Connor Bass (D), 14-9
165: #17 Jake Faust (D) dec. #12 Jim Wilson (S), 9-4
174: Peter Galli (S) maj. dec. Alec Schenk (D), 10-2
184: Garet Krohn (S) dec. Trey Adamson (D), 9-4

Cornell 30, Brown 13 

125: Dalton Macri (C) def. Michael Russo (B), MD 18-6 (Cornell 4-0)
133: Zeke Salvo (B) wins by forfeit (Brown 6-4)
141: Dylan Realbuto (C) def. Charlie Banaszak (B), Dec. 10-3 (Cornell 7-6)
149: Joey Galasso (C) def. Steven Galiardo (B), Dec. 4-3 (Cornell 10-6)
157: Justin Staudenmayer (B) def. Kyle Simaz (C), MD 8-0 (Tied 10-10)
165: Jon Viruet (B) def. Christopher Dodwy (C), Dec. 11-7 (Brown 13-10)
174: No. 7 Brian Realbuto (C) def. Andrew LaBrie (B), MD 18-5 (Cornell 14-13)
184: No. 1 Gabe Dean (C) def. Austin Pfarr (B), Fall 2:35 (Cornell 20-13)
197: Owen Scott (C) def. Augustus Marker (B), MD 8-0 (Cornell 24-13)
285: Jeramy Sweany (C) wins by forfeit (Cornell 30-13)

Army 33, Hofstra 10
125: Bryan Damon (Hofstra) over Jacob Fontanez (Army) (Fall 2:57)
133: Austin Harry (Army) over Marcus Begay (Hofstra) (TF 19-0 6:00)
141: Logan Everett (Army) over Jamel Hudson (Hofstra) (Fall 3:27)
149: Javier Rodriguez (Army) over Kyle Krasavage (Hofstra) (Dec 9-7)
157: Russell Parsons (Army) over Jahlani Callender (Hofstra) (TF 16-0 0:00)
165: Andrew Mendel (Army) over Bobby Fehr (Hofstra) (Dec 8-4)
174: Brian Harvey (Army) over Frank Affronti (Hofstra) (MD 13-3)
184: Samson Imonode (Army) over Cory Damiana (Hofstra) (Dec 13-8)
197: Bryce Barnes (Army) over Omar Haddad (Hofstra) (MD 18-8)
285: Mike Hughes (Hofstra) over David Farr (Army) (MD 9-1)

Cleveland State 21, George Mason 16
197: Sam Wheeler (Cleveland State) over Cameron Houston (George Mason) (MD 17-6)
285: Riley Shaw (Cleveland State) over Matt Voss (George Mason) (MD 14-3)
125: Ibrahim Banduka (George Mason) over John Martin (Cleveland State) (Dec 14-8)
133: Vince Rodriguez (George Mason) over Alfredo Gray (Cleveland State) (Dec 11-5)
141: Tejon Anthony (George Mason) over Mike Carlone (Cleveland State) (Dec 6-2)
149: Nick Montgomery (Cleveland State) over Konbeh Koroma (George Mason) (Fall 4:34)
157: Gregory Flournoy (George Mason) over John Vaughn (Cleveland State) (MD 16-5)
165: Patrick Davis (George Mason) over Nathan Wynkoop (Cleveland State) (Dec 11-4)
174: Gabe Stark (Cleveland State) over Ryan Forrest (George Mason) (MD 12-0)
184: Xavier Dye (Cleveland State) over Luke Ludke (George Mason) (Dec 6-1)

Northern Illinois 19, Southern Illinois Edwardsville 18
125: Alijah Jeffery (Northern Illinois) over Joe Antonelli (Southern Illinois Edwardsville) (Fall 1:18)

133: Austin Eicher (Northern Illinois) over Dakota Leach (Southern Illinois Edwardsville) (MD 15-3)
141: Steve Bleise (Northern Illinois) over John Muldoon (Southern Illinois Edwardsville) (Dec 10-3)
149: John Fahy (Southern Illinois Edwardsville) over Gabe Morse (Northern Illinois) (Dec 3-2)
157: Eric Travers (Southern Illinois Edwardsville) over Andrew Scott (Northern Illinois) (TF 19-3 6:56)
165: Nate Higgins (Southern Illinois Edwardsville) over Shaun`Qae McMurtry (Northern Illinois) (MD 12-2)
174: Trace Engelkes (Northern Illinois) over Clayton Bass (Southern Illinois Edwardsville) (Dec 7-2)
184: Derek Nagel (Southern Illinois Edwardsville) over Quinton Rosser (Northern Illinois) (Dec 8-2)
197: Shawn Scott (Northern Illinois) over Jake Tindle (Southern Illinois Edwardsville) (Dec 5-3)
285: Chris Johnson (Southern Illinois Edwardsville) over Arthur Bunce (Northern Illinois) (Dec 7-1)

Columbia 18, Buffalo 15
125 – Kyle Akins (B) major decision over Vince Pallone, 11-3
133 – Angelo Amenta (C) decision over Bryan Lantry, 4-1
141 – Brandon Lapi (B) major decision over Joe Moita, 9-1
149 – Colt Cotton (B) major decision over Dan Reed,10-0
157 – Markus Scheidel (C) decision over Tim Schaefer ,10-4
165 – Tyrel White (C) decision over Rrok Ndokaj, 2-1
174 – Zack Hernandez (C) decision over Muhammad McBryde, 4-0
184 – Mike Fetchet (C) decision over Joe Ariola, 8-6
197 – James Benjamin (B) decision over Matt Doggett, 4-0
HWT – Garrett Ryan (C) decision over Jake Gunning, 8-4

Rider 27, Lock Haven 6
165: Curt Delia (RU) dec. Cody Cordes (LHU) 6-3
174: Wayne Stinson (RU) dec. Tyler Wood (LHU) 6-2
184: Tristan Sponseller (LHU) dec. Michale Fagg-Daves 8-4
197: Ryan Wolfe (RU) tech fall Adam Mackie (LHU) 19-4
285: Mauro Correnti (RU) dec. Phil Sprenkle (LHU) 3-1
125: Zach Valcare (RU) dec. David Sheesley (LHU) 6-3
133: Rob Deutsch (RU) dec. Bobby Rehm (LHU) 6-3
141: Paul Kirchner (RU) dec. Joe Ghione (LHU) 8-2
149: Dan Neff (LHU) dec. Jesse Rodgers (RU) 10-3
157: Chad Walsh (RU) major dec. Aaron McKinney (LHU) 14-5

125: Kyle Akins (UB) def. Gerard Daly (SHU) 9-5 
133: Bryan Lantry (UB) pins Tim Johnson (SHU) 4:25 
141: Brandon Lapi (UB) def. Alex Harnsberger (SHU) 11-2 major decision 
149: Colt Cotten (UB) def. Brandon Levesque (SHU) 8-0 major decision 
157: Casey Mitchell (SHU) def. Tim Schaefer (UB) 4-3 
165: Rrok Ndokaj (UB) def. Matt Fisher (SHU) 5-1 
174: Muhamed McBryde (UB) def. Johnny Vrasidas (SHU) 11-2 major decision 
184: Joe Ariola (UB) def. Elliott Antler (SHU) 5-2 
197: Sasha Oliinyk (SHU) def. James Benjamin (UB) 6-3 
HWT: Jake Gunning (UB) def. Ray Sherwood (SHU) 19-4 Tech. Fall 

Edinboro 31, George Mason 7
125: Sean Russell (Edinboro) over Ibrahim Banduka (George Mason) (Dec 8-1)
133: Vince Rodriguez (George Mason) over Anthony Rivera (Edinboro) (MD 12-2)
141: Tejon Anthony (George Mason) over Tyler Vath (Edinboro) (Dec 5-2)
149: Patricio Lugo (Edinboro) over Konbeh Koroma (George Mason) (TF 18-2 6:35)
157: Austin Matthews (Edinboro) over Gregory Flournoy (George Mason) (Dec 6-1)
165: Casey Fuller (Edinboro) over Patrick Davis (George Mason) (Dec 4-0)
174: Patrick Jennings (Edinboro) over Ryan Forrest (George Mason) (Dec 10-4)
184: Victor Avery (Edinboro) over Luke Ludke (George Mason) (TF 23-7 6:29)
197: Vincent Pickett (Edinboro) over Cameron Houston (George Mason) (Fall 1:43)
285: William Miller (Edinboro) over Matt Voss (George Mason) (Dec 10-3)

Ohio 40, Clarion 4
133: Cameron Kelly (Ohio) over Roshaun Cooley (Clarion) (Fall 2:49)
141: Noah Forrider (Ohio) over Mike Bartolo (Clarion) (MD 17-7)
149: Nick Steed (Ohio) over Brodie Zacherl (Clarion) (Fall 5:37)
157: Spartak Chino (Ohio) over Jake Keller (Clarion) (MD 15-7)
165: Austin Reese (Ohio) over Troy Braddock (Clarion) (Fall 1:43)
174: Cody Walters (Ohio) over Michael Pavasko (Clarion) (Dec 9-4)
184: Andrew Romanchik (Ohio) over Dominic Rigous (Clarion) (Dec 7-1)
197: Phil Wellington (Ohio) over Edgar Ruano (Clarion) (MD 11-1)
285: Zach DeLuca (Clarion) over Jesse Webb (Ohio) (MD 10-1)
125: Shakur Laney (Ohio) over Travis Jones (Clarion) (MD 18-10)

Navy 21, American 17
125: David Terao (American) over Brant Leadbeter (Navy) (MD 18-6)
133: Esteban Gomez-Rivera (American) over Zachary Davis (Navy) (Dec 8-6)
141: Nicholas Gil (Navy) over Tyler Scotton (American) (Dec 4-2)
149: Corey Wilding (Navy) over Cole Moseley (American) (Dec 5-3)
157: John Boyle (American) over Drew Daniels (Navy) (MD 10-2)
165: Mitchell Wightman (American) over John Keck (Navy) (Dec 4-3)
174: Jadaen Bernstein (Navy) over Jason Grimes (American) (Dec 6-3)
184: Mathew Miller (Navy) over Joe Salvi (American) (Fall 0:00)
197: Michael Woulfe (Navy) over Jeric Kasunic (American) (Fall 0:00)
285: Jake Scanlan (American) over Nicholas Mabry (Navy) (Dec 4-2)

Columbia 18, Binghamton 17
125 – Steven Bulzomi (B) major decision over Vince Pallone, 15-6
133 – Angelo Amenta (C) decision over Jacob Nicholson, 10-7
141 – Joe Moita (C) decision over Dylan Caruana, 6-2
149 – Frankie Garcia (B) decision over Danny Reed, 8-4
157 – Markus Scheidel (C) major decision over Vincent DePrez, 12-4
165 – Tyrel White (C) major decision over Anthony DePrez, 11-3
174 – Jack McKeever (B) decision over Zack Hernandez, 4-3
184 – Steve Schneider (B) decision over Mike Fetchet, 3-1
197 – Mark Tracy (B) major decision over Matt Doggett, 17-5
HWT – Garrett Ryan (C) major decision over Connor Calkins, 9-1

Virginia Tech Hokies 27,  UNC Tarheels 13
125 – Joey Dance (Virginia Tech) over Anthony Bosco (UNC), Fall
133 – Dennis Gustafson (Virginia Tech) over James Szymanski (UNC), 9-1
141 – Solomon Chishko (Virginia Tech) over Joey Ward (UNC), 7-3
149 – Evan Henderson (UNC) over Sal Mastriani (Virginia Tech), Fall
157 – Nick Brascetta (Virginia Tech) over Robert Henderson (UNC), MD 16-5
165 – John Miichael Staudenmayer (UNC) over David McFadden (Virginia Tech), Dec. 6-0
174 – Ethan Ramos (UNC) over David Bergida (Virginia Tech), MD 14-5
184 – Zack Zavatsky (Virginia Tech) over Alex Utley (UNC), Dec. 6-2
197 – Austin Gabel (Virginia Tech) over Chip Ness (UNC), Dec. 7-6
285 – Ty Walz (Virginia Tech) over Cory Daniel (UNC), MD 14-5

CSU Bakersfield 27, Utah Valley 19
174: Ross Taylor (UVU) def. Adam Fierro, 13-5
184: Will Summer (UVU) def. Dylan Bollinger, 5-2
197: Reuben Franklin (CSUB) pins Aryton Almberg, at 2:44
285: Matt Williams (CSUB) pins Jordan Karst, at 6:19
125: Chasen Tolbert (UVU) def. Sergio Mendez, 11-6
133: Jade Rauser (UVU) pins Carlos Herrera (CSUB), at 1:16     
141: Ian Nickell (CSUB) def. Jarod Maynes, 9-1
149: Coleman Hammond (CSUB) def. Matthew Ontiveros, by TF (17-1) at 4:19
157: Raider Lofthouse (UVU) def. AJ Fierro (CSUB), 9-5
165: Bryan Battisto (CSUB) wins by forfeit
Sunday, January 17:
Oklahoma State 36, Pitt 0
125 – No. 5 Eddie Klimara (O) maj. dec. LJ Bentley (P), 15-3 
133 – Gary Wayne Harding (O) dec. No. 16 Dom Forys (P), SV- 1, 13-11
141 – No. 1 Dean Heil (O) dec. No. 5 Mikey Racciato (P), 7-2 
149 – No. 16 Anthony Collica (O) maj. dec. Nick Zanetta (P), 13-5
157 – No. 7 Joe Smith (O) dec. Ronnie Garbinsky (P), 11-4
165 – No. 1 Alex Dieringer (O) pins Cody Wiercioch (P), 0:24 
174 – No. 3 Kyle Crutchmer (O) maj. dec. TeShan Campbell (P), 12-2
184 – No. 19 Nolan Boyd (O) dec. Zach Bruce (P), 4-1 
197 – Andrew Marsden (O) dec. Nick Bonaccorsi (P), 6-4 
285 – No. 5 Austin Marsden (O) dec. No. 20 Ryan Solomon (P), 4-2 

Drexel 21, American 16
125: No. 8 David Terao (AU) WBF Zack Fuentes (DU)  5:13

133: Esteban Gomez-Rivera (AU) DEC Franco Ferraina (DU), 9-5
141: Tyler Scotton (AU) DEC Kevin Devoy Jr. (DU), 4-3 (TB-2)
149: No. 13 Matthew Cimato (DU) MAJ Cole Moseley (AU), 14-1
157: No. 10 John Boyle (AU) MAJ Ryan O’Connor (DU), 13-4
165: Austin Rose (DU) DEC Mitchell Wightman (AU), 11-4
174: Nick Elmer (DU) DEC Jason Grimes (AU), 5-4
184: Stephen Loiseau (DU) TF Joe Salvi (AU), 15-0
197: Nezar Haddad (DU) DEC Jeric Kasunic (AU), 8-6
285: Joey Goodhart (DU) DEC Jake Scanlan (AU), 2-0

Penn State 46, Northwestern 4
125: Nico Megaludis (Penn State) over Garrison White (Northwestern) (TF 23-7 5:40)
133: Jordan Conaway (Penn State) over Dominick Malone (Northwestern) (Fall 4:37)
141: James Gulibon (Penn State) over Unknown (For.)
149: Zain Retherford (Penn State) over Jason Tsirtsis (Northwestern) (MD 15-5)
157: Jason Nolf (Penn State) over Anthony Petrone (Northwestern) (Fall 2:12)
165: Shakur Rasheed (Penn State) over Luke Norland (Northwestern) (Dec 6-0)
174: Bo Nickal (Penn State) over Mitch Sliga (Northwestern) (Fall 1:12)
184: Matt McCutcheon (Penn State) over Regis Durbin (Northwestern) (Inj. 0:52)
197: Morgan McIntosh (Penn State) over Jacob Berkowitz (Northwestern) (MD 17-4)
285: Conan Jennings (Northwestern) over Wesley Phipps (Penn State) (MD 10-0)

Minnesota 17, Rutgers 16
197: Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) over Anthony Messner (Rutgers) (TF 23-8 6:38)
285: Billy Smith (Rutgers) over Michael Kroells (Minnesota) (TB-1 2-1)
125: Sean McCabe (Rutgers) over Skyler Petry (Minnesota) (Dec 7-6)
133: Anthony Giraldo (Rutgers) over Samuel Brancale (Minnesota) (Dec 3-1)
141: Thomas Thorn (Minnesota) over Anthony Ashnault (Rutgers) (Dec 8-1)
149: Jake Short (Minnesota) over Tyson Dippery (Rutgers) (Dec 6-1)
157: Brandon Kingsley (Minnesota) over John Van Brill (Rutgers) (Dec 4-2)
165: Anthony Perrotti (Rutgers) over Brandon Krone (Minnesota) (Dec 8-6)
174: Nicholas Wanzek (Minnesota) over Phil Bakuckas (Rutgers) (Dec 8-4)
184: Nicholas Gravina (Rutgers) over Christopher Pfarr (Minnesota) (MD 11-3)

Penn 31, Sacred Heart 6
285: Patrik Garren (Penn) defeats John Hartnett (SHU), 9-3 
125: Gerard Daly (SHU) defeats Jeremy Schwartz (Penn), 11-6 
133: Caleb Richardson (Penn) defeats Timothy Johnson (SHU), 7-6 
141: Alex Harnsberger (SHU) defeats A.J. Vindici (Penn), 2-0 
149: No. 11 C.J. Cobb (Penn) defeats Brandon Levesque (SHU), 22-6 
157: May Bethea (Penn) defeats Casey Mitchell (SHU), 10-7 
165: Ray Bethea (Penn) defeats Paul Curtin (SHU), 16-5 
174: No. 15 Casey Kent (Penn) defeats Johnny Vrasidas (SHU), 18-2 (4:39) 
184: No. 10 Lorenzo Thomas (Penn) defeats Elliot Antler (SHU), 17-4 
197: Joe Heyob (Penn) defeats Sasha Olyniik (SHU), 18-9 

Columbia 16, Brown 15
125 – Michael Russo (B) decision over Vince Pallone, 8-1

133 – Zeke Salvo (B) decision over Angelo Amenta, 9-6
141 – Joe Moita (C) decision over Charlie Banaszak, 3-0
149 – Steven Galiardo (B) decision over Dan Reed, 7-3
157 – Justin Staudenmayer (B) decision over Markus Scheidel, 3-1
165 – Tyrel White (C) decision over John Viruet, 2-1 – SV1 (2nd Stall Call)
174 – Zack Hernandez (C) decision over Andrew LaBrie, 10-4
184 – Austin Pfarr (B) decision over Mike Fetchet, 5-4
197 – Troy Hembury (C) decision over Gus Marker, 10-6
HWT – Garrett Ryan (C) decision over Josh Durso-Finley, 7-3

Binghamton 31, Hofstra 10
125: Bryan Damon (H) dec. Steven Bulzomi (BU), 4-1 

133: Jacob Nicholson (BU) pin Marcus Begay (H), 0:58 
141: Dylan Caruana (BU) pin Connor Mull (H), 1:27 
149: Frankie Garcia (BU) dec. Kyle Krasavage (H), 11-6 
157: Vincent DePrez (BU) pin Cory Goshkagarian (H), 2:25 
165: Bobby Fehr (H) dec. Anthony DePrez (BU), 9-6 
174: Jack McKeever (BU) dec. Frank Affronti (H), 2-0 
184: Steve Schneider (BU) maj. dec. Cory Damiana (H), 12-4 
197: Mark Tracy (BU) dec. Omar Haddad (H), 8-3 
285: Mike Hughes (H) maj. dec. Connor Calkins (BU), 11-0 

Illinois 32, Michigan State 10
174: Zac Brunson (ILL) tech fall Shane Shadaia (MSU), 18-0

184: Jeff Koepke (ILL) tech fall Wesley Maskill (MSU), 26-11
197: Jacob Cooper (MSU) dec. Andre Lee (ILL), 9-6
HWT: Brooks Black (ILL) major dec. Dimitrus Renfroe (MSU), 10-2 
125: Mitch Rogaliner (MSU) dec. Francis Edelen (ILL), 8-7 
133: Zane Richards (ILL) fall Garth Yenter (MSU), 3:35
141: Javier Gasca (MSU) major dec. Brock Ervin (ILL), 12-3 
149: Kyle Langenderfer (ILL) dec. Kaelan Richards (MSU), 6-3
157: Isaiah Martinez (ILL) tech fall Joe Johnson (MSU), 20-5 
165: Steven Rodrigues (ILL) major dec. Dean Vettese (MSU), 20-9 

North Carolina State 35, Virginia 7
285: Nick Gwiazdowski (NCSU) technical fall Patrick Gillen; 19-3 

125: Sean Fausz (NCSU) dec. Will Mason; 8-4 
33: George DiCamillo (UVA) technical fall Jamal Morris; 7-2 – 8-5
141: Kevin Jack (NCSU) major dec. Zach Watson; 10-0  (-1pt UVA – unsportsmanlike)
149: Beau Donahue (NCSU) dec. TJ Miller; 9-6 
157: Tommy Gantt (NCSU) dec. Andrew Atkinson; 11-9 
165: Max Rohskopf (NCSU) fall Drew Hull; 2:22 
174: Nicky Hall (NCSU) technical fall Fox Baldwin; 17-2
184:  Pete Renda (NCSU) fall Tyler Askey; 2:09
197:  Zach Nye (UVA) dec. #17 Michael Boykin; 5-3 

Southern Illinois Edwardsville 18, The Citadel 16
125 – Charles Kearney (The Citadel) over Joe Antonelli (SIUE) (Dec 7-4)

133 – Dakota Leach (SIUE) over Caleb Smith (The Citadel) (Fall 3:56)
141 – Tyler Buckiso (The Citadel) over John Muldoon (SIUE) (Dec 8-2)
149 – John Fahy (SIUE) over Matthew Frisch (The Citadel) (SV-1 6-4)
157 – Aaron Walker (The Citadel) over Erik Travers (SIUE) (MD 17-5)
165 – Nate Higgins (SIUE) over Daniel Smith (The Citadel) (Dec 8-2)
174 – Clayton Bass (SIUE) over Timothy Knipl (The Citadel) (Dec 6-0)
184 – Derek Nagel (SIUE) over Sawyer Root (The Citadel) (Dec 5-4)
197 – Marshall Haas (The Citadel) over Jake Tindle (SIUE) (Dec 9-4)
285 – Joseph Bexley (The Citadel) over Chris Johnson (SIUE) (SV-1 4-2)

Kent State 19 Eastern Michigan 14
165: Tyler Buckwalter (KSU) Dakota Juarex (EMU), dec.  2-0
174: Jacob Davis (EMU) over Mike Vollant (KSU), dec. 5-1
184: Derek Hillman (EMU) over Jerald Spohn (KSU), dec. 11-7
197: Kyle Conel (KSU) over Anthony Abro (EMU), dec. 10-7
285: Gage Hutchison (EMU) over Devin Nye (KSU), tech fall 16-0
125: Armando Torres (EMU) over Del Vinas (KSU), dec. 5-1 (SV)
133: Mack McGuire (KSU) over Blake Caudill (EMU), maj. dec. 10-2
141: Anthony Tutolo (KSU) over Kyle Springer (EMU), dec. 3-2
149: Mike DePalma (KSU) over Nicholas Barber (EMU), dec. 10-7
157: Ian Miller (KSU) over Mike Shaw (EMU), dec. 9-2

Ohio State 21, Nebraska 17
125: Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State) over Tim Lambert (Nebraska) (MD 16-5)
133: Johnni DiJulius (Ohio State) over Eric Montoya (Nebraska) (Dec 9-4)
141: Micah Jordan (Ohio State) over Anthony Abidin (Nebraska) (MD 13-4)
149: Jake Sueflohn (Nebraska) over Sal Marandino (Ohio State) (TF 21-5 6:32)
157: Jake Ryan (Ohio State) over Tyler Berger (Nebraska) (TB-1 6-4)
165: Austin Wilson (Nebraska) over Unknown (For.)
174: Myles Martin (Ohio State) over Micah Barnes (Nebraska) (Dec 7-4)
184: Timothy Dudley (Nebraska) over Kenny Courts (Ohio State) (Dec 7-1)
197: Aaron Studebaker (Nebraska) over Josh Fox (Ohio State) (Dec 3-0)
285: Kyle Snyder (Ohio State) over Collin Jensen (Nebraska) (MD 20-9)

Wyoming 33, Boise State 6
133: Drake Foster (Wyoming) over Josh Newburg (Boise State) (MD 16-8)
141: Bryce Meredith (Wyoming) over Jake Velarde (Boise State) (Fall 1:27)
149: Geo Martinez (Boise State) over Cole Mendenhall (Wyoming) (Dec 11-6)
157: Archie Colgan (Wyoming) over Chris Castillo (Boise State) (Dec 3-2)
165: Chaz Polson (Wyoming) over Taylor West (Boise State) (Dec 9-5)
174: Austin Dewey (Boise State) over Jace Jensen (Wyoming) (Dec 4-1)
184: Ben Stroh (Wyoming) over Keavon Buckley (Boise State) (MD 13-3)
197: Brandon Tribble (Wyoming) over Harley DiLulo (Boise State) (Dec 8-4)
285: Tanner Harms (Wyoming) over Gaylen Edmo (Boise State) (MD 12-0)
125: Drew Templeman (Wyoming) over Unknown (For.)

Air Force 23, Grand Canyon 9
125: Drew Romero (Air Force) over Trayton Libolt (Grand Canyon) (Dec 11-5)
133: John Twomey (Air Force) over Juaquin Olivas (Grand Canyon) (Dec 7-2)
141: Ralphy Tovar (Grand Canyon) over Anthony McHugh (Air Force) (Dec 3-2)
149: Gerald McGinty (Air Force) over Blake Monty (Grand Canyon) (Dec 8-4)
157: Zachary Stepan (Air Force) over Zackary Velasquez (Grand Canyon) (Dec 3-1)
165: Alexandre Lopouchanski (Air Force) over Casey Larson (Grand Canyon) (TF 17-2 6:40)
174: Kenneth Moore (Grand Canyon) over Adam Jackson (Air Force) (SV-1 3-1)
184: Anthony McLaughlin (Air Force) over Austin Gaun (Grand Canyon) (SV-2 4-2)
197: Parker Hines (Air Force) over Austin Trujillo (Grand Canyon) (Dec 3-1)
285: Sean Medley (Grand Canyon) over Marcus Malecek (Air Force) (Dec 5-1)

Northern Illinois 24, The Citadel 19
125: Alijah Jeffery (Northern Illinois) over Charles Kearney (The Citadel) (TF 17-1 2:23)
133: Austin Eicher (Northern Illinois) over Caleb Smith (The Citadel) (Fall 2:39)
141: Steve Bleise (Northern Illinois) over Tyler Buckiso (The Citadel) (Dec 9-4)
149: Matthew Frisch (The Citadel) over Gabe Morse (Northern Illinois) (Fall 0:49)
157: Aaron Walker (The Citadel) over Andrew Scott (Northern Illinois) (Fall 3:29)
165: Shaun`Qae McMurtry (Northern Illinois) over Daniel Smith (The Citadel) (Dec 9-4)
174: Trace Engelkes (Northern Illinois) over Timothy Knipl (The Citadel) (MD 16-2)
184: Sawyer Root (The Citadel) over Quinton Rosser (Northern Illinois) (MD 11-2)
197: Shawn Scott (Northern Illinois) over Marshall Haas (The Citadel) (Dec 6-5)
285: Joseph Bexley (The Citadel) over Arthur Bunce (Northern Illinois) (Dec 7-3)

Oklahoma 23, West Virginia 11
125: Ryan millhof (Oklahoma) over Zeke Moisey (West Virginia) (Dec 2-1)
133: Cody brewer (Oklahoma) over Cory Stainbrook (West Virginia) (MD 13-3)
141: Trae blackwell (Oklahoma) over Anthony DeAngelo (West Virginia) (Dec 7-4)
149: Davion jeffries (Oklahoma) over Zachary Moore (West Virginia) (MD 11-1)
157: Dylan Cottrell (West Virginia) over brock wingbermuehle (Oklahoma) (MD 12-3)
165: Clark glass (Oklahoma) over Connor Flynn (West Virginia) (Dec 4-0)
174: Matt reed (Oklahoma) over Ross Renzi (West Virginia) (Dec 4-0)
184: Jakob `Bubba` Scheffel (West Virginia) over lance dixon (Oklahoma) (Dec 5-0)
197: Jacob A. Smith (West Virginia) over brad johnson (Oklahoma) (MD 13-4)
285: Ross Larson (Oklahoma) over Anthony Vizcarrondo (West Virginia) (Dec 7-1)

Purdue 32, Maryland 6
125: Ben Thornton (Purdue) over Michael Beck (Maryland) (MD 18-4)
133: Tyler Goodwin (Maryland) over Cody Pae (Purdue) (Dec 11-7)
141: Danny Sabatello (Purdue) over Billy Rappo (Maryland) (Dec 9-3)
149: Alex Griffin (Purdue) over Wade Hodges (Maryland) (MD 9-1)
157: Doug Welch (Purdue) over Louis Mascola (Maryland) (Dec 10-5)
165: Chad Welch (Purdue) over Brendan Burnham (Maryland) (MD 14-3)
174: Jacob Morrissey (Purdue) over Derrick Evanovich (Maryland) (TF 15-0 0:00)
184: Tanner Lynde (Purdue) over Jaron Smith (Maryland) (Dec 8-1)
197: Drake Stein (Purdue) over Garrett Wesneski (Maryland) (Fall 3:14)
285: Dawson Peck (Maryland) over Tyler Kral (Purdue) (Dec 8-4)

Davison 46, Anderson 3
125: Camden Bertucci (Davidson) over tyler fitzpatrick (Anderson University) (TF 17-0 3:00)
133: Derek Bohle (Anderson University) over Dustin Runzo (Davidson) (Dec 8-2)
141: Billy McClelland (Davidson) over Unknown (For.)
149: Aidan Conroy (Davidson) over dylan crossland (Anderson University) (TF 19-0 1:35)
157: Tony Palumbo (Davidson) over William Dickerson (Anderson University) (TF 17-1 2:31)
165: Adam Flatt (Davidson) over Jared Costa (Anderson University) (Fall 5:16)
174: Nathaniel Powers (Davidson) over Unknown (For.)
184: Michael gallagher (Anderson University) over Konner Pritchard (Davidson) (TB-2 5-3)
197: Michael Moore (Davidson) over Vojtech Velecky (Anderson University) (Fall 2:37)
285: Will Cooley (Davidson) over Timothy Williams (Anderson University) (Fall 2:31)

141 – Trevor Jauch (UNI) dec. Chris Mecate (ODU), 5-3
149 – Alexander Richardson (ODU) tech fall Jake Hodges (UNI), 18-2 (5:00)
157 – Bryce Steiert (UNI) dec. Devin Geoghegan (ODU), 4-2
165 – Cooper Moore (UNI) dec. Seldon Wright (ODU), 11-6
174 – Kyle Lux (UNI) dec. Brooks Climmons (ODU), 4-2
184 – Jack Dechow (ODU) maj. dec. Cody Caldwell (UNI), 11-2
197 – Jared Bartel (UNI) dec. Austin Coburn (ODU), 7-1
285 – Blaize Cabell (UNI) pinned Andrew Snyder (ODU), 4:35
125 – Brandon Jeske (ODU) dec. Leighton Gaul (UNI), 6-3
133 – Josh Alber (UNI) dec. Emilio Saavedra (ODU), 2-0

Penn 24, Army 12
285: Patrik Garren (Penn) defeats David Farr (AWP), 7-4 
125: Sean Badua (AWP) defeats Jeremy Schwartz (Penn), 10-4 
133: Caleb Richardson (Penn) defeats Austin Harry (AWP), 14-5 
141: Marc Mastropietro (Penn) defeats Logan Everett (AWP), 8-5 (TB) 
149: No. 11 C.J. Cobb (Penn) defeats Mark Marchetti (AWP), 16-5 
157: May Bethea (Penn) defeats No. 14 Russell Parsons (AWP), 2-1 (SV), 
165: Ray Bethea (Penn) defeats Andrew Mendel (AWP), 9-7 
174: Brian Harvey (AWP) defeats No. 15 Casey Kent (Penn), 10-7 
184: No. 11 Lorenzo Thomas (Penn) defeats Samson Imonode (AWP), 13-5 
197: Bryce Barnes (AWP) wins by forfeit 

Missouri 26, Central Michigan 9
125: Barlow McGhee (Mizzou) def. Brent Fleetwood (Central Michigan) by 9-4 decision
133: Zach Synon (Mizzou) def. Corey Keener (Central Michigan) by 5-4 TB-1
141: Matt Manley (Mizzou) def. Zach Horan (Central Michigan) by 2-1 TB-1
149: Lavion Mayes (Mizzou) def. Colin Heffernan (Central Michigan) by 5-4 decision
157: Lucas Smith (Central Michigan) def. Le’Roy Barnes (Mizzou) by 3-2 decision
165: Daniel Lewis (Mizzou) def. Jordan Atienza (Central Michigan) by 11-0 major decision
174: Mike Ottinger (Central Michigan) def. Blaise Butler (Mizzou) by 3-2 decision
184: Willie Miklus (Mizzou) Jordan Ellingwood (Central Michigan) by fall (2:50)
197: J’den Cox (Mizzou) def. Jackson Lewis (Central Michigan) by 16-3 major decision
HWT: Newton Smerchek (Central Michigan) def. James Romero (Mizzou) by 3-0 decision

North Dakota State 29, Northern Colorado 13
125—Josh Rodriguez (NDSU) tech fall Jesse Reed (UNC), TF 18-3 
133—Rico Montoya (UNC) dec Nico Colunga (NDSU), 14-9
141—Colton Orrino (UNC) dec Tommy Walton (NDSU), 10-5
149—Timmy Box (UNC) dec Clay Ream (NDSU), 9-6
157—Kyle Gliva (NDSU) sudden victory-2 dec Joe Grable (UNC), 7-5
165—Grant Nehring (NDSU) fall Keilan Torres (UNC), 0:55
174—Blake Thompson (NDSU) dec Tanner Davis (UNC), 3-1
184—Hayden Zillmer (NDSU) fall Horacio Vialpando (UNC), 2:23
197—Trent Noon (UNC) major dec Logan Paxton (NDSU), MD 14-1
285—Ben Tynan (NDSU) fall Brian Macchione (UNC), 2:35

Brown 22, Sacred Heart 17 
125: Gerard Daly (S) def. Michael Russo (B), Dec. 5-1 
133: Zeke Salvo (B) def. Timothy Johnson (S), Fall 2:32 
141: Alex Harnsberger (S) def. Charlie Banaszak (B), Dec. 7-6 
149: Brandon Levesque (S) def. Travis Vasquez (B), MD 15-4 
157: Justin Staudenmayer (B) def. Casey Mitchell (S), TF 15-0 
165: Jon Viruet (B) def. Paul Curtin (S), TF 19-2 
174: CJ LaFragola (B) def. Johhny Vrasidas (S), Dec. 2-1 
184: Elliot Antler (S) def. Austin Pfarr (B), Dec. 3-1 
197: Sasha Olyniik (S) def. Josh Durso-Finley (B), MD 12-4 
285: Augustus Marker (B) def. John Hartnett (S), Dec. 4-2 (Brown 22-17)

Duke 28, Cal Poly 18
157: Colt Shorts (Cal Poly) dec Connor Bass (Duke), 5-4 
165: Jake Faust (Duke) maj dec Blake Kastl (Cal Poly), 10-2
174: Bryce Hammond (Cal Poly) wins by forfeit
184: Mitchell Woods (Cal Poly) dec Mitchell Woods (Cal Poly), 8-4
197: Conner Hartmann (Duke) FALL JT Goodwin (Cal Poly), 0:20 
285: Brendan Walsh (Duke) dec Spencer Empey (Cal Poly), 4-2
125:David Gonzalez (Cal Poly) wins by forfeit
133: Brandon Leynaud (Duke) wins by forfeit
141: Zach Finesilver (Duke) tech fall Colton Schilling (Cal Poly), 25-10
149: Mitch Finesilver (Duke) maj dec. Jacob Leon (Cal Poly)




by Ron John Rinaldi

Well Folks, action resumes in Columbus, Ohio where the Michigan Wolverines drove down RT 23 to face off against their revolting rival The Ohio State Buckeyes in the St. John’s Arena. The Ohio State Buckeyes host Michigan with a 5-1 overall record and 2-0 in the BIG10 conference. The Buckeyes have used 7 different lineups in 7 different duals leading up to this bout being the 7th.  Aside from the huge BIG10 Conference victory on the line, a pair of gold singlets are awarded after each win between the rival, and since the tradition began at the conclusion of the 2007-08 season, Ohio State has earned them 6 times (out of 8 seasons), however this year Michigan mauled the Buckeyes for their Gold prize!

The crowd was electrifying at the start of the dual after the firework introduction, with fans cheering like animals for their Buckeyes and for their foes; the fans laid hard Boos towards the opposing Wolverines. The boos and the hatred seemed like it fueled the Wolverines and their Coaching staff with some fire to fight in this dual!

Michigan Head Coach Joe McFarland and Coach Bormet giving 125lb Youtsey some words of encouragement before he goes out to face off #1 Ranked Tomasello of OSU.

The first bout of the evening was between returning National Champion #1 Nathan Tomasello and #15 ranked Conor Youtsey of Michigan. Youtsey prepared to out-funk Tomasello but Nate earned the first 2-Point Takedown of the evening. Youtsey stayed brute throughout the whole bout and eventually gets robbed of a takedown towards the fringe of the mat; which in my eyes could have been the match changer for Youtsey on the up end. However, Tomasello answers back with a takedown with 30 seconds left to go and it was 2-2, heading into the 3rd Period.  Before you know it, Youtsey drives Tomasello off the mat-but gets HIT WITH UNSPORTSMANLIKE +1 for Tomasello! This call got the Michigan Coaches and bench riled up and angered to fight! As the refs seemed to call the match ALL for the Buckyes, Tomasello barely edged out a win against the tough Youtsey hailing from Ann Arbor, MI. 

The next bout of the night between #8 Buckeye Johnni DiJulius against #16 Rossi Bruno of Michigan was one of the more anticipated match-ups of the evening. With the two nationally ranked opponents heading out to bang heads in the middle of the arena, once the whistle blew Rossi was the first one to attack and earning a quick 2-point takedown. After this immediate takedown from Bruno, the wind was taken out of the sails of DiJuliuis. Bruno comes off firing every bout, which makes him arguably one of the best competitors in the first 30 seconds of a match throughout all NCAA D1 Wrestling. However, with his gas tank a question, Bruno coasted and wrestled conservative for the remainder of the bout. #16 Rossi Bruno went out to upset the #8 ranked Buckeye Johnni DiJulius, 4-1. 

At 141 pounds we had George Fisher take on the mighty Mich Jordan. Fisher is coming off a strong OT victory against an Oregon State opponent, during the Wolverines last home outing in the Cliff Keen Arena. It was not until late in the 1st period when Micah tallied up his first takedown of the match , which also put a spark back in the Ohio State crowd. As the fight seemed to be all in Jordan’s control, George Fisher powers through a takedown with 20 seconds left in the 2nd period. Starting the 3rd on bottom, Micah rolls out from underneath and gets a questionable takedown call rewarded to him from the refs; which really got the Wolverine staff and wrestlers fired up, while a little taste of home-town officiating was taking place in Columbus for the Buckeyes. Micah did hold on to win the match-up 7-3 against a deceiving George Fisher. 

HUNTER STIEBER MAKES HIS RETURN! Stieber faces off against #8 Alec Pantaleo for his 2016 Buckeye debut!!

The following bout, at the 149 lb weight class, Buckeye fans were treated by the return and season debut for Hunter Stieber as he squared off against the Brute #8 ranked Wolverine Alec Pantaleo. While Stieber is coming into this bout pretty cold,on the other hand, Pantaleo has been on the prowl! Stieber lunging shot after shot was not  showing really any signs of improved strengths  and seemed to struggle the whole match against Alec Pantaleo. Pantaleo continued to wrestle smart to avoid any Hunter Stieber crazy moves and excitement, and earned the 5-3 victory to get his Michigan squad leveled back with the Buckeyes at 6-points each. 

The fifth match up of the night was between #5 Brian Murphy against Justin Kresivic. Fans were disappointed to not see another Jake Ryan thrilling match in the St.John’s, on the contrary Ryan cowardly avoided the stud, which easily led Murphy to another win for the Wolverines – along with their first lead of the night heading into Intermission 9-6. 


Following the halftime scrimmage from Ohio Youth wrestlers, the #2 ranked 165 Pound Buckeye pounded Garret Sutton from Michigan. Bo Jordan for Ohio State added his first points to the board with a takedown one minute into the 1st period. BoJo then continued to rack up point after point which eventually led to a full 7 min regulation 15-point Technical Fall, which edged Ohio State passed the Wolverines… but for the last time. 

At the 174 pound weight class, #19th ranked Davonte Mahomes led the Wolverines to another victory answering back the BoJo Tech with a 3-1 overtime win against #15!?! ranked Myles Martin at 174 lbs. After stalling through several deep Martin offensive attacks, Mahomes sparked his own offense late in regulation to avoid a stalling call and to carry the momentum into the sudden-victory period; where he came out on top of the battle. The St. John’s fans booed the victor Mahomes until he stepped off the mat, as he stalled his way to a late second burst to take down the Frosh Phenom. Little did Buckeye fans realize, that was the beginning of the end for Ohio State. 

#15 Myles Martin of Ohio State takes on #19 Davonte Mahomes from Michigan. (ALL PHOTOS BY:RON JOHN RINALDI)

#10 Dominic Abounadar sealed the deal for the Michigan Wolverines with his statement home state performance, defeating the PA native #11 ranked Kenny Courts. Dom could have worked out a major decision when push comes to shove, but he seemed comfortable with just shutting Courts out 5-0 . This victory put the Blue and Maize ahead 18-11 and simply deflated the Fan energy in the St.John Arena. Wrestling next was # 6 ranked Blair Boy-Max Huntley and he went onto win with an 8-3 decision against Mark Martin at 197 pounds to also stay unbeaten in dual action. He scored 3 takedowns-one in each period- while racking over 3 min in riding-time advantage. Last but certaintly not least, we saw the beast Junior heavyweight Adam Coon, #4 in the nation cap the dual with a 4-1 decision against Nick Tavanello in the final bout, pulling away with a late takedown and rideout point. Coon remains perfect on the season with a 7-0 record.

Michigan 21, Ohio State 11

125: Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State) dec Conner Youtsey (Michigan), 4-2
133: Rossi Bruno (Michigan) dec Johnni DiJulius (Ohio State), 4-1
141: Micah Jordan (Ohio State) dec George Fisher (Michigan), 7-3
149: Alec Pantaleo (Michigan) dec Hunter Stieber (Ohio State), 5-3
157: Bryan Murphy (Michigan) dec Justin Kresivic (Ohio State), 5-2
165: Bo Jordan (Ohio State tech fall Garrett Sutton (Ohio State), 19-4
174: Davonte Mahomes (Michigan) dec Myles Martin (Ohio State), 3-1 SV
184: Domenic Abounader (Michigan) dec Kenny Courts (Ohio State), 5-0
197: Max Huntley (Michigan) dec Mark Martin (Ohio State), 9-3
285: Adam Coon (Michigan) dec Nick Tavanello (Ohio State), 4-1




SouthernScuffle13StackedOnLight_20Resized.0.0Well Folks that wraps up the crazy competition down in The CHOO-CHOO CITY!! The Penn State Nittany Lions (6-0, 1-0 B1G) used its powerful offensive style to run away from the field at the 2016 Southern Scuffle in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Head coach Cael Sanderson’s along with his solid staff and wrestling squad won its 6th straight Southern Scuffle title and crowned 5 individual Wrestlers to start off 2016!

The Penn State Nittany Lions competed solid throughout the whole tournament, which gave them a comfortable lead heading into the finals on Saturday night. Coach Cael and his brigade were a perfect 6-0 in semifinal action, including two pins, a major and a win over a top-ranked opponent. The Nittany Lions followed that up with a compact final session, going 5-1 in the championship finals and 3-1 in medal placing bouts. Penn State won the team title with 183.0 points, out-distancing 2nd place Oklahoma State (158.0), 3rd Place Lehigh (104.5), 4th Place Cornell (98.5) and 5th Place The North Carolina Tar Heels (97.5).

Senior All-American Nico Megaludis PA born and talented light-weight who is ranked #4 at 125lbs, won the 125 pound tile where he overcame a championship battle against #5  “Fast Eddie” Klimara of Oklahoma State. Megaludis countered an early Klimara attack for a first period takedown and a 2-0 lead at the 1:05 mark of the 1st period. Nico rode Klimara out the whole second and controlled the action until about 20 seonds left in the period Klimara’s flurried for an  escape to cut the lead to 2-1 but Megaludis quickly too him down again to up his lead to 4-1. Leading by 3-points, Megaludis chose down to start the 3rd period and quickly escaped to a 5-1 advantage and he eventually went on to post the dominant 8-1 win. The Cowboy was simply outwrestled as Megaludis picked up three takedowns thoughout the 7 min scrap. Earning his best finish at the event, Klimara went 5-1. He now holds 93 career wins. Megaludis went 5-0 on the weekend to claim the title and Penn State’s first of the night.

The second championship clash of the night was between another Penn State Nittany Lion representative Jordan Conaway who took on  #1 Nashon Garrett of Cornell. Nashon is on another level this year folks, looking, tough, mean and fast throughout all 7 minutes of his matches. Garrett took a 2-0 lead with a fast takedown in the 1 st period and then turned Conaway for 2 back points and a 4-0 lead after the opening period. Garrett chose down to start the second and quickly escaped to a 5-0 lead. He added two more takedowns and Conaway trailed 9-1 after two. Conaway cut the lead to 9-2 with an escape to start the 3rd period but Garrett continued his offense and posted a blowout 14-4 major decision.

The 141-Pound Championship bout we had Cowboy Dean Heil take on the new-comer to NCAA D1 Wrestling-Buxton Bred Boy Joey McKenna representing the Stanford Cardinals (Yes folks the tree mascot). Heil became the first champion for the Pokes, defeating a world-known brute opponent Joey McKenna of Stanford. The two wrestled carefully, caught up in some southern scrmables but ended up tying the match 1-1 throughout a 7 min regulation. With no points scored in sudden victory, the bout went into ride out overtime. Heil went down first and was not able to escape, but McKenna was hit with two stalling calls, resulting and awarding1 point for Heil. The Cowboy stud was able to ride out McKenna for the second part of the tiebreaker and  went onto win the title, 2-1. Dean Heil is one hell of a competitor folks but do NOT fall asleep on the Runner-Up here at the Scuffle, Joey McKenna. 


2004 Ohio Tournament of Champions Podium Picture. Dean Heil [Oklahoma State] stands on top of the podium 1st Place-Joey McKenna [Stanford] earned 4th Place and Alex Rinaldi [UNC Tar Heels] stands at 5th Place!

Sophomore All-American Zain Retherford a Benton  PA. Boy ranked # 1 at 149, won the 149-pound Scuffle title by a dominating Tech-Fall. Yes Folks-A Tech-Fall in the Southern Scuffle Finals. Retherford’s prevailing performance took out one of  North Carolina’s top guns Evan Henderson. Retherford connected quickly on a low double, taking a 2-0 lead at the 2:29 mark. He turned the Tar Heel stud for 4 back points and led 6-1 at the :40 second mark after Henderson pull out an escape. Retherford added another takedown and led 8-1 with 2:18 riding time after one period. He reversed Hendo to start the 2nd period and then added a 2-point near fall and a (new and popular but debatable) 4-point near fall to post the 16-1 technical fall. This was the 3rd Tech-Fall Zain racked up on the day. Henderson ended up walking off the mat in serious pain and will have to further get his shoulder evaluated by Doctors.  

The following bout of the night was one of the more anticipated final clashes of the evening in Chattanooga as Red-shirt freshman Jason Nolf , ranked # 3 at 157, scooted to his first Scuffle title.  Leading up to the championship match, Nolf pinned No. 10 Mitch Minotti of Lehigh in the semi finals. Nolf used relentless offense and movement to take Minotti down and to his back for a pin at the 2:50 mark.

That impressive pin moved him into the finals against unattached Oklahoma State freshman Joe Smith. I am not to sure why he is allowed to have his father in his corner while not competing officially for the Cowboys. I reached out to former Cowboy, Josh Kindig about the coaching concern. 

“I am not positive if it is a rule, but I do think it is looked down upon. Any coach listed on the staff is technically never allowed to coach an unattached wrestler on the teams roster”-Jiggy Kindig

 Nolf eventually connected on a high single leg to take a 2-0 lead at the 1:30 mark of the 1st period. He rode Smith out to lead by 2-points after the 1st period. Nolf went on to choose down to start the 2nd period and escaped to a 3-0 lead with 1:38 left in the 2nd-he maintained a the riding time edge throughout. Trailing 3-0, JO JO chose down to start the 3rd and escapes to a 3-1 score still in Nolfs favor. Smith then quickly took Nolf down for a 2-point Takedown but Nolf answered with an escape and then led 4-3 with 1:07 riding time in the 3rd period. Nolf withstood a frantic Smith flurry as the match wound down and then sealed up the bout with a late takedown-MAKING A STATMENT. The riding time point gave Nolf the thrilling 7-3 win and the 2016 Scuffle title. Nolf went 5-0 with two pins and two tech falls to claim the crown.

In the 165-pound final, top-seeded Dieringer won his 3rd title, making it look simple against #10 Logan Massa of Michigan. Dieringer scored a takedown halfway through the 1st period and kept the lead. He opened the 2nd period with an escape and toughed out another takedown. The Cowboy sealed the win defeating Massa, 8-2. Dieringer now has a 63-match win streak and sits fifth all-time, tied with Dwayne Keller of Oklahoma State University. 

Red-shirt freshman Bo Nickal a Lone-Star Texas Boy ranked No. 5 at 174, rolled through a crowded field at a solid weight to win his first Southern Scuffle title. Nickal then gave notice to the wrestling nation with one of the tournament’s most dominant performances. Nickal downed previously unbeaten and No. 1-ranked Brian Realbuto of Cornell 14-7, tallying over 2 minutes in riding time in the process. The thrilling victory moved Nickal into the finals where he met North Carolina’s All-American Ethan Ramos. Nickal scored a quick  2-0 lead, moving through a takedown and then breaking Ramos down on the mat. He added one more takedown in the 1st period and led 4-2 after one period. Nickal escaped to a 5-2 lead to start the second period and then took Ramos down one more time to lead 7-3 with 1:55 in time after two. Ramos escaped to start the final period but Nickal countered a shot to extend his lead to 9-4 with another takedown. Nickal gave up one takedown at the :10 mark but with an escape and riding time advantage, Bo Bo posted the dominant 11-7 win. Nickal won the 174-pound title and was named the 2016 Southern Scuffle Most Outstanding Wrestler!

^^Bo Nickal reflects on Southern Scuffle and lays out the rest of the season!^^

Back to Action fans, at 184 pounds Big Red Junior Gabe Dean became the 9th 3x Scuffle champion and helped his Cornell wrestling team finished 4th in a loaded n’ stacked 2016 Defense Soap & Flips Wrestling Southern Scuffle field. Dean swept through #3 Nathaniel Brown of Lehigh 8-2 in the finals. During the tournament he became the 23rd Big Red wrestler to reach 100 wins (104-5). The victory over Brown was a rematch of last season’s NCAA and EIWA championship matches. Dean is now 21-0 on the season and supports a 49-match win streak! The 184-pound title tilt was also the only finals match that did not include either Penn State or Oklahoma State.

Lehigh head coach Pat Santoro, as coaches tend to be, had mixed feelings about his team’s performance. What he did like was his team’s depth.

“Some weights we have incredible depth, a couple of others we have one guy,” Santoro said. “It’s all about March and we have some work to do over the next couple of months. We have to get better and wrestle at a higher level than we did this weekend, although it will be hard to do. We had a good tournament, scoring over 100 points in this field.”

Senior Cali-Kid and All-American Morgan McIntosh ranked #1 at 197, won 1st first Southern Scuffle title with a perfect run at 197! McIntosh squared off in the championship against a Gopher rival No. 5 Brett Pfarr of Minnesota.  After a couple attacks and a scoreless 1st, McIntosh chose down to start the 2nd period and quickly escaped to a 1-0 lead. Pfarr chose down to start the 3rd Period. A quick escape by Pfarr tied the score at 1-1 with 1:35 left to wrestle in the battle when McIntosh got in on another low single and Pfarr tried to flee. But McIntosh held firm and finished off the takedown before Pfarr could get out of bounds, taking a 3-1 lead.  McIntosh won the 2016 Scuffle crown with 2-1 win a surfed up two pins and a tech and a major on the day!!

Austin Marsden was the final champ for John Smith’s Cowboy round-up, with his win at HWT over a very good black brute Denzel Dejournette of Appalachian State. Marsden powered through with a 2-point takedown towards the end of the 1st period. His escape in the second was the last point scored, but riding time advantage gave Marsden a 4-0 win. 

“It feels good to win a second Southern Scuffle title,” Marsden said. “It’s a tough tournament. I still think I have a lot of work to do. I’m not where I want to be so I have to work really hard for that national title.”


2016 Southern Scuffle – Final Team Standings (Top Five):
January 2, 2016 – McKenzie Arena – Chattanooga, Tenn.
1: PENN STATE – 183.0
2: Oklahoma State – 158.0
3: Lehigh – 104.5
4: Cornell – 98.5
5: North Carolina – 97.5


midlandsWrestling Fans around the Nation!! The Midlands are back in the Windy City for the 53rd Year! Five champions from last year’s Midlands Championships return to defend their titles this season: 133-pounder Cory Clark (Iowa), 149-pounder Jason Tsirtsis (Northwestern), 157-pounder Isaiah Martinez (Illinois), 184-pounder Jack Dechow (Old Dominion), and 197-pounder Nathan Burak (Iowa).  the following ranked Division I teams will compete at #Midlands53: No. 2 Iowa, No.8 Rutgers, No. 9 Nebraska, No. 11 Illinois, No. 18 Iowa State, No. 20 Pittsburgh, and No. 21 Ohio.


125 Pound-Monsters

  1. Thomas Gilman (IOWA)- The likely favorite for the Midlands Gold. Gilman is undefeated on the year, winning all matches thus far by major decision racking or greater racking up big time bonus points for the Iowa Hawkeyes.
  2. Ronnie Rios/Bresser (OREGON ST)- This Oregon Beaver is ranked #6 at his weight on Intermat and #7 on FLO. An All-American potential who has stayed light throughout his whole career may turn some heads this weekend with Coach Zalesky in his corner.
  3. Tim Lambert (NEBRASKA)- Junior tough Cornhusker will have ANOTHER opportunity try to prove his name. 2x NCAA Nation Qualifier; Lambert this season has had solid wins against a Lehigh ranked opponent and had an impressive victory over Dalton Macri. Lambert by the way; just to add has an impressive pin under his belt in FARGO before his Cornhusker days against Hawkeye 133 lb stud, Cory Clark. This is not Lambert’s first rodeo in the Big Light; let’s just see if the Nebraska Cornhusker can prove his ranks.

125 Pound-MISSY’S

  1. Dylan Peters(UNI)- The biggest question for Peters is his health. He medically forfeited out of the Cliff Keen Las Vegas tournament and missed the UNI Open. Although Peters did have a regular match-up victory over Ronnie Rios/Bresser; Peters appearance is questionable in Chicago as it is…
  2. Nate Boston (IOWA STATE)- Boston has not competed since the first week of the season. Boston is a freshman who will get a rough welcoming back to his Season against Midlands competition.

133 Pound-Monsters

  1. Cory Clark (IOWA) – Clark is seeking to defend his title this year again in Chicago for the second year in a row! Clark was 5-0 with a pin and major decision at 133 pounds last year at this tourney, and placed 4th at 125 lbs as a Freshmen in 2012. Clark is wrestling another solid season for Head Coach Tom Brands and his fellow Hawkeye teammates. Clark is ranked #2 at his Weight in the Nation!
  2. Anthony Giraldo (RUTGERS)- Red-Shirt Frosh for the Scarlet Knights, Giraldo received a 7th seed in the brackets, but watch this Rutgers fella make it to the Semi-Finals with an upset possibility over Earl Hall who is a competitor but has not really seen a tough opponent yet this year. Giraldo is a slick Jersey boy who has racked up a couple of decent victories already this season! Underrated Wrestler at the #20 rank.
  3. Earl Hall (IOWA STATE)- Change of Winter scenery for the Cyclones! The Cyclones usually compete in the brutal SOUTHERN SCUFFLE in Chattanooga, TN during the holiday season, however Coach Jackson has different plans for his squad this season. Earl WON the Scuffle Last year and look for a great match-up between Nationally ranked wrestler #20 Giraldo in the Quarters. If Hall can outlast the Young knight, I see Hall in the finals!

133-Pound Missy’s

  1. Mason Beckman (LEHIGH)- Beckman has failed to impress me yet this season. I viewed him lose disappointing matches against, Bucknell’s 125-pounder Grimaldi Gonzalez, Minnesota Gopher Sam Brancale and another bad loss against Nebraska’s Eric Montoya. Beckman needs to pick it up for the rest of the season in order to qualify for the Nationals for his last shot this Senior Season. Beckman needs to get back to his clutch single leg attack to finish up his close matches. 
  2. Geoffery Alexander (MARYLAND)- Alexander did beat Montoya this season, but this Terp will be tested in his 2nd round bout against Ohio Bobcat Cameron Kelly and if he outlasts that match he will go onto wrestle Scott Delvecchio from Rutgers who beat him already this season at the Nittany Lion OPEN.

141-Pound MONSTERS

  1. Anthony Ashnault (RUTGERS)– Ashnault is proving himself again this year folks! The South Plainfield, New Jersey native is a man on an All-American mission this season. Ashnault should have a clear path to the semifinals; and that is where the #2 ranked Scarlet Knight will be tested in the Windy City.
  2. Matt Kolodzik (UNT. Princeton)- This frosh is a tough son-of-a gun. Matt is a Blair Buc Boy who is a work horse and will turn heads for sure this week!
  3. Kevin Jack (NC STATE)- Jack has really established himself since the NCAAs this past March that he is one hell of a competitor. He may run into an unexpected speed-bump in the 2nd round, but if he makes it through he should have no problem placing top 4 at this tournament.

141-Pound MISSY’S

  1. Anthony Abindin (Nebraska) – Abindin is a solid competitior folks however he received a pretty generous seed for this tourney.. Abindin has really only 1 notable win this season; Tech-Falling’ Mark Grey from Cornell. I do not see Abindin making any noise these next couple days of competition.
  2. Andrew Long (Grand View)- Grand View will be competing with former NCAA runner-up Andrew Long at 141 pounds, who will factors to be right there in the thick of the contenders at this weight. Long is a former finalist at 125 pounds and I think many fans across the nation are wondering if he can still go head-to-head with the D I skill ranks at this weight. Long hasn’t faced a ton of Division I competition since getting back on the mat again.
  3. Danny Sabatello (PURDUE)- What Happened to Danny Sabatello?! Highly ranked wrestler in the beginning of the season needs to make some noise at this tournament to get his name from under the Purdue coal mines.


149-Pound MONSTERS

  1. Brandon Sorenson (IOWA)- While the Hawkeyes are still trying to figure out their flyer for 141, Sorenson seems to be nested at the 149 pound weight class for Iowa. Sorenson should have a clear path to the Semi-Finals, where he will be tested. Look for the Brands brothers to get rambunctious in his corner.
  2. BJ Clagon- (RIDER)- Clagon might not have it all upstairs, but he has the talent to be dangerous once he steps on the wrestling mat. Clagon had a slow start but after this solid showing against #1 ranked Zein Rutherford, BJ is ready to compete! Good Luck to fella Jersey Boy!
  3. Alexander Richardson (Old Dominion)- Richardson is ranked #4 in the Nation at this hefty weight. Richardson will be tested these next couple of days but with good training and coaching up until and throughout the whole tournament, he will be one of the top finishers in Chicago.

149-Pound MISSY’s

  1. Jason Tsirtsis (Northwestern)- Will Tsirtsis bounce back in his home gym after his terrible opening loss to Drexel’s Cimato and his weak showing against Ohio State’s Cody Burcher?!?
  2. Jake Sueflohn (Nebraska)- Lost to Perez from Princeton recently and really has not faced any quality opponents thus far. Jake will be tested first round against Sam Speno who is red-shirting this year for the North Carolina State Wolf pack.


157-Pound MONSTERS

  1. Richie Lewis (Rutgers)- Here he comes folks, the Midlands is where Richie Lewis attests himself and his talent in Division 1 Wrestling to everyone nationwide.
  2. Thomas Gnatt (NC State)- Gnatt attacks like a panther inside the circle. This guy will be coming in high gear all day at his opponents-watch out for this stud!
  3. John Boyle (American)- Boyle is another one of those guys with a lot of experience and is a veteran to big tournaments. Boyle seems to be wrestling well this year. Although, he just dropped a close one against Ian Miller from Kent St, he did beat Russ Parsons in Vegas and without Miller wrestling in this years Midlands he should place Top 4 for himself and Head Coach Teague Moore.

157-Pound MISSY’s

  1. Cody Pack (South Dak. St)- Pack has a lot to prove to the wrestling community the next couple of days. Cody Pack was blessed with a #1 seed for the Midlands Bracket here, however watch the Jackrabbit take a fall here to #8 seed Lewis from Rutgers.
  2. Lou Mascola (Maryland)- Listen Lou I am a fan of a fellow Jersey guy like me, however other than Mascola’s fluke pin in his home gym against Tyler Berger from Nebraska, he has not ran into any high rank opponents thus far.

165- Pound MONSTERS

  1. Anthony Perotti (Rutgers)- Coach Goodale quote on quote says that him and his wrestles are going to treat this #Midlands53 as a Mini-Nationals; and you better believe Perotti is coming hot this year with some vengeance.
  2. Chad Welch (Purdue)- This Boilermaker is churning his engine and ready to make a run for the #Midland53 Finals!
  3. Austin Wilson (Nebraska)- This Cornhusker is a tough one to get past. Although Wilson is lucky that some other rank wrestlers in this class are not competing this year at the weight, Wilson should have a nice ride to the Semis. Wilson is coming off a defeat against Perotti in the NJ Barn.


165-Pound MISSY’S

  1. Tanner Weatherman (Iowa St.) – Weatherman hasn’t been as strong as some Cyclone fans have hoped this season, but with the team finally getting into a multiple day tournament setting perhaps that’s exactly what the Iowa State senior needs to get back into the All-American hunt.
  2. Cooper Moore (UNI)- Moore as a 5th seed?! 165 is a very weak field this year at the Midlands however Moore had a pathetic performance at his own UNI Open this year and I do not see him competing too hot this week.


174-Pound MONSTERS

  1. Alex Meyer (Iowa)- Without Fighting Illini’ Brunson wrestling this year, Meyer should have an easy title this week. “A year ago his third place finish really cemented him as being one of the nation’s best backups and if he comes out on top of this bracket, it will be a big statement. Meyer’s last two starts weren’t fantastic performances, but going back to his first match of the season vs Crutchmer he looked like a guy who could score points in bunches while at the time trying to dig himself out of an early six point hole. Meyer is a grinder and should be in every match he wrestles.” -Brands
  2. Phil Backuckas (Rutgers)- This Rutgers brute is in one of the best Wrestling rooms in the country, with all-star practice partners and solid coaching staff. Watch out for the Jersey Back Buck!!
  3. Micah Barnes (Nebraska)- Other than his loss to Relabuto, Barnes is banging heads this year and prepare to see this fella with a place award after tomorrow.

174–Pound MISSY’s

  1. Lelund Weatherspoon (Iowa State)- Since dropping from 184, he hasn’t established himself as an All-American contender yet. That could change this weekend picking up a win over any of Meyer, Cody Walters (Ohio) would be a huge win for the Cyclone.
  2. Mitch Silga (Northwestern)- Generous seed for this Wildcat. I do not see him making much noise this week, even in his home gymnasium.


  1. David Taylor (Nittany Lion Wrestling Club)- David Taylor is Back competing in Folk Style! Enough Said there Wrestling Fans! Get ready to see some magic on his feet!! The only question is if he will actually go 184. THE MAGIC MAN IS BACK!!!
  2. Zahid Valencia (Unt. Arizona St)- Zahid should fly to the big showdown rounds and really make some noise this week, traveling from the desert to the windy cold Mid-West.
  3. Jack Dechow (Old Dominion)- returning Midlands champ will try and be a back to back champ out in the Mid-West.

184-Pound Missy’s

  1. Nick Gravina (Rutgers)- Gravina is having a decent season however his field at the Midlands this year is just way too competitive for him to make his way to the podium.
  2. Sammy Brooks (Iowa)- Brooks is as tough as they get physically but will the Hawkeye break through this week and establish his name as a Top 184-Contender for the Nationals this March.

197-Pound MONSTERS

  1. Michael Boykin (NC State) – This black brute is on a tear this season. Boykin will have the opportunity to give Burak a run for his money if they end up meeting up in the quarterfinals.
  2. Phil Wellington (Ohio U)-
  3. Aaron Studebaker (Nebraska)-
  4. Nathan Burak (Iowa)- Nathan Burak all bring strong resumes and enough tournament history to warrant #1 seeds and being the returning champion at this weight he should be the favorite to win it all. If Burak comes out and attacks like he did last year I don’t see how anyone stands in his way of his second title (Taylor caveat).

197-Pound MISSY’S

  1. Shawn Scott (NIU)- Shawn Who? Enough Said. This guy has no business being a seed in this tourney.
  2. Reuben Franklin (Cal St. Bak.)- This guy is a nobody taking a 2nd seed?!?I thought Midlands Seeding committee was better than that…


  1. Nick Gwiazdowski (NC State)- THE MONSTAR OF THEM ALL. Great guy on and off the mat!
  2. Tanner Hall (Arizona St)- I saw this tall stud wrestle in the St. John’s arena vs Tavenello where he nearly pulled off an upset until Buckeye Tavenello pulled out an electrifying victory at the last second. Hall’s talent showcased that night and he is for sure on my radar!
  3. Sam Stoll (IOWA)- Stoll has wrestled two matches this season against ranked opponents. The first his very first start as a Hawkeye in front of 40,000+ fans at Kinnick, his second a 3-1 sudden victory win over Rutgers’s Billy Smith. Is Stoll a true top guy at this weight? I think we get our answer this weekend.


  1. Blaize Cabell (NIU)- Already lost to Dhesi (who does not quite impress me for 7 full minutes0. Cabell also will have to run into Gwiaz, so I think its fair to say GOODNIGHT!
  2. Amarveer Dhesi (Oregon St.)- Young competitor who has racked up some imoressive wins as a sophomore; however this multi-day tournament comes down to spot light experience and 2-day stamina. I do not se Dhesi really making a strong run but will make the podium at this weight!


53rd Ken Kraft Midlands Championships
Tuesday, Dec. 29 – Wednesday, Dec. 30
Evanston, Ill. • Welsh-Ryan Arena
Video Streaming/TV: BTN2Go/Big Ten Network

Tournament Information
Tuesday, Dec. 29
9:30 a.m. (CT): Session I

10 mats
Video Streaming: BTN2Go

7 p.m. (CT): Session II
10 mats
Video Streaming: BTN2Go

Wednesday, Dec. 30
Noon (CT): Session III
Semifinals, Consolation, 7th place matches
Video Streaming: BTN2Go

8 p.m. (CT): Session IV
Finals, 3rd, 5th place matches
Video Streaming/TV: BTN2Go/Big Ten Network





STORY BY: R.J. Rinaldi -The NEW comers to the BIG 10 conference traveled to the intimidating Carver Hawkeye Arena on Friday night the 11th to face off against the #1 Ranked Iowa Hawkeyes in Iowa City, Iowa. Hawkeye 125 pounder Tommy Gilman started the bout out for the BIG 10 teams at the 125 pound weight class against Scarlett Knight Sean Mc Cabe.  McCabe who actually is 19th-ranked on the year stands as a 2 year Varsity veteran for Rutgers and Coach Goodale. On the other side of the solemn square is Hawkeye nest leader Gilman, who has produced victories with bonus points in every bout thus far. Tommy Gilman fired up six points in 40 seconds in the third period to pull out the impressive 21-5 that’s all over Sean McCabe of Rutgers (+5 Iowa).

Next up a true Jersey Native and 17th ranked in the Country, North Bergan’s best Anthony Giraldo faced up against Cory Clark #3. Giraldo fires off first shot ends up deep splitting Clarks legs but Clark funked over and survived ending up in a stalemate. Giraldo gets another sweep single and battles off a tough earned takedown at the end of the 1st. RS Frosh vs Junior showdown here with a lot of action coming from both wrestlers. Clark gets out starting the 2nd period and gets a takedown with 1 min left in 2nd period and even riding time on the clock. Giraldo gets nailed for stalling and Rutgers freshmen representative at 133lbs seems to be out of gas. Clark racks up another takedown to take the insurance victory and out lasts an impressive start from the RS Frosh to give Iowa another win and more points on the board. 

Rutgers got on the board at 141 when third-ranked Anthony Ashnault used a four-point tilt in the opening period for the difference in an 8-4 win against Topher Carton.  The bout seemed to be all AShnault action Until the 2nd period where Carton challenged Ashnaults stamina for the rest of the match. Anthony held on for the regular decision which seemed to be a disappointment for the Scarlet Knights and Coach Goodale.

“It was a missed opportunity,” said Carton, who was making his first dual appearance of the season. “I told coach I wanted to go and he gave me a shot. I had a chance to make a statement for the Carver crowd and I didn’t. There are no moral victories. I know I can beat that guy and any other guy in the country. But I have to go out and do it.”

The next match was between #2 ranked Soreson- 2x AA against Dippery  from Rutgers.

Brandon Sorensen used nine takedowns to earn a 21-6 technical fall at 149, and after that massacre at 157  No. 12 Anthony Perrotti won 8-7 at 165 against Patrick Rhoads. Perrotti had a nice showing with nailing a few really sound takedowns until the Hawkeyes closed the dual with four consecutive wins. Alex Meyer won 8-3 at 174, Sammy Brooks scored eight of the final nine points to rally for an 11-5 win at 184, and Nathan Burak won 6-1 with 2:20 riding time at 197. Heavyweight Stoll closed the dual with the overtime decision and earned the upset victory over ranked Rutgers Big Brute Billy Smith. Stoll has won seven straight matches since dropping the season opener to No. 4 Austin Marsden. He’s pinned four opponents during that stretch, and he now has a top 10 win under his belt.

“It’s good because it’s my first ranked win, but I know there is more I could have done in that match,” said Stoll. “Brands talks all the time that just because he’s a ranked opponent, it doesn’t have to be close. I have to believe that and I think I did some good things, but there is definitely more to improve.”

Stoll’s win put the lid on a dual that saw Iowa hold a 31-7 advantage in takedowns and a 98-44 lead in match points. The Hawkeyes scored 56 points in the third period combined to show that Hawkeyes stay on the hunt for all 7 minutes!

“We had two wins over ranked opponents, but we are still finding some things out,” said UI head coach Tom Brands. “As long as they get better every time out we have a chance. And we have to compete. We still have a lot of work to do.”

FOLKS DO NOT MISS OUT ON THE OPENING SHOWING OF “TERRY” which is a FLO Production about Iowa Hawkeye Head Assistant Coach, Twin Terry Brands.

IOWA 29, Rutgers 6 
125: Thomas Gilman (IA) tech. fall Sean McCabe (R), 21-6
133:  Cory Clark (IA) major dec. Anthony Giraldo (R), 11-2
141: Anthony Ashnault (R) dec. Topher Carton (IA), 8-4
149: Brandon Sorensen (IA) tech. fall Tyson Dippery (R), 21-6
157: Edwin Cooper, Jr. (IA) dec. Richie Lewis (R), 6-4
165: Anthony Perrotti (R) dec. Patrick Rhoads (IA), 8-7
174: Alex Meyer (IA) dec. Phil Bakuckas (R), 8-3
184: Sammy Brooks (IA) dec. Nichalas Gravina (R), 11-5
197: Nathan Burak (IA) dec. Hayden Hrymack (R), 6-1
285: Sam Stoll (IA) dec. Billy Smith (R), 3-1 (OT)

Michigan 39, Michigan State 6
125: Mitch Rogaliner (MSU) dec. Conor Youtsey, 8-5 
133: Rossi Bruno (U-M) tech. fall Patrick Blommel, 16-1 (3:26)
141: Javier Gasca (MSU) dec. George Fisher, 5-3 
149: Alec Pantaleo (U-M) tech. fall Mark Bozzo, 19-4 (7:00) 
157: Brian Murphy (U-M) major dec. Joe Johnson, 14-2 
165: Garrett Sutton (U-M) injury def. Travis Curley, 5:00 
174: Davonte Mahomes (U-M) dec. Shane Shadaia, 11-4 
184: Domenic Abounader (U-M) pinned Wesley Maskill, 4:42 
197: Max Huntley(U-M) tech. fall Jacob Cooper, 22-7 (6:27) 
Hwt : Adam Coon (U-M) tech. fall Dimitrus Renfroe, 17-1 (5:20) 

Pitt 24, Edinboro 9
125: LJ Bentley (P) dec. Sean Russell (E), 6-5 
133: Dom Forys (P) pins Tony Recco (E), 2:21 
141: Mikey Racciato (P) dec. Natae Hagan (E), 7-5
149: Patricio Lugo (E) dec. Robert Lee (P), 12-6
157: Spencer Nagy (E) dec. Ronnie Garbinsky (P), 4-3
165: Casey Fuller (E) dec. Cody Wiercioch (P), 4-2
174: TeShan Campbell (P) dec. Patrick Jennings (E), 14-12 
184: Zach Bruce (P) dec. Chris Laird (E), 6-2
197: Nick Bonaccorsi (P) dec. Vincent Pickett (E), 4-0
285: Ryan Solomon (P) dec. William Miller (E), 2-1 

Chattanooga 31, VMI 6
125: Dalton Henderson (VMI) Dec. 11-9 Alonzo Allen (UTC)
133: Cody Hill (UTC) MD 13-2  Dominick Gallo (VMI)
141: Michael Pongracz (UTC) MD 10-0  Hunter Starner (VMI)
149: Emmitt Kelly (VMI) Dec. 7-4 Austin Sams (UTC)
157: Kamaal Shakur (UTC) Dec. 4-2 (SV1) Neal Richards (VMI) 
165: Dominic Lampe (UTC)  Dec. 4-3 Shabaka Johns (VMI) 
174: Justin Lampe (UTC)  Dec. 7-6  Mark Darr (VMI) 
184: John Lampe (UTC) MD 22-9 Derek Thurman (VMI)
197: Scottie Boykin (UTC) MD 17-4 Taylor Thomas (VMI)
285: Jared Johnson (UTC) Fall 2:35 Sivaatasi Mathias (VMI) 

Friday, December 11

Indiana 19, Minnesota 18
125: Elijah Oliver (Indiana) dec Skyler Petry (Minnesota), 13-8
133: Alonzo Shepard (Indiana), pinned Sam Brancale (Minnesota), 3:45 
141: Tommy Thorn (Minnesota) dec Cole Weaver (Indiana), 6-2
149: Luke Blanton (Indiana) dec Jake Short (Minnesota), 17-10
157: Brandon Kingsley (Minnesota) dec Jake Danishek (Indiana), 8-4 
165: Brandon Krone (Minnesota) dec. Bryce Martin (Indiana), 7-3
174: Nate Jackson (Indiana) dec. Nick Wanzek (Minnesota), 9-3
184: Matt Irick (Indiana) dec. Chris Pfarr (Minnesota), 7-4 
197: Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) pinned Jake Masengale (Indiana), 2:16
285: Michael Kroells (Minnesota) dec Garrett Goldman (Indiana), 6-0

Nebraska 30, Maryland 9
125: Tim Lambert (Nebraska) tech fall Jhared Simmons (Maryland), 15-0
133: Geoff Alexander (Maryland) dec Eric Montoya (Nebraska), 6-2
141: Anthony Abidin (Nebraska) dec Billy Rappo (Maryland), 7-5
149: Jake Sueflohn (Nebraska) dec. Wade Hodges (Maryland), 2-0
157: Lou Mascola (Maryland) pinned Tyler Berger (Nebraska), 4:07
165: Austin Wilson (Nebraska) dec Derrick Evanovich (Maryland), 6-1 
174: Micah Barnes (Nebraska) maj dec. Josh Snook (Maryland), 14-3
184: TJ Dudley (Nebraska) dec Jaron Smith (Maryland), 9-2
197: Aaron Studebaker pinned Garrett Wesneki (Maryland), 4:00
285: Collin Jensen (Nebraska) maj dec. Youssif Hemida (Maryland), 15-3 

Navy 18, Princeton 16 
125: Pat D’Arcy (P) dec. Brant Leadbeter 6-0
133: Zachary Davis (N) dec. Trey Aslanian 11-5
141: Nicholas Gil (N) dec. Jordan Laster 3-2
149: Corey Wilding (N) dec. Mike D’Angelo 3-1 SV-1
157: Drew Daniels (N) dec. Francesco Fabozzi 7-4
165: Judd Ziegler (P) dec. John Keck 2-1
174: Jonathan Schleifer (P) major dec. Michael Coleman 15-4
184: Abram Ayala (P) dec. Robert Mannier 8-2
197: Michael Woulfe (N) p. Brett Harner 5:50
285: Ray O’Donnell (P) dec. Nicholas Mabry 10-3

Buffalo 30, Gardner Webb 6
125: Kyle Akins (Buffalo) maj dec Cortez Starks (GWU), 9-0
133: Bryan Lantry (Buffalo) dec Tyler Ziegler (GWU), 3-1
141: Brandon Lapi (Buffalo) maj dec. Ryan Hull (GWU), 11-3
149: Ryan Mosley (GWU) dec Colt Cotten (Buffalo), 3-1
157: Tim Schaefer (Buffalo) dec Kyle Ash (GWU), 3-1
165: Tyler Rill (Buffalo) pinned Austin Trott (GWU)
174: Muhammed McBryde (Buffalo) dec Brett Stein (GWU), 3-2
184: Joe Ariola (Buffalo) maj dec. Hunter Gamble (GWU), 11-3
197: James Benjamin (Buffalo) dec Gary Jones (GWU), 5-4
285: Boyce Cornwell (GWU) dec Jake Gunning (Buffalo), 12-6

Saturday, December 12

Rutgers 17, Nebraska 16

125: Tim Lambert (NEB) dec. over Sean McCabe (RU), 9-4
133: Eric Montoya (NEB) dec. over Anthony Giraldo (RU), 2-0
141: Anthony Ashnault (RU) major dec. over Anthony Abidin (NEB), 11-2
149: Jake Sueflohn (NEB) major dec. over Tyson Dippery (RU), 12-3
157: Richie Lewis (RU) dec. over Tyler Berger (NEB), 10-3
165: Anthony Perrotti (RU) dec. over Austin Wilson (NEB), 9-4
174: Micah Barnes (NEB) dec. over Phillip Bakuckas (RU), 9-3
184 Nicholas Gravina (RU) dec. over T.J. Dudley (NEB), 3-2
197: Aaron Studebaker (NEB) dec. over Hayden Hrymack (RU), 3-1 (TB-1)
285: Billy Smith (RU) dec. over Collin Jensen (NEB), 8-2

Pitt 25, Wisconsin 9

285: Ryan Solomon (P) pins Brock Horwath (W), 1:29
125: LJ Bentley (P) dec. SV-1 Johnny Jimenez (W), 14-12
133: Dom Forys (P) dec. Ryan Taylor (W), 10-6 
141: Mikey Racciato (P) dec. Luke Rowh (W), 9-4 
149: Rylan Lubeck (W) dec. Robert Lee (P), 3-1 
157: Ronnie Garbinsky (P) dec. TJ Ruschell (W), 4-2 
165: Isaac Jordan (W) dec. Cody Wiercioch (P), 4-3 
174: TeShan Campbell (P) m. dec. Rickey Robertson, 13-5 
184: Ryan Christensen (W) dec. Zach Bruce (P), 2-0
197: Nick Bonaccorsi (P) dec. Eric Peissig (W), 5-3 

Chattanooga 31, Campbell 12

125: Alonzo Allen (UTC) TF 19-2 (5:00)  Daniel Ariola (Campbell) 
133: Nathan Kraisser (Campbell) Fall 4:26) Cody Hill (UTC) 
141: Michael Pongracz (UTC) MD 8-0 Lucas Stewart (Campbell) 
149: Roman Boylen (UTC) Dec. 15-8 Zane Knight (Campbell) 
157: Kamaal Shakur (UTC) TF 21-6 (7:00)  Quentin Perez (Campbell) 
165: Paul Duggan (Campbell) Fall 0:48)  Dominic Lampe (UTC) 
174: Sean Mappes (UTC) MD 15-5  Matthew Olauson (Campbell) 
184: John Lampe (UTC) Dec. 6-4 Ville Heino (Campbell) 
197: Scottie Boykin (UTC) MD 16-6 Willie Bivens (Campbell) 
285: Jared Johnson (UTC)  Dec. 5-0 Jere Heino (Campbell)

Iowa State 19, Wyoming 14
125: Drew Templeman (WYO) mdec. Kyle Larson (ISU), 9-1
133: Earl Hall (ISU) mdec. P.T. Garcia (WYO), 14-4
141: Bryce Meredith (WYO) dec. John Meeks (ISU), 3-2
149: Gabe Moreno (ISU) dec. Jake Elliott (WYO), 6-2
157: Andrew Colgan (WYO) mdec. Logan Breitenbach (ISU), 12-4
165: Tanner Weatherman (ISU) dec. Kyle Pope (WYO), 18-16 (SV1)
174: Lelund Weatherspoon (ISU) dec. Benjamin Stroh (WYO), 11-5
184: Dane Pestano (ISU) dec. Jace Jensen (WYO), 3-1
197: Duke Egli (ISU) dec. Brandon Tribble (WYO), 4-3
285: Tanner Harms (WYO) dec. Quean Smith (ISU), 3-1 (SV1)

West Virginia 30, Lock Haven 3
125: Zeke Moisey (WVU) maj dec. Jake Field (LHU), 8-0 
133: Bobby Rehm (LHU) dec. Keegan Moore (WVU), 5-1
141: Tony DeAngelo (WVU) dec Dan Neff (LHU), 3-1 TB-2
149: Zach Moore (WVU) maj dec Cody Wheeler (LHU), 13-4
157: Dylan Cottrell (WVU) maj dec. Aaron McKinney (LHU), 14-2
165: Connor Flynn (WVU) dec Cody Cordes (LHU), 8-1
174: Ross Renzi (WVU) dec Tyler Wood (LHU), 8-7
184: Bubba Scheffel (WVU) dec Tristan Sponseller (LHU), 5-3
197: Jake Smith (WVU) dec Matt Moore (LHU), 4-0
285: AJ Vizcarrondo (WVU) dec Brad Emerick (LHU), 3-1 SV

Missouri 26, Ohio State 17


285: Nick Tavanello (Ohio State) FALL James Romero (Mizzou)
125: Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State) maj dec Barlow McGhee (Mizzou), 10-1
133: Zach Synon (Mizzou) FALL Johnni DiJulius (Ohio State), 5:59
141: Matt Manley (Mizzou) dec Micah Jordan (Ohio State), 4-3
149: Lavion Mayes (Mizzou) dec Cody Burcher (Ohio State), 12-3
157: Jake Ryan (Ohio State) maj dec Luke Fortuna (Mizzou), 10-2
165: Bo Jordan (Ohio State) dec Daniel Lewis (Mizzou), 6-4
174: Blaise Butler (Mizzou) maj dec Dominic Prezzia (Ohio State), 13-3
184: Willie Miklus (Mizzou) tech fall Kenny Courts (Ohio State), 15-0
197: J’den Cox (Mizzou) maj dec Mark Martin (Ohio State), 11-2

North Carolina 18, Army 14
125: Tyrone Klump (UNC) dec. Conner Ziegler (Army), 9-3 
133: Austin Harry (Army) maj. dec. James Szymanski (UNC), 12-3 
141: Evan Henderson (UNC) dec. Logan Everett (Army), 3-1 
149: Christian Barber (UNC) dec. Mark Marchetti (Army), 3-1 
157: Russell Parsons Jr. (Army) dec. Robert Henderson (UNC), 8-2
165: Ethan Ramos (UNC) dec. Andrew Mendel (Army), 10-9 
174: Brian Harvey (Army) maj. dec. John Michael Staudenmayer (UNC), 8-0 
184: Alex Utley (UNC) dec. Samson Imonode (Army), 8-3
197: Rocco Caywood (Army) dec. Chip Ness (UNC), 7-5
285: Cory Daniel (UNC) dec. Trevor Smith (Army), 5-4 

Sunday, December 13

NC State 35, Grand Canyon 3
125: Jamel Morris (NCSU) dec. Trayton Libolt; 9-2
133: Jamal Morris (NCSU) dec. Jauquin Olivas; 10-3 
141: #2 Kevin Jack (NCSU) dec. Uzo Owuama; 4-0
149: Jake DeAngelo (NCSU) dec. Blake Monty; 8-4 
157: #6 Tommy Gantt (NCSU) tech fall Zackary Velasquez; 22-6 
165: Chad Pyke (NCSU) major dec. Casey Larson; 9-1 
174: Kenneth Moore (GCU) dec. Lee Davis; 8-4
184: #15 Pete Renda (NCSU) tech fall Austin Trujillo; 16-1
197: Malik McDonald (NCSU) dec. Auston Gaun; 8-2 
285: Mike Kosoy (NCSU) fall Sean Medley; 4:29 

Penn State 36, Wisconsin 7
125: Nico Megaludis PSU maj. dec. Johnny Jimenez WIS, 11-3

133: Jordan Conaway PSU win by forfeit 
141: Kade Moss PSU dec. Luke Rowh WIS, 4-1 
149: Zain Retherford PSU pinned Ryan Lubeck WIS, WBF (2:56) 
157: Jason Nolf PSU pinned TJ Ruschell WIS, WBF (6:00) 
165: Isaac Jordan WIS dec. Geno Morelli PSU, 5-4 
174: Bo Nickal PSU maj. dec. Ricky Robertson WIS, 16-2 
184: Matt McCutcheon PSU maj. dec. Ryan Christensen WIS, 14-1 
197: Morgan McIntosh PSU dec. Eric Peissig WIS, 7-1
285: Brock Horwath WIS maj. dec. Devon Van Cura PSU, 10-0 

Kent State 28 Buffalo 3
125: Del Vinas (KSU) over Kyle Akins (UB), dec. 3-2

133: Mack McGuire (KSU) over Bryan Lantry (UB), dec. 10-7
141: Brandon Lappi (UB) over Chance Driscoll (KSU) 4-0
149: Mike DePalma (KSU) over Colt Cotten (UB), dec. 8-7
157: Ian Miller (KSU) over Tim Schaefer (UB), maj. dec. 15-4
165: Tyler Buckwalter (KSU) over Tyler Rill (UB), dec. 5-3 (SV)
174: Mike Vollant (KSU) over Muhamed McBryde (UB), dec. 3-1
184: Cole Baxter (KSU) over Joe Ariola (UB), dec. 3-1
197: Kyle Conel (KSU) over James Benjamin (UB), dec. 9-8 (SV)
285: Stephen Suglio (KSU) over Jake Gunning (UB), dec. 6-4

Oklahoma State 37, Oklahoma 3
125: Eddie Klimara (OSU) dec Ryan Millhof (OU) 5-3
133: Kaid Brock (OSU) fall Cody Brewer (OU) :42
141: Dean Heil (OSU) maj Trae Blackwell (OU) 13-3
149: Jonce Blaylock (OSU) maj Davion Jeffries (OU) 10-2
157: Chance Marsteller (OSU) tech Brock Wingbermuehle (OU) 16-1
165: Alex Dieringer (OSU) maj Clark Glass (OU) 13-4
174: Kyle Crutchmer (OSU) dec Matt Reed (OU) 9-3
184: Nolan Boyd (OSU) tech Andrew Dixon (OU) 18-2
197: Brad Johnson (OU) dec Austin Schafer (OSU) 8-6
285: Austin Marsden (OSU) dec Ross Larson (OU) 6-1


Missouri 27, Ohio 9
125-Barlow McGhee (Mizz) dec Shakur Laney (OU) 3-1
133-Zach Synon (Mizz) dec Cameron Kelly (OU) 9-4
141-Matt Manley (Mizz) dec Noah Forrider (OU) 6-5TB
149-Lavion Mayes (Mizz) maj Cullen Cummings (OU) 20-12
157-Spartak Chino (OU) dec Luke Fortuna (Mizz) 4-3
165-Daniel Lewis (Mizz) tech Austin Reece (OU) 17-1
174-Blaise Butler (Mizz) dec Cody Walters (OU) 5-4
184-Willie Miklus (Mizz) dec Andrew Romanchik (OU) 9-3
197-Phil Wellington (OU) Disq J’Den Cox (Mizz)
285-James Romero (Mizz) dec Jesse Webb (OU) 9-4


Indiana 25, Eastern Michigan 9
125: Elijah Oliver (Indiana) inj def. Vincent Pizzuto (EMU); 2:42
133: Alonzo Shepherd dec Shayne Wireman (EMU), 1-0
141: Kyle Springer (EMU) dec Cole Weaver (Indiana), 10-8 SV
149: Luke Blanton (Indiana) dec Nick Barber (EMU), 4-0
157: Jake Danishek (Indiana) dec Devan Marry (EMU), 13-9
165: Bryce Martine (Indiana) dec Dakota Juarez (EMU), 3-1
174: Nate Jackson (Indiana) maj dec Jacob Davis (EMU), 14-3
184: Matt Irick (Indiana) dec Derek Hillman (EMU), 7-6
197: Anthony Abro (EMU) dec Jake Masengale (Indiana), 12-6
285: Gage Hutchinson (EMU) dec Garrett Goldman (Indiana), 5-2

Eastern Michigan 46, Manchester 6
125: Armando Torres (EMU) maj dec Alan Mock (Manchester), 15-1
133: Blake Caudill (EMU) maj dec. Kalib Jackson (Manchester), 14-2
141: Michael Shaw (EMU) dec Chase Wilson (Manchester), 8-2
149: Devin Childers (Manchester) wins by forfeit
157: Devan Marry (EMU) fall Richard Osha (Manchester), 0:14
165: Derek Davison (EMU) fall Bryce Roberts (Manchester), 1:04
174: Jacob Davis (EMU) fall Dylan Lauffer (Manchester), 11-7
184: Derek Hillman (EMU) tech fall Alex Roberts (Manchester), 17-2
197: Anthony Abro (EMU) fall Brian Clark (Manchester), 5:37
285: Gage Hutchison (EMU) fall Seth Meyer (Manchester), 3:14

South Dakota State 24, North Dakota State 15
125: Josh Rodriguez (NDSU) fall Ben Gillete (SDSU); 4:34
133: Brance Simms (SDSU) maj dec. Mico Colunga (NDSU), 11-2
141: Mitch Bengston (NDSU) dec Seth Gross (SDSU), 5-4
149: Alex Kocer (SDSU) dec Clayton Ream (NDSU), 13-6
157: Cody Pack (SDSU) maj dec. Grant Nehring (NDSU), 16-6
165: Luke Zilverberg (SDSU) tech fall Tyler McNutt (NDSU), 15-0
174: David Kocer (SDSU) maj dec Blake Thompson (NDSU), 10-1
184: Hayden Zillmer (NDSU) dec Brady Ayers (SDSU), 4-1
197: Nate Rotert (SDSU) maj dec. Logan Paxton (NDSU), 14-5
285: Ben Tynan (NDSU) dec Alex Macki (SDSU), 4-1

North Carolina 19, No. 11 Old Dominion 18
125: Tyrone Klump (UNC) dec. Brandon Jeske (ODU) 5-0
133: Emilio Saavedra (ODU) pin. James Szymanski (UNC) (1:56)
141: #2 Chris Mecate (ODU) Won By Forfeit
149: #4 Alexander Richardson (ODU) dec. Joey Moon (UNC) 9-5
157: Robert Henderson (ODU) dec. Devin Geoghegan (ODU) 3-0
165: #3 Ethan Ramos (UNC) dec. Seldon Wright (ODU) 5-2
174: John Michael Staudenmeyer (UNC) dec. Brooks Climmons (ODU) 3-0
184: #2 Jack Dechow (ODU) dec. #19 Alex Utley (UNC) 2-1 (OT)
197: Chip Ness (UNC) dec. Austin Coburn (ODU) 7-3
285: Cory Daniel (UNC) maj. John D’Agostino (ODU) 11-3


SIUE 28, Northwestern 18
141: Jameson Oster (Northwestern) over John Muldoon (SIUE), 9-3
149: Trevor Feagans (SIUE) won by forfeit
157: Eric Travers (SIUE) won by forfeit
165: Nate Higgins (SIUE) over Luke Norland (Northwestern), 11-4
174: Mitch Sliga (Northwestern) over Clayton Bass (SIUE), 7-1
184: Derek Nagel (SIUE) won by major decision over Regis Durbin (Northwestern), 11-0
197: Jake Tindle (SIUE) won by forfeit
285: Chris Johnson (SIUE) def. Conan Jennings (Northwestern), 3-2
125: Garrison White (Northwestern) pinned Joe Antonelli (SIUE), Fall 2:41
133: Dominick Malone (Northwestern) pinned Dakota Leach (SIUE), 2:58

Indiana 56, Manchester 0
184: Matt Irick (Indiana) FALL Alex Roberts (Manchester), 2:30
197: Jake Masengale (Indiana) FALL Brian Clark (Manchester), 1:54
285: Garrett Goldman (Indiana) tech fall Seth Meyer (Manchester), 18-0
125: Elijah Oliver (Indiana) FALL Alan Mock (Manchester), 0:28
133: Alonzo Shepherd (Indiana) tech fall Kalib Jackson (Manchester), 16-0
141: Cole Weaver (Indiana) tech fall Chase Wilson (Manchester), 16-1
149: Trevor Moody (Indiana) maj dec Devin Childers (Manchester), 9-0
157: Jake Danishek (Indiana) wins by forfeit
165: Bryce Martin (Indiana) FALL Bryce Roberts (Manchester), 0:35
174: Nate Jackson (Indiana) FALL Dylan Lauffer (Manchester), 0:54

Clarion 26, Grand Canyon 13
125: Trayton Libolt (GCU) dec. over Patrick DeWitt (CU) 10-8 (sv)
133: Juaquin Olivas (GCU) dec. over Kyle Greenwald (CU) 8-3
141: Brock Zacherl (CU) maj. dec. over Uzo Owuama (GCU) 10-2
149: Blake Monty (GCU) dec. over Brodie Zacherl (CU) 4-0
157: Jacob Keller (CU) dec. over Zackary Velasquez (GCU) 2-0
165: Evan DeLong (CU) dec. over Casey Larson (GCU) 2-0
174: Kenny Moore (GCU) maj. dec. over Morgan Way (CU) 10-2
184: Dominic Rigous (CU) fall over Austin Trujillo (GCU)
197: Dustin Conti (CU) maj. dec. over Austin Gaun (GCU) 14-3
285: Zack DeLuca (CU) fall over Sean Medley (GCU)

George Mason 22, Clarion 18
125: Patrick DeWitt (CU) dec. over Ibrahim Bunduka (GMU) 3-0
133: Vince Rodriguez (GMU) tech dec. over Kyle Greenwald (CU) 24-9
141: Brock Zacherl (CU) dec. over Tejon Anthony (GMU) 10-6
149: Blake Roulo (GMU) dec. over Brodie Zacherl (CU) 8-7
157: Greg Flournoy (GMU) tech fall over Morgan Way (CU)
165: Evan DeLong (CU) dec. over Patrick Davis (GMU) 3-2
174: Ryan Forrest (GMU) wins over Michael Pavasko (CU) inj. def.
184: Dominic Rigous (CU) dec. over Luke Ludke (GMU) 8-2
197: Dustin Conti (CU) wins over Cameron Houston (GMU) inj. def.
285: Matt Voss (GMU) dec. over Zack DeLuca (CU) 6-5

George Mason 22, Grand Canyon 9
125: Trayton Libolt (Grand Canyon) over William Prochniewski (George Mason) (Dec 9-6)
133: Vince Rodriguez (George Mason) over Juaquin Olivas (Grand Canyon) (MD 12-4)
141: Tejon Anthony (George Mason) over Uzo Owuama (Grand Canyon) (Dec 3-2)
149: Konbeh Koroma (George Mason) over Blake Monty (Grand Canyon) (Dec 7-6)
157: Gregory Flournoy (George Mason) over Zackary Velasquez (Grand Canyon) (Dec 3-1)
165: Patrick Davis (George Mason) over Casey Larson (Grand Canyon) (Dec 11-6)
174: Kenneth Moore (Grand Canyon) over Ryan Forrest (George Mason) (Dec 3-1)
184: Luke Ludke (George Mason) over Austin Trujillo (Grand Canyon) (Dec 3-2)
197: Austin Gaun (Grand Canyon) over Austin Harrison (George Mason) (Dec 9-3)
285: Matt Voss (George Mason) over Sean Medley (Grand Canyon) (Dec 7-3)

santa 1download DECEMBER


 Wednesday, December 2:
Eastern Michigan 34, Michigan State 0
157: Devan Marry (EMU) dec. Joe Johnson (MSU), 9-3 
165: Dakota Juarez (EMU) major dec. Travis Curley, 11-0
174: Jacob Davis (EMU) dec. Shane Shadaia (MSU), 4-0 
184: Derek Hillman (EMU) dec. Shwan Shadaia (MSU), 4-0
197: Anthony Abro (EMU) major dec. Jacob Cooper (MSU), 12-2 
HWT: Gage Hutchison (EMU) major dec. Dimitrus Renfroe (MSU), 10-0 
125: Armando Torres (EMU) dec. Mitch Rogaliner (MSU), 4-3
133: Blake Caudill (EMU) dec. Patrick Blommel (MSU), 5-0
141: Kyle Springer (EMU) major dec. Garth Yenter (MSU), 12-4
149: Nicholas Barber (EMU) dec. Mark Bozzo (MSU), 6-1 


Thursday, December 3:
Edinboro 37, Bloomsburg 12
125: Sean Russell (EU) fall over Jon Haas (BU) 1:13 
133: Andy Schutz (BU) fall over Tony Recco (EU) 1:18 
141: Nate Hagan (EU) won by forfeit 
149: Patricio Lugo (EU) tech. fall Ryan Snow (BU) 17-1 (4:55) 
157: Brendan Colbert (BU) fall over Spencer Nagy (EU) 5:58 
165: Casey Fuller (EU) fall over Matthew Carr (BU) 4:53 
174: Patrick Jennings (EU) dec. Kyle Wojtaszek (BU) 10-9 
184: Chris Laird (EU) maj. dec. Casey Glunt (BU) 14-2 
197: Vince Pickett (EU) dec. Dom Carfagno (BU) 9-2
Hwt.: Billy Miller (EU) maj. dec. Saul Wilkins (BU) 12-4
Gardner-Webb 34, VMI 9
125: Cortez Starkes (Gardner-Webb) over Dalton Henderson (Vmi) (MD 12-3)
133: Tyler Ziegler (Gardner-Webb) over Bennie Pachello (Vmi) (MD 13-5)
141: Ryan Hull (Gardner-Webb) over Hunter Starner (Vmi) (Dec 10-4)
149: Ryan Mosley (Gardner-Webb) over Emmitt Kelly (Vmi) (SV-1 7-5)
157: Neal Richards (Vmi) over Kyle Ash (Gardner-Webb) (Dec 10-6)
165: Shabaka Johns (Vmi) over Alex Bennett (Gardner-Webb) (Fall 4:30)
174: Brett Stein (Gardner-Webb) over Mark Darr (Vmi) (Dec 9-8)
184: Hunter Gamble (Gardner-Webb) over Derek Thurman (Vmi) (Fall 3:45)
197: Gray Jones (Gardner-Webb) over Taylor Thomas (Vmi) (Fall 0:47)
285: Boyce Cornwell (Gardner-Webb) over Sivaatasi Mathias (Vmi) (TF 19-3)

Central Michigan 39, Northern Illinois 3
125: Brent Fleetwood (CMU) dec. Alijah Jeffery (NIU), 6-1 
133: Corey Keener (CMU) maj. dec. Austin Eicher (NIU), 11-3 
141: Zach Horan (CMU) pins Steve Bleise (NIU), 2:04 
149: Colin Heffernan (CMU) tech. fall Chris Garcia (NIU), 21-4, 6:38 
157: Lucas Smith (CMU) pins Austin Culton (NIU), 5:34 
165: Jordan Wohlfert (CMU) maj. dec. Andrew Scott (NIU), 13-4 
174: Michael Ottinger (CMU) maj. dec. Trace Engelkes (NIU), 12-3 
184: Jordan Ellingwood (CMU) maj. dec. Quinton Rosser (NIU), 10-2 
197: Shawn Scott (NIU) dec. Jackson Lewis (CMU), 5-3 
285: Newton Smerchek (CMU) dec. Arthur Bunce (NIU), 2-1 

RJ12#2Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational  |  Brackets

Friday, December 4:

NC State 21, App State 14

Hwt: Nick Gwiazdowski (NCST) def. Denzel Dejournette (APP), D, 11-4
125: Vito Pasone (APP) def. Jamel Morris (NCST) MD, 14-2 
133: Jacob Grigg (APP) def. Jamal Morris (NCST) D, 8-3
141: Kevin Jack (NCST) def Michael Longo (APP) MD, 10-1 
149: Matt Zovistoski (APP) def. Beau Donahue (NCST) D, 10-5 
157: Tommy Gantt (NCST) def. David Peters-Logue (APP) MD, 16-6 
165: Max Rohskopf (NCST) def. Forrest Przybysz (APP) D, 4-0 
174: Nick Kee (APP) def. Lee Davis (NCST) MD, 12-3 
184: Pete Renda (NCST) def. Taylor Jackson (APP) MD, 13-3 
197: Malik McDonald (NCST) def. Randall Diabe (APP) D, 4-1

Iowa 28, South Dakota State 15 
125 – Thomas Gilman (IA) pinned Kahlen Morris (SDSU), 1:34

133 – Cory Clark (IA) dec. #15 Brance Simms (SDSU), 4-1
141 — Seth Gross (SDSU) dec. Logan Ryan (IA), 3-2
149 – Brandon Sorensen (IA) maj. dec. Alex Kocer (SDSU), 8-0
157 – Cody Pack (SDSU) dec. Edwin Cooper, Jr. (IA), 6-5
165 – Luke Zilverberg dec. Burke Paddock (IA), 4-2
174 – Alex Meyer (IA) dec. David Kocer (SDSU), 5-2
184 – Sammy Brooks (IA) pinned Brady Ayers (SDSU), 0:43
197 – Nate Rotert (SDSU) won by forfeit
285 – Sam Stoll (IA) won by disqualification over Alex Macki (SDSU) in 4:07

Saturday, December 5:
Princeton 24, Northwestern 18
125 – Garrison White (N) dec. Pat D’Arcy 5-0

133 – Dominick Malone (N) TF. Jake Adkins 16-1 
141 – Jameson Oster (N) dec. #17 Jordan Laster 7-6
149 – Mike D’Angelo (P) won by forfeit
157 – Bryce Brill (N) dec. Francesco Fabozzi 7-2
165 – Judd Ziegler (P) dec. Luke Norland 2-0
174 – Mitch Sliga (N) mdec. Will Lang 10-0
184 – #14 Abram Ayala (P) WBF Regis Durbin 
197 – #10 Brett Harner (P) won by forfeit
285 – Ray O’Donnell (P) dec. Conan Jennings 5-2 

Lehigh 26 Rider 12
125 – Darian Cruz (Lehigh) won by forfeit

133 – Mason Beckman (Lehigh) dec. Zach Valcarce (Rider) 6-0
141 – Randy Cruz (Lehigh) major dec. Paul Kirchner (Rider) 14-2
149 – Laike Gardner (Lehigh) dec. B.J. Clagon (Rider) 9-7
157 – Chad Walsh (Rider) dec. Mitch Minotti (Lehigh) 8-7, tb
165 – Conor Brennan (Rider) dec. Ryan Preisch (Lehigh) 6-5
174 – Wayne Stinson (Rider) dec. Elliot Riddick (Lehigh) 5-3
184 – Nathaniel Brown (Lehigh) Fall Steven Nelson (Rider) 2:03
197 – Ryan Wolfe (Rider) dec. John Bolich (Lehigh) 5-3
285 – Max Wessell (Lehigh) major dec. Mauro Correnti (Rider) 12-3

Indiana 25, SIUE 12
125 – Elijah Oliver (IU) won by tech fall over Joe Antonelli (SIUE), 19-3

133 – Dakota Leach (SIUE) def. Alonzo Shepherd (IU), 4-2 SV1
141 – Cole Weaver (IU) def. John Muldoon (SIUE), 6-4
149 – Luke Blanton (IU) def. John Fahy (SIUE), 11-5
157 – Jake Danishek (IU) def. Erik Travers (SIUE), 11-5
165 – Nate Higgins (SIUE) pinned Bryce Martin (IU), 2:57
174 – Nate Jackson (IU) won by tech fall over Clayton Bass (SIUE), 16-1
184 – Matt Irick (IU) def. Derek Nagel (SIUE), 8-6
197 – Jake Tindle (SIUE) def. Jake Masengale (IU), 1-0
285 – Garret Goldman (IU) def. Chris Johnson (SIUE), 6-4
Lehigh 34, Princeton 3
125 – Darian Cruz (Lehigh) dec. Pat D’Arcy (Princeton) 3-1

133 – Mason Beckman (Lehigh) major dec. Trey Aslanian (Princeton) 15-5
141 – Randy Cruz (Lehigh) Fall Jordan Laster (Princeton) 2:58
149 – Laike Gardner (Lehigh) dec. Mike D’Angelo (Princeton) 6-3
157 – Mitch Minotti (Lehigh) dec. Francesco Fabozzi (Princeton) 4-2
165 – Ryan Preisch (Lehigh) dec. Judd Ziegler (Princeton) 9-4
174 – Elliot Riddick (Lehigh) Fall Nick Maselli (Princeton) 6:16
184 – Nathaniel Brown (Lehigh) dec. Abram Ayala (Princeton) 2-0
197 – Brett Harner (Princeton) dec. John Bolich (Lehigh) 3-1
285 – Doug Vollaro (Lehigh) dec. Ray O’Donnell (Princeton) 3-1, sv
Rider 27, Northwestern 19
125 Garrison White-NW wins by forfeit

133 Dominick Malone-NW wbf Zach Valcarce-R 2:14 
141 Paul Kirchner-R dec Jameson Osler-NW 8-5 
149 BJ Clagon-R wins by forfeit
157 Chad Walsh-R wins by forfeit 
165 Conor Brennan-R dec. Luke Norland-NW 8-2
174 Mitch Sliga-NW major dec. Wayne Stinson-R 15-3 
184 Regis Durbin-NW dec. Steve Nelson-R 5-4 ot 
197 Ryan Wolfe-R wins by forfeit 
285 Mauro Correnti-R dec. Conan Jennings-NW 8-3 
Maryland 24, Drexel 10
174: Josh Snook (MD) decision over Nick Elmer (DREX), 5-4 

184: Jaron Smith (MD) fall over Stephen Loiseau (DREX), 6-4 
197: Garrett Wesneski (MD) decision over Nezar Haddad (DREX), 6-2
285: Joey Goodhart (DREX) decision over Youssif Hemida (MD), 5-3
125: Zack Fuentes (DREX) decision over Jhared Simmons (MD), 5-4
133: No. 18 Tyler Goodwin (MD) decision over David Pearce (DREX), 7-2 
141: Alfred Bannister (MD) decision over Kevin Devoy Jr. (DREX), 8-7 
149: No. 10 Matthew Cimato (DREX) major decision over Wade Hodges (MD) 18-10
157: Lou Mascola (MD) decision over Ryan O’Connor (DREX), 9-8 
165: Brendan Burnham (MD) decision over Austin Rose (DREX), 4-2 (24-10) 
Sacred Heart 44, Davidson 3
125: Gerard Daly (SHU) pins Zamir Ode (Davidson) 2:39

133: Patrick Skinner (SHU) wins by forfeit 
141: Alex Harnsberger (SHU) wins by forfeit 
149: Brandon Leveque (SHU) def. Aiden Conroy (Davidson) 8-2 
157: Tony Palumbo (Davidson) def. Matt Fisher (SHU) 12-6
165: Johnny Vrasidas (SHU) pins Zach Colangelo (Davidson) 1:44 
174: Conan Schuster (SHU) def. Nathaniel Powers (Davidson) by tech. fall 3:52
184: Elliott Antler (SHU) def. Konner Pritchard (Davidson) 4-1 
197: Sasha Oliinyk (SHU) pins Ryan Devlin (Davidson) 4:41 
HWT: Ray Sherwood (SHU) def. Will Cooley (Davidson) 4-3 2OT
Sunday, December 6th

RJ12#5No. 3 Oklahoma State Cowboys Get HUNTED DOWN By NC State Wolfpack

[ARTICLE  FROM]Oklahoma State University Sports Information

STILLWATER — Oklahoma State’s wrestling team fell to 2-2 on the season after a back-and-forth dual against No. 13 North Carolina State, 19-15.
With the Cowboys winning four matches, the dual came down to the heavyweight bout, where the Wolfpack was victorious.
“The lineup is not good,” Smith said. “That team that we put out today is going to have a hard time beating anyone. We started with Eddie (Klimara) scrapping out a win, and I also like the way (Dean) Heil wrestled. Unfortunately, Davey Dolan was not able to score a takedown in an important match. Of course, Dieringer did what we needed of him. I was expecting more out of Crutchmer from a standpoint of a major decision. Overall, it was an ugly match from our part. Chemistry-wise, something wasn’t working with our team, so that is something that I am going to work on. I am going to have to make sure that people stepping out and wrestling hard recognize that today was unacceptable, and we just have to get better from it.”

The dual began with a nail-biter as No. 5 Eddie Klimara and Sean Fausz went into overtime at 125 pounds. Fausz gained a 3-1 lead, taking down the Cowboy with 37 seconds left in the match. Klimara scored a crucial reversal to send the match into overtime. Halfway through the sudden victory period, Klimara picked up his first takedown of the match to win, 5-3.

No. 1 Dean Heil took on No. 2 Kevin Jack in an exciting bout that saw five takedowns between the wrestlers. Jack struck first with a takedown but the bout was tied 3-3 at the end of the first period. Jack scored a reversal to start the second, while Heil responded with an escape and a takedown to carry a one-point lead into the final period. The Cowboy went on to pick up an escape and two more takedowns to defeat the Wolfpack All-American, 10-8.
“All week I’ve pondered re-watching last year’s match against him just to see if there was anything I wanted to work on and I ended up not watching it,” Heil said. “It has been many months since then and we’ve both improved in certain areas. Instead I watched a few matches from this year so I had an idea from that and he did change. I knew where I could go in my offense and I pulled off three takedowns to get the win.”

The Cowboys suffered a 5-2 loss at 149 pounds as Davey Dolan stepped into the lineup. At 157 pounds, NC State took its first lead of the day in the team score, 10-6, as No. 8 Tommy Gantt picked up a major decision over redshirt freshman Chance Marsteller.
The Cowboys regained the lead, 12-10, as top-ranked Alex Dieringer stuck Lee Davis in 29 seconds at 165 pounds to improve to 7-0. It was Dieringer’s sixth bonus-point win of the season.

“I’m always going for bonus points and obviously the pin is the best thing you can do,” Dieringer said. “I went out there looking for a big throw and hit him with a hip toss and got the pin. I usually don’t get them that quick, but I’m always on the attack and that’s what our team needs to do. We didn’t do it tonight and that’s why we didn’t get the win. We’ve got to go back to the drawing board and focus on the key word – attack.”
No. 2 Kyle Crutchmer helped separate the Pokes from the Wolfpack, earning a key 7-2 win over No. 8 Max Rohskopf. Crutchmer hit a double-leg takedown to hold a 2-1 advantage after the first period. Starting the second on bottom, Crutchmer notched an escape with 30 seconds left and grabbed another takedown to go up 5-1, leading into the final period. A third takedown for Crutchmer secured the win, 7-2.
The Pokes dropped heartbreakers at 184 and 197 pounds, both separated by one point. Nolan Boyd stormed back from a 4-1 deficit to No. 16 Pete Renda, but it was not enough as he fell, 9-8. At 197 pounds, Austin Schafer battled No. 17 Michael Boykin in a 3-2 bout.
With the Cowboys trailing 16-15, the dual came down to the heavyweight match. No. 4 Austin Marsden took on two-time NCAA champion Nick Gwiazdowski in their second meeting. Marsden was not able to overcome Gwiazdowski’s three takedowns, falling 7-4.
The Pokes return to action on Dec. 13 as they travel to Norman, Okla. to face the Sooners.

North Carolina State 19, Oklahoma State 15
125: Eddie Klimara (OSU) dec. Sean Fausz (NCST), 5-3 SV1
133: Jamal Morris (NCST) dec. Brian Crutchmer (OSU), 4-0 
141: Dean Heil (OSU) dec. Kevin Jack (NCST), 10-8
149: Sam Melikian (NCST) dec. Davey Dolan (OSU), 5-2
157: Tommy Gantt (NCST) MD Chance Marsteller (OSU), 18-6
165: Alex Dieringer (OSU) fall Lee Davis (NCST), 0:29
174: Kyle Crutchmer (OSU) dec. Max Rohskopf (NCST), 7-2
184: Pete Renda (NCST) dec. Nolan Boyd (OSU), 9-8
197: Michael Boykin (NCST) dec. Austin Scahfer (OSU), 3-2
285: Nick Gwiazdowski (NCST) dec. Austin Marsden (OSU), 7-4

Eastern Michigan 30, Buffalo 3
125: Vincent Pizzuto won by decision over Kyle Akins, 5-1
133: Shayne Wireman won by decision over Bryan Lantry 8-3
141: Kyle Springer won by major decision over Jason Estevez, 18-5
149: Nicholas Barber won by decision over Colt Cotten 8-6
157: Devon Marry won by major decision over Tim Schaefer, 9-1
165: Dakota Juarez won by major decision over Tyler Rill, 11-3
174: Jacob Davis won by decision over Muhamed McBryde, 3-2
184: Derek Hillman won by decision over Joe Ariola, 7-3
197: Anthony Abro won by decision over James Benjamin, 4-3
285: Jake Gunning won by decision over Gage Hutchison, 4-3

South Dakota State 48, Dakota Wexleyan 0

125: Kahlen Morris (SDSU) dec. Will Seydel (DWU), 9-6
133: Tyler Pieper (SDSU) won by forfeit
141: Ben Gillette (SDSU) won by forfeit
149: Jaxon Fitzgerald (SDSU) tech. fall Tanner Wonch (DWU), 16-0 (3:44)
157: Logan Peterson (SDSU) def. Chris Wheeler (DWU) by fall (0:24) 
165: Joe Brewster (SDSU) tech. fall Alex Osborne (DWU), 16-0 (3:30)
174: Spencer Derifield (SDSU) major dec. Nick Woslum (DWU), 16-2
184: Ben Schwery (SDSU) dec. Isaac Rangel (DWU), 8-1
197: Josh Casperson (SDSU) def. Matt Schirado (DWU), by fall (2:35)
285: Alex Macki (SDSU) major dec. Jade Hoisington (DWU), 12-4

South Dakota State 36, Northern State 12
125: Carson Henry (NSU) def. Kahlen Morris (SDSU), by fall (2:03)
133: Tyler Pieper (SDSU) dec. Kenny Mcaleavey (NSU), 5-1
141: Cody Voegeli (NSU) dec. Jaxon Fitzgerald (SDSU), 8-2
149: Alex Kocer (SDSU) won by forfeit
157: Logan Peterson (SDSU) def. Grant Steen (NSU) by fall (4:26)
165: Joe Brewster (SDSU) dec. Sean Havlovic (NSU), 11-5
174: David Kocer (SDSU) def. Anthony Navarro (NSU), by fall (4:44) 
184: Brady Ayers (SDSU) def. David Murphy (NSU), by fall (2:45)
197: Joe Gomez (NSU) dec. Ben Schwery (SDSU), 3-2
285: Alex Macki (SDSU) won by forfeit

South Dakota State 31, Augustana 9
125: Javier Vieyra (AU) dec. Kahlen Morris (SDSU), 8-2
133: #15 Brance Simms (SDSU) major dec., David Potratz (AU), 13-4
141: Seth Gross (SDSU) major dec. Brandon Charbonneau (AU), 20-6
149: Alex Kocer (SDSU) def. Jacob Anderson (AU), by fall (5:40) 
157: #6 Cody Pack (SDSU) tech. fall Shawn Hatlestad (AU), 16-0 (5:22)
165: Luke Zilverberg (SDSU) major dec. Bruce Lemon (AU), 13-3
174: David Kocer (SDSU) dec. Tim Weber (AU), 8-1
184: Aero Amo (AU) dec. Brady Ayers (SDSU), 3-2
197: Nate Rotert (SDSU) tech. fall Clayton Wahlstrom (AU), 19-4 (4:52)
285: Michael Lowman (AU) dec. Alex Macki (SDSU), 5-2

Augustana 31, Northern State 12
125: Javier Vieyra (AU) dec. Carson Henry (NSU), 11-10
133: David Potratz (AU) major dec. Kenny Mcaleavey (NSU), 13-1
141: C.J. Voegeli (NSU) def. Jeremiah Peterson (AU), by fall (3:16)
149: Colin Ayers (AU) wins by forfeit
157: Shawn Hatlestad (AU) dec. Grant Steen (NSU), 6-2
165: Sean Havlovic (NSU) dec. Bruce Lemon (AU), 9-6
174: Tim Weber (AU) dec. Anthony Navarro (NSU), 10-4 
184: Aero Amo (AU) def. David Murphy (NSU), by fall (0:20)
197: Joe Gomez (NSU) dec. Clayton Wahlstrom (AU), 5-3
285: Michael Lowman (AU) wins by forfeit

Augustana 43, Dakota Wexleyan 3
125: Javier Vieyra (AU) wins by forfeit
133: David Potratz (AU) wins by forfeit
141: Austin Jordan (AU) wins by forfeit
149: Colin Ayers (AU) def. Tanner Wonch (DWU), by fall (5:37)
157: Shawn Hatlestad (AU) dec. Mito Mendivil (DWU), 9-2
165: Bruce Lemon (AU) def. Tanner Wernsman (DWU), by fall (1:48)
174: Tim Weber (AU) dec. Nick Woslum (DWU), 8-2
184: Aero Amo (AU) tech. fall Isaac Rangel (DWU), 15-0 (3:10)
197: Lane Lettau (AU) dec. Matt Schirado (DWU), 9-8
285: Jade Hoisington (DWU) dec. Joe Schiller (AU), 8-1

Northern State 38, Dakota Wexleyan 12
125: Carson Henry (NSU) wins by forfeit 
133: Ben Cauffman (NSU) wins by forfeit 
141: Kenny Mcaleavey (NSU) wins by forfeit 
149: C.J. Voegeli (NSU) major dec. Tanner Wonch (DWU), 9-0 
157: Grant Steen (NSU) dec. Skyler Ingwerson (DWU), 4-3 
165: Trever DeVestern (DWU) def. Sean Havlovic (NSU), by fall (2:43) 
174: Anthony Navarro (NSU) major dec. Nick Woslum (DWU), 12-3 
184: David Murphy (NSU) def. Isaac Rangel (DWU) by injury default 
197: Joe Gomez (NSU) dec. Matt Schirado (DWU), 6-3 
HWT: Jade Hoisington (DWU) wins by forfeit 


ACC Highlights:

Saturday night the 21st of November in Chapel Hill, The Tarheels led by a PIN FROM THE TWINS Evan Henderson and Ethan Ramos and a major decision by Robert Henderson fueled the No. 19 North Carolina wrestling team in a 25-12 win over visiting Gardner-Webb. The Tar Heels pulled out a majority 6 out of the 10 total matches to improve to 3-1 on the season with a TOP 20 RANK!

Ron John UNC LOgoGardner-Webb, who is now 1-2, battled out to a 6-0 lead with wins at 125 and 133 before Henderson’s first-period pin of Ryan Hull at 141 evened the dual at 6. It was the 37th career fall for Henderson, who also moved into a tie for eighth in school history with his 108th career victory.

GWU edged back in front thanks to Ryan Mosley’s win at 149, but Robert Henderson‘s 10-2 major decision at 157 gave the Tar Heels their first lead of the night.

Ramos needed just 60 seconds to pin Cole Graves at 165, extending the UNC lead to 16-9. Carolina then got wins from John Michael StaudenmayerAlex Utley and Chip Ness to put the dual out of reach.

The Tar Heels will return to action on Sunday, Nov. 29, when they host Appalachian State at 2 p.m. at Carmichael Arena. Admission to all UNC wrestling events is free for all spectators.

Evan Henderson in action

Evan Henderson in action (PHOTO BY ALEX RINALDI)

Ramos scrfing a biug pin

Ethan Ramos registering a big pin (PHOTO BY ALEX RINALDI)

#19  North Carolina 25, Gardner-Webb 12

125: Cortez Starkes (GWU) dec. Anthony Bosco (UNC), 10-4 – GWU leads 3-0
133: Tyler Ziegler (GWU) dec. A.C. Headlee (UNC), SV-1 6-4 – GWU leads 6-0
141: Evan Henderson (UNC) fall Ryan Hull (GWU), 2:00 – Tied at 6-6
149: Ryan Mosley (GWU) dec. Christian Barber (UNC), 4-3 – GWU leads 9-6
157: Robert Henderson (UNC) maj. dec. Kyle Ash (GWU), 10-2 – UNC leads 10-9
165: Ethan Ramos (UNC) fall Cole Graves (GWU), 1:00 – UNC leads 16-9
174: John Michael Staudenmayer (UNC) dec. Brett Stein (GWU), 7-2 – UNC leads 19-9
184: Alex Utley (UNC) dec. Hunter Gamble (GWU), 3-2 – UNC leads 22-9
197: Chip Ness (UNC) dec. Gray Jones (GWU), 10-5 – UNC leads 25-9
285: Boyce Cornwell (GWU) dec. Cory Daniel (UNC), 6-1 – UNC wins 25-12

Hokies open weekend with victory over South Dakota State

Tech picked up a 20-16 victory Saturday evening

The sixth-ranked Virginia Tech wrestling squad won their first road dual meet of 2015, topping South Dakota State 20-16.


Junior Joey Dance moved to 3-0 on the season in dual meets, picking up a 17-2 tech fall in 4:39, to put the Hokies up 5-0 early.

With the Jacks picking up three points at 133, tenth-ranked redshirt freshman Solomon Chishkocontinued his winning ways with a 10-5 decision at 141 pounds. Chishko used early takedowns to build a lead he never surrendered to widen Tech’s lead to 8-3.

South Dakota State won a tech fall at 149 and picked up a major decision at 157 pounds to take their first lead of the afternoon at 12-8.

Twentieth-ranked David McFadden’s first and third period takedowns propelled him to his third dual meet victory of the season, notching a 6-4 win at 165 pounds. McFadden’s decision put the Hokies within one, trailing 12-11 through six weight classes.

Zack Zavatsky picked up his second win of the season, a 7-4 decision. After being tied 3-3 heading into the third period, Zavatsky quickly added an escape and a takedown, eventually winning by a margin of three. After Zavatsky’s victory, the Hokies were within two, trailing 16-14.

No. 19 Jared Haught picked up the upset of the day, taking down 12th-ranked Nate Rotert in a closely matched 3-2 battle. After scoring an early escape in the first period, the score remained 1-0 in favor of Haught until Rotert evened the score with an escape of his own in the third. Haught took the lead for good with a takedown with under 30 second remaining to put the Hokies ahead 17-16 with just the heavyweight match left on the docket.

Second-ranked Ty Walz rode two takedowns to a 4-3 victory, improving his record to a perfect 3-0, and sealing the 20-16 victory for Virginia Tech.

“Obviously we wrestled pretty much all first and second year athletes tonight, so it wasn’t pretty at times, but we did learn how to compete a little when the chips are down,” said head coach Kevin Dresser. “I wanted to put them in a tough environment and watch. I watched some fail and I saw a few guys grow up. It’s a short turnaround with North Dakota State in less than 24 hours.”

With those three bouts accounting for nine of Tech’s 15 final points, Walz picked up a forfeit in the heavyweight matchup for the final six team points.

Tech (2-1) will be back in action on Sunday, when the team heads north to take on the Bison of North Dakota State at 4 p.m. Live stats and a video stream for the meet can be found at

#6 Virginia Tech (2-1) 20; South Dakota State (1-3) 16
125: #3 Joey Dance (VT) over Anthony Cefolo (SDSU) – Tech Fall, 17-2, 4:39
133: Brance Simms (SDSU) over #18 Kevin Norstrem (VT) – Dec., 6-4
141: #10 Solomon Chishko (VT) over Seth Gross (SDSU) – Dec., 10-5
149: Alex Kocer (SDSU) over Chad Saunders (VT) – Tech Fall, 16-1, 5:58
157: #8 Cody Pack (SDSU) over Jake Spengler (VT) – Maj., 13-1
165: #20 David McFadden (VT) over Luke Zilverberg (SDSU) – Dec., 6-4
174: David Kocer (SDSU) over Cody Hughes (VT) – Maj. 9-1
184: Zachary Zavatsky (VT) over Brady Ayers (SDSU) – Dec. 7-4
197: #19 Jared Haught (VT) over #12 Nate Rotert (SDSU) – Dec. 3-2
285: #2 Ty Wlaz (VT) over Alex Macki (SDSU) – Dec. 5-3


 UVU takes down No. 18 Oregon State in Corvallis

(FROM Utah Valley Homepage)- CORVALLIS, Ore. – The Utah Valley University wrestling team opened the Oregon State Duals with a bang on Saturday afternoon by knocking off the 18th-ranked Beavers by a score of 20-19 on their home mat at Gill Coliseum.
Ron John UVU logoUpset wins from seniors Chasen Tolbert (125 pounds) and Derek Thomas (197), as well as bonus-point victories from Thomas, redshirt freshman Raider Lofthouse (157) and senior Ross Taylor (174) were the difference in the contest as the Wolverines managed to record the one-point victory despite both teams winning five bouts apiece in the meet.

“It was a fun match that was competitive and I was happy with how our guys fought throughout,” head coach Greg Williams said. “It was a big win for our program, as well as individually for Chasen, Derek and Ross as they helped seal the victory for us. Overall, I was very pleased with how our guys competed. 
The 12th-ranked Tolbert got the Wolverines (2-2, 0-0 Big 12) off to a strong start in the opening bout against the Beavers (2-3, 0-0 Pac-12) as he managed to hold on for a 4-3 upset victory over No. 10 Ronnie Bresser. The UVU senior 125-pounder was the first to strike in the contest, as he recorded an opening period takedown to jump out to a 2-0 advantage. Following a quick second-period escape, Tolbert held a 3-1 advantage after two. In the final frame, Tolbert then managed to ride Bresser out for the majority of the period to earn a decisive riding time point to hold on for the 4-3 win over the 2015 NCAA qualifier and Pac-12 Champion.
Following a 6-2 victory by OSU’s Joey Palmer at 133, sophomore Jarod Maynes answered back for the Wolverines with a 5-3 win of his own over Jack Hathaway to give UVU a 6-3 lead in the meet. The Beavers then took a brief 7-6 lead following a major decision at 149 pounds, but Utah Valley bounced right back with a 13-5 major decision win of its own from redshirt freshman Raider Lofthouse to give UVU a 10-7 lead. In his first collegiate victory, Lofthouse controlled OSU’s Abraham Rodriquez with three takedowns and a four-point nearfall en route to the bonus-point victory.
Oregon State then recorded another major decision at 165 to take an 11-10 advantage, but a big fall from the 174-pound senior Taylor helped the Wolverines regain the lead at 16-11. Trailing by a point late in the second period, Taylor managed to throw OSU’s Tyler Chay to the mat for a takedown but the Wolverine senior didn’t stop there as he immediately followed it up by pinning Chay in the center of the mat just before time expired in the period.
After a major decision win by Oregon State’s Corey Griego at 184 pounds, Thomas responded for the Wolverines in a big way with a dominant 10-1 major decision upset over fifteenth-ranked Cody Crawford at 197 pounds. The UVU senior scored a pair of takedowns, along with a four-point nearfall and a riding time point to secure the third bonus-point victory of the match for the Wolverines and give Utah Valley a 20-15 lead with just one match to go.
In the final bout of the meet, No. 5 Amarveer Dhesi needed a technical fall or a fall to help the Beavers overcome the five-point deficit but UVU sophomore heavyweight Dustin Dennison did what he needed to do as he held on to lose by major decision to the highly ranked Dhesi, 21-8, to secure the win for the Wolverines. 
The victory marks just the second win in program history over a ranked foe for Utah Valley and its first over a nationally ranked opponent since it defeated the then eighth-ranked Boise State Broncos at home on Feb. 5, 2010. It is also UVU’s first all-time win over Oregon State in three tries.
The Wolverines will close the Oregon State Duals on Saturday at 4 p.m. MT/3 p.m. PT against No. 15 Rutgers. Following the final dual of the weekend against the Scarlet Knights, UVU will return to Orem for its home opener against Boise State on Saturday, Nov. 28 at 4 p.m. The contest will not only mark the home opener for Utah Valley but also its first home dual as a member of the Big 12 Conference.

Utah Valley 20, #18 Oregon State 19
125: #12 Chasen Tolbert (UVU) over #10 Ronnie Bresser (OSU), Dec. 4-3
133: Joey Palmer (OSU) over #18 Jade Rauser (UVU), Dec. 6-2
141: Jarod Maynes (UVU) over Jack Hathaway (OSU), Dec. 5-3
149: Joey Delgado (OSU) over Brayden Humpherys (UVU), MD 12-3
157: Raider Lofthouse (UVU) over Abraham Rodriquez (OSU), MD 13-5
165: #12 Seth Thomas (OSU) over Kieffer Taylor (UVU), MD 16-4
174: Ross Taylor (UVU) over Tyler Chay (OSU), Fall 5:00
184: Corey Griego (OSU) over Will Sumner (UVU), MD 11-3
197: Derek Thomas (UVU) over #15 Cody Crawford (OSU), MD 10-1
285: #5 Amarveer Dhesi (OSU) over Dustin Dennison (UVU), MD 21-8


Site: Ann Arbor, Mich. (Cliff Keen Arena)
Scores: #14 Oklahoma 23, #3 Michigan 12
Records: U-M (3-1), OU (5-0)
Attendance: 1,305
Next U-M Event: Fri-Sat., Dec. 4-5 — at Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational (Las Vegas, Nev.), 9 a.m. PST

Ron John OU logoANN ARBOR, Mich. — The No. 3-ranked University of Michigan wrestling team got wins from junior/sophomore George Fisher (141 pounds), junior Domenic Abounader (184 pounds), graduate student Max Huntley (197 pounds) and juniorAdam Coon (heavyweight) but fell to No. 14 Oklahoma, 23-12, on Sunday (Nov. 22) inside Cliff Keen Arena.

The Sooners got off to a fast start, winning three of the first four matches, two of them upsets. The lone victor in that stretch for Michigan was Fisher, who earned a 7-5 decision over Noah Teaney at 141 pounds. Fisher got two takedowns early to build the lead, the first on a well-performed single-leg blast. Teaney tied things up in the third with a takedown, but the swinging point of the match came on a Fisher reversal to take the lead at 6-5. He added one more point from riding time to seal the victory.

The turning point in the match came at the 157-pound bout between junior Brian Murphy and Shayne Tucker. The Sooners led on the scoreboard, 11-3, but Murphy was bringing Michigan back in it, jumping out to a 4-1 lead on Tucker through the early stages of the second period. However, in a scramble, he landed awkwardly on his knee and could not continue, surrendering an injury default that gave Oklahoma six points and a 17-3 advantage at the intermission break.

The Wolverines had a trio of one-point losses on the afternoon. At 165 pounds, sophomore Garrett Sutton was tied with Clark Glass for most of the match, but Glass was awarded a point riding time at the end of the match to win. Senior/junior Conor Youtsey dropped a 3-2 decision at 125, and sophomore Alec Pantaleo just missed a takedown at the end of the third period that would have given him the win at 149, instead coming up short, 4-3.

Michigan finished strong, however, winning the final three matches, starting with Abounader, who beat Joel Dixon, 8-1, at 184 pounds. The Gates Mills, Ohio, native recorded two takedowns and a reversal through the early stages of the second period to build a 6-1 lead. He added another point after Dixon was called for stalling in the third, and tacked on an eighth point after accumulating over five minutes of riding time.

Huntley followed, holding on to beat Brad Johnson, 8-6, at 197 pounds. The two men exchanged takedowns and escapes the whole match, but a late takedown in the third period by Huntley sealed the win.

Coon closed the dual with a 4-1 victory over eighth-ranked Ross Larson at heavyweight. Coon picked up a takedown in the first period and an escape in the second to go up 3-1, and accumulated over three minutes of riding time to claim an extra point.

The Wolverines will take a break for the Thanksgiving before heading to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the annual Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational on Friday and Saturday, Dec. 4-5, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Competition is slated to begin at 9 a.m. PST each day.


Mountain Hawks hammer Edinboro 36-6 and Pittsburgh to complete 2-0 home weekend

(From Lehigh’s Homepage)- BETHLEHEM, Pa. – No. 10 Lehigh completed a weekend sweep of its first home action of the season with a convincing 36-6 win over Edinboro Sunday inside Leeman-Turner Arena at Grace Hall. The Mountain Hawks won eight bouts, scoring bonus points in five of the eight, including a trio of pins from juniors Randy Cruz and Mitch Minotti and senior Max Wessell to improve to 4-1 on the season.
Ron John Lehigh LOgo“Edinboro is always going to come after you and wrestle hard,” Lehigh head coach Pat Santoro said. “They’re going to be a lot better come March when they get some guys back in the lineup. They’re going to be a different team, but our guys wrestled hard. We moved forward and took a lot of shots. Hopefully we start getting rewarded for that.”
The only bout of the dual that matched ranked wrestlers was the first one as 14th-ranked sophomore edged No. 20 Sean Russell 3-1 in sudden victory at 125. The match was 1-1 through regulation, when Cruz scored off a low double leg shot from behind Russell for the winning points.
Lehigh then turned to its third 133-pounder of the season, as sophomore Dean Somers stepped in for classmate Jonathan Mele and posted a 12-0 major decision over Tony Recco. Somers came out of an early scramble with a takedown and four point near fall to lead 6-0 after one and added a takedown in each of the final two periods to win his first career dual match.
“He kept wrestling,” Santoro said of Somers. “He didn’t try to sit on a lead. He kept wrestling and ended up getting the major for us and winning pretty big. It was a nice win for him.”
Randy Cruz then made it three straight Mountain Hawk wins with the first of three falls on the day. Up 2-0 in the first period, Cruz used a half nelson-arm bar combination to deck Nate Hagan in 2:05.
Edinboro’s first win came at 149 as Patricio Lugo improved to 10-0 after holding off a late charge from junior Laike Gardner to win 6-4. Lugo led 4-1 after one period behind two takedowns. A third period score got Gardner back within two but he couldn’t convert a tying takedown in the final period.
Minotti led 3-0 in the second period at 157 when he used a cement mixer to pin Spencer Nagy at 3:29 to give the Mountain Hawks a 19-3 lead at intermission.
The Fighting Scots (3-2) posted their only other win at 165 as Casey Fuller edged freshman Ryan Preisch 3-2, with the only takedown coming from Fuller in the first period off a Preisch shot. Fuller joined Lugo at moving to 10-0 on the season.
“I’ll take a few losses early for being overly aggressive,” Santoro said. “We’ll start finishing those and next time we’ll be better.”
Lehigh went on to capture the final four bouts, starting with a 10-4 win from junior Elliot Riddick over Patrick Jennings at 174. Riddick scored a takedown in each period and added a two point near fall in the second plus a pair of escapes.
Senior Nathaniel Brown posted his third technical fall win in five bouts, defeating Chris Laird 16-0 in 2:13 at 184. After an early takedown, Brown scored three four point near falls off tilts and then ended the match with a two point near fall.Ron John Edinboro LOgo
At 197 senior John Bolich won an 8-3 decision over Vince Pickett. Bolich built a 7-1 lead in the third period and was looking for a major when he was taken down late.
The final bout of the dual went to senior Max Wessell who handed Billy Miller his first loss of the season. Tied at 1-1 in the third period, Wessell countered a Miller shot by throwing him to his back for the fall in 5:35. 
The Mountain Hawks will be off from competition next weekend and will return to action with two duals in New Jersey on Saturday, December 5. Lehigh will visit Rider at 11 a.m. and then will make the trek to Princeton to visit the Tigers at 2 p.m.
No. 10 Lehigh 36, Edinboro 6
125 – Darian Cruz (Lehigh) dec. Sean Russell (Edinboro) 3-1, sv
133 – Dean Somers (Lehigh) major dec. Tony Recco (Edinboro) 12-0
141 – Randy Cruz (Lehigh) Fall Nate Hagan (Edinboro) 2:05
149 – Patricio Lugo (Edinboro) dec. Laike Gardner (Lehigh) 6-4
157 – Mitch Minotti (Lehigh) Fall Spencer Nagy (Edinboro) 3:29
165 – Casey Fuller (Edinboro) dec. Ryan Preisch (Lehigh) 3-2
174 – Elliot Riddick (Lehigh) dec. Patrick Jennings (Edinboro) 10-4
184 – Nathaniel Brown (Lehigh) tech fall Chris Laird (Edinboro) 16-0, 2:13
197 – John Bolich (Lehigh) dec. Vince Pickett (Edinboro) 8-3
285 – Max Wessell (Lehigh) Fall Billy Miller (Edinboro) 5:35
Attendance – 1,295
Officials –John Hnath and Christopher Cobb


Thursday, November 19:

Oklahoma 38, Northern Colorado 3
125: Ryan Millhof (OU) dec Trey Andrews (Northern Colorado), 7-3

133: Cody Brewer (OU)  tech. fall Rico Montoya (Northern Colorado), 20-4 
141: Noah Teaney (OU)  fall Sonny Espinoza (Northern Colorado), 1:43
149: Davion Jeffries (OU)  maj. dec. Timmy Box (Northern Colorado), 13-4
157: Eleazar DeLuca (Northern Colorado) dec. Brock Wingbermuehle (OU), 7-2
165: Clark Glass (OU)  maj. dec. Joe Grable (Northern Colorado), 16-6
174: Matt Reed (OU)  fall Horacio Vialpando (Northern Colorado), 1:00
184: Joel Dixon (OU)  dec. Tanner Davis (Northern Colorado), 6-2
197: Brad Johnson (OU)  dec. Trent Noon (Northern Colorado), 4-3
HWT: Ross Larson (OU) maj. dec. Jack Kuck (Northern Colorado), 9-1

Friday, November 20:
IOWA 36, Maryland 9

125: Thomas Gilman (I) tech. fall Jhared Simmons (M), 24-7 
133: Cory Clark (I) pinned Tyler Goodwin (M), 4:06
141: Alfred Bannister (M) dec. Logan Ryan (I), 8-5 
149: Brandon Sorensen (I) maj. dec. Wade Hodges (M), 12-2
157: Lou Mascola (M) dec. Edwin Cooper, Jr. (I), 8-6
165: Brendan Burnham (M) dec. Burke Paddock (I), 9-5
174: Alex Meyer (I) maj. dec. Derrick Evanovich (M), 11-2
184: Sammy Brooks (I) pinned Mark Colabucci (M), 2:16
197: Nathan Burak (I) tech. fall Garret Wesneski (M), 21-5
285: Sam Stoll (I) won by forfeit; 36-9

IOWA 44, Grand Canyon 0
125: Thomas Gilman (I) pinned Trayton Libolt (G), 3:51
133: Cory Clark (I) major dec. Jauquin Olivas (G), 10-1
141: Jake Kadel (I) dec. Uzo Owuama (G), 6-3
149: Brandon Sorensen (I) major dec. Blake Monty (G), 14-4
157: Edwin Cooper, Jr. (I) major dec. Zack Velasquez (G), 10-2
165: Patrick Rhoads (I) tech. fall Casey Larson (G), 20-5
174: Alex Meyer (I) dec. Kenny Moore (G), 7-2
184: Sammy Brooks (I) tech. fall Austin Trujillo (G), 17-2
197: Nathan Burak (I) major dec. Austin Gaun (G), 15-7
285: Sam Stoll (I) pinned Sean Medley (G), 1:36

IOWA 54, Iowa Central 0
125: Thomas Gilman (I) pinned Mitch Brinkman (ICCC), 1:45
133: Cory Clark (I) pinned Terrell Pampkin (ICCC), 2:32
141: Logan Ryan (I) pinned Kohl Wheeler (ICCC), 4:52
149: Brandon Sorensen (I) tech. fall Ryne Cokeley (ICCC), 24-9
157: Skyler St. John (I) major dec. Stephon Gray (ICCC), 20-10
165: Burke Paddock (I) tech. fall Grant Sherman (ICCC), 17-1
174: Alex Meyer (I) major dec. Armani Robinson (ICCC), 10-2
184: Sammy Brooks (I) win by forfeit; 42-0
197: Nathan Burak (I) pinned Kendrick Jones (ICCC), 2:14
285: Sam Stoll (I) pinned Quelton Toliver (ICCC), 1:50

IOWA 58, Cornell College 0
125: Thomas Gilman (I) pinned Scott Smith (C), 1:32
133: Cory Clark (I) pinned Philip Opelt (C), 3:47
141: Logan Ryan (I) major dec. Josh Martin (C), 20-7
149: Brandon Sorensen (I) pinned Nathan Shank (C), 4:14
157: Edwin Cooper, Jr. (I) pinned Aaron Engle (C), 2:40
165: Patrick Rhoads (I) pinned Michael Maksimovic (C), 4:55
174: Alex Meyer (I) pinned Brian Cristion (C), 4:02
184: Sammy Brooks (I) pinned James Garrett (C), 2:31
197: Nathan Burak (I) pinned Ben Bergen (C), 0:57
285: Sam Stoll (I) pinned Eric Tucker (C), 2:27

Purdue 37, Bloomsburg 12
125:Ben Thornton (Purdue) over Jon Haas (Bloomsburg) (MD 16-4)
133: Andy Schutz (Bloomsburg) over Luke Welch (Purdue) (Fall 5:37)
141: Danny Sabatello (Purdue) over Adam Barrick (Bloomsburg) (Fall 2:12)
149: Kyle Ayersman (Purdue) over Ryan Snow (Bloomsburg) (Dec 10-3)
157: 14 Doug Welch (Purdue) over Brendon Colbert (Bloomsburg) (Dec 4-2)
165: Chad Welch (Purdue) over Mathew Carr (Bloomsburg) (Fall 4:44)
174: Jacob Morrissey (Purdue) over Kyle Wojtaszek (Bloomsburg) (Fall 2:43)
184: Tanner Lynde (Purdue) over Casey Glunt (Bloomsburg) (Fall 3:43)
197: Dominic Carfagno (Bloomsburg) over Drake Stein (Purdue) (Fall 0:32)
285 Tyler Kral (Purdue) over Saul Wilkins (Bloomsburg) (Dec 4-0)

Eastern Michigan 32, Cleveland State 3
125: Aramando Torres (EMU) dec. Nick DeRosa (CSU), 8-2
133: Shayne Wireman (EMU) dec. Alredo Gray (CSU), 5-3
141: Kyle Springer fall fall Michael Carlone (CSU), 1:27
149: Nick Barber (EMU) dec. Nick Montgomery (CSU), 8-2
157: Devan Marry (EMU) dec. John Vaughn (CSU), 11-4
165: Dakota Juarez (EMU) dec. Nathan Wynkoop (CSU), 10-3
174: Jacob Davis (EMU) dec. Gabe Stark (CSU), 5-4
184: Derek Hillman (EMU) tech fall Jacob Worthington (CSU), 22-7
197: Anthony Abro (EMU) dec. Sam Wheeler (CSU), 3-1
HWT: Riley Shaw (CSU) dec. Gage Hutchison, 4-0

Lehigh 27, Pitt 7
125: Darian Cruz (Lehigh) major dec. LJ Bentley (Pitt) 14-5
133: Dom Forys (Pitt) major dec. Jon Mele (Lehigh) 21-10
141: Mikey Racciato (Pitt) dec. Randy Cruz (Lehigh) 3-2
149: Laike Gardner (Lehigh) dec. Robert Lee (Pitt) 7-5
157: Mitch Minotti (Lehigh) dec. Ronnie Garbinsky (Pitt) 8-2
165: Ryan Preisch (Lehigh) dec. Cody Wiercioch (Pitt) 4-3
174: Elliot Riddick (Lehigh) dec. Te’Shan Campbell (Pitt) 5-2
184: Nathaniel Brown (Lehigh) tech fall Zach Bruce (Pitt) 24-9, 5:15
197: John Bolich (Lehigh) dec. Nick Bonaccorsi (Pitt) 6-0
285: Max Wessell (Lehigh) dec. Ryan Solomon (Pitt) 3-2

Edinboro 23, Clarion 15
125: Sean Russell (Ed) maj. Dec. Patrick DeWitt (CL) 16-4
133: Michael Bartolo (CL( dec. Tony Rocco (ED) 7-4
141: Brock Zacherl (CL) maj. Dec. Nate Hagan (ED) 8-0
149: Patricio Lugo (ED) wbf Jacob Keller (CL) 0:26
157: Spencer Nagy (ED) dec. Morgan Way (CL) 6-3
165: Casey Fuller (ED) dec. Evan DeLong (CL) 6-2
174: Michael Pavasko (CL) dec. Patrick Jennings (ED) 7-4
184: Dominic Rigous (CL) t. fall Chris Laird (ED) 15-0, 7:00
197: Vince Pickett (ED) dec. Dustin Conti (CL) 4-1
285: Billy Miller (ED) maj. Dec. Evan Daley (CL) 13-5

Ohio State 28, Arizona State 9
165: Jacen Peterson (ASU) decision over Justin Kresevic (OSU) 10-4 
174: Bo Jordan (OSU) fall over Zachary Smith (ASU) 1:54 
184: Blake Stauffer (ASU) decision over Jack Rozema (OSU) 7-4 
197: Mark Martin (OSU) decision over Joshua DaSilveira (ASU) 8-5
285: Nick Tavanello (OSU) decision over Tanner Hall 3-2 
125: Nathan Tomasello (OSU) major decision over Ares Carpio (ASU) 16-6 
133: Johnni DiJulius (OSU) tech fall over Cord Coronado (ASU) 16-0 
141: Micah Jordan (OSU) major decision over Robert Mathers (ASU) 18-6 
149: Matt Kraus (ASU) decision over Cody Burcher (OSU) 4-2 
157: Jake Ryan (OSU) decision over Oliver Pierce (ASU) TB-1 2-1

Missouri 37, SIUE 7
125: Barlow McGhee (Missouri) over Troy Gassaway (SIUE) (MD 16-5)
133: Zach Synon (Missouri) over Dakota Leach (SIUE) (MD 10-2)
141: Matt Manley (Missouri) over Angelo Silvestro (SIUE) (MD 16-4)
149: Lavion Mayes (Missouri) over John Fahy (SIUE) (Dec 11-6)
157: Nate Higgins (SIUE) over Matt Lemanowicz (Missouri) (MD 13-4)
165: Daniel Lewis (Missouri) over Erik Travers (SIUE) (Fall 0:58)
174: Timothy Miklus (Missouri) over Clayton Bass (SIUE) (MD 15-5)
184: Willie Miklus (Missouri) over Derek Nagel (SIUE) (Fall 2:49)
197: J`Den Cox (Missouri) over Jake Tindle (SIUE) (TF 25-10 6:33)
285: Chris Johnson (SIUE) over James Romero (Missouri) (Dec 5-0)

Penn State 39, Bakersfield 3
133: Jordan Conaway (PSU) md. Carlos Herrera (CSUB), 16-5

141: Jimmy Gilubon (PSU) dec. Ian Nickell (CSUB), 8-1
149: Zain Retherford (PSU) fall. Coleman Hammond (CSUB), 1:17
157: Jason Nolf (PSU) tech. AJ Fierro (CSUB), 24-9
165: Corey Rasheed (PSU) dec. Adam Fierro (CSUB), 6-0
174: Bo Nickal (PSU) fall. Bryce Hammond (CSUB), 1:57
184: Matt McCutcheon (PSU) md. Jesus Ambriz (CSUB), 12-3
197: Morgan McIntosh (PSU) md. Reuben Franklin (CSUB), 13-5
285: Matt Williams (CSUB) dec. Jan Johnson (PSU), 4-0
125: Nico Megaludis (PSU) md. Sergio Mendez (CSUB), 23-10

Saturday, November 21:

Air Force 29, UW-La Crosse 3
125: Drew Romero (AF) Dec. Ryan Weinmann (UWL), 10-8

133: Josh Martinez (AF) Dec. Dustin Weinmann (UWL), 6-2
141: Dave Walker (AF) Dec. Cody See (UWL), 5-3
149: Mason Geary (UWL) Dec. Jerry McGinty (AF), 6-3
157: Zach Stepan (AF) Dec. Austin Schoen (UWL), 3-2
165: Alex Lopouchanski (AF) MD Andrew Dayland (UWL), 13-4
174: Adam Jackson (AF) Dec. Tyler Schneider (UWL), 4-3
184: Willie Baker (AF) Dec. Alex Friedman (UWL), 7-4
197: Parker Hines (AF) MD Zach Tooley (UWL), 16-5
285: Marcus Malecek (AF) Dec. Clay Broze (UWL), 7-3

Purdue 34, Shippensburg 4
125: Ben Thornton (Purdue) dec. Dustin Steffenino (Shippensburg) 9-4

133: Luke Welch (Purdue) dec. Dante Steffenino (Shippensburg) 7-5
141: Danny Sabatello (Purdue) dec. Karl Lightner (Shippensburg) 13-7
149: Alex Griffin (Purdue) dec. Colin Ochs (Shippensburg) 6-0
157: No. 14 Doug Welch (Purdue) maj. dec. Adam Martz (Shippensburg) 9-0 
165: Peter Andreotti (Purdue) tech. fall Mark Lentz (Shippensburg) 17-2 (7:00) 
174: Blake Reid (Purdue) maj. dec. Hunter Fenk (Shippensburg) 17-7
184: Tanner Lynde (Purdue) won by forfeit
197: Evan Ramos (Shippensburg) maj. dec. Drake Stein (Purdue) 15-7
285: Jacob Aven maj. dec. Derek Earnest (Shippensburg) 9-1

NC State 37, Campbellsville 3
125: Christian Clary (CAMP) dec. McKinnon Bowen; 8-4

133: Jamel Morris (NCSU) major dec. Cole Manion; 14-4
141: Will Clark (NCSU) major dec. David Sparks; 11-3
149: Chandler Pyke (NCSU) dec. Andrew Hoskins; 9-3
157: Jake DeAngelo (NCSU) dec. Kyle Terry; 6-4
165: Chad Pyke (NCSU) major dec. L.J. Henderson; 17-7
174: Lee Davis (NCSU) major dec. Sean Black; 12-4
184: #17 Pete Renda (NCSU) fall Miguel Santis; 1:53
197: Malik McDonald (NCSU) fall Evan Decker; 5:50
285: Mike Kosoy (NCSU) dec. Hashem Omari; 8-1

Cornell 37, Drexel 3
125: Dalton Macri (CU) DEC Zack Fuentes (DU), 3-2

133: Nahshon Garrett (CU) TF Franco Ferraina (DU), 18-2
141: William Koll (CU) MAJ Anthony Canfora (DU), 18-4
149: Matthew Cimato (DU) DEC Joe Galasso (CU), 6-0
157: Chris Dowdy (CU) WBF Mike Comunale (DU) @ 1:26
165: Duke Pickett (DU) DEC Austin Rose (DU), 9-3
174: Brian Realbuto (CU) WBF Nick Elmer (DU) @ 4:09
184: Gabe Dean (CU) DEC Stephen Louiseau (DU), 16-8
197: Jake Taylor (CU) DEC Nezar Haddad (DU), 8-2
285: Jeramy Sweany (CU) DEC Joey Goodhart (DU), 4-3

Purdue 31, Lock Haven 9
125: Ben Thornton (Purdue) dec. Jake Field (Lock Haven) 7-4

133: Luke Welch (Purdue) dec. Bobby Rehim (Lock Haven) 11-7
141: Danny Sabatello (Purdue) dec. No. 17 Dan Neff (Lock Haven) 12-10 (SV2) 
149: Alex Griffin (Purdue) maj. dec. Cody Wheeler (Lock Haven) 10-1
157: Doug Welch (Purdue) pinned Aaron McKinney (Lock Haven) 6:16
165: Chad Welch (Purdue) dec. Cody Cordes (Lock Haven) 6-2
174: Jacob Morrissey (Purdue) pinned Tyler Wood (Lock Haven) 2:12
184: Tristan Sponseller (Lock Haven) dec. Tanner Lynde (Purdue) 8-6
197: Phil Sprenkle (Lock Haven) pinned Drake Stein (Purdue) 3:13
285: Tyler Kral (Purdue) dec. Brad Emerick (Lock Haven) 6-0
North Carolina State 32, UNC Pembroke 9
125: McKinnon Bowen (NCSU) maj. dec. Caison Scott (UNCP) M 13-4
133: Jamel Morris (NCSU) pinned Dustin Smith (UNCP) F 1:18
141: Jake Smith (UNCP) dec. Will Clark (NCSU) D 3-2
149: Chandler Pyke (NCSU) dec. Eric Milks (UNCP) D 5-0
157: Cohl Fulk (NCSU) pinned Hayden Fry (UNCP) F 1:33
165: Chad Pyke (NCSU) tech. fall Faris Teia (UNCP) TF 18-3; 5:00
174: No. 7 Blaze Shade (UNCP) dec. Lee Davis (NCSU) D 5-2
184: Mikey Thomas (UNCP) dec. Roger Davis (NCSU) D 4-2
197: Malik McDonald (NCSU) maj. dec. Brach Walker (UNCP) M 22-14
285: Mike Kosoy (NCSU) maj. dec. Stuart Nadeau (UNCP) M 12-1
Lock Haven 39, Shippensburg 3
125: David Sheesley (LHU) dec. Dustin Steffenino (SHIP) 7-6

133 Bobby Rehm (LHU) tech fall Jared Leonetti (SHIP) 19-3 (6:19)
141: Joe Ghione (LHU) pinned Karl Lightner (SHIP) 2:07
149: Kyle Hammond (LHU) dec. Colin Ochs (SHIP) 5-2
157: Aaron McKinney (LHU) dec. Adam Martz (SHIP) 2-0
165: Cody Cordes (LHU) dec. Mark Lentz (SHIP) 8-2
174: Tyler Wood (LHU) pinned Colton Rebert (SHIP) 4:00
184: Tristan Sponseller (LHU) wins by forfeit
197: Evan Ramos (SHIP) dec. Matt Moore (LHU) 9-7
285: Brad Emerick (LHU) major dec. Derek Earnest (SHIP) 9-1
Rutgers 24, Oregon State 12
125: Ronnie Bresser (OSU) dec. Sean McCabe (RU), 6-3

133: Anthony Giraldo (RU) maj. dec. Joey Palmer (OSU), 12-2
141: Anthony Ashnault (RU) dec. Jack Hathaway (OSU), 4-0
149: Joey Delgado (OSU) dec. Tyson Dippery (RU), 5-2
157: Richie Lewis (RU) maj. dec. Abraham Rodriguez (OSU), 11-2
165: Anthony Perrotti (RU) dec. Seth Thomas (OSU), 10-3
174: Phil Bakuckas (RU) maj. dec. Tyler Chay (OSU), 11-2
184: Nicholas Gravina (RU) dec. Corey Griego (OSU), 6-4
197: Hayden Hrymack (RU) dec. Cody Crawford (OSU), 5-2
Hwt: Amarveer Dhesi (OSU) won by DQ over Billy Smith (RU).
NC State 41, Anderson 6
125: McKinnon Bowen (NCSU) maj. dec. Tyler Fitzpatrick (AU), 17-8 
133: Jamel Morris (NCSU) dec. Derek Bohle (AU), 10-7 
141: Will Clark (NCSU) won by forfeit 
149: Jake DeAngelo (NCSU) pinned Dylan Crossland, 0:46 
157: Cohl Fulk (NCSU) pinned Dan Ebert (AU), 2:18
165: Jared Costa (AU) won by forfeit
174: Lee Davis (NCSU) dec. Trevontay Rhodes (AU), 8-5 
184: Roderick Davis (NCSU) dec. Michael Gallagher (AU), 10-8
197: Malik McDonald (NCSU) maj. dec. Stephen Washington (AU), 16-6 
285: Mike Kosoy (NCSU) pinned Ty Williams (AU), 0:26 
Old Dominion 33 San Francisco State 6
125: Brandon Jeske (ODU) over Brandon Vu MD 11-3
133: Emilio Saavedra (ODU) over Jordan Gurrola dec. 7-6
141: Chris Mecate (ODU) over Joshua Weinberg TF 18-4
149: Alexander Richardson (ODU) over Dylan Furtado dec. 3-1
157: Terrell Forbes (ODU) over Romeo Medina dec. 4-2
165: Seldon Wright (ODU) over Tyson Kuahine MD 18-5
174: Brooks Climmons (ODU) over Mike Marshall MD 12-4
184: Jack Dechow (ODU) over Johnny Costa 16-4
197: Austin Coburn (ODU) over Calvin Nicholls dec. 6-1
285: Sam Alnassiri (SFSU) over Andrew Snyder Fall 4:14
Minnesota 22, Air Force 12
125: Skyler Petry, MINN dec. Drew Romero, AF, 9-7

133: Josh Martinez, AF dec. Sam Brancale, MINN, 8-5
141: Tommy Thorn, MINN dec. David Walker, AF, 12-7
149: Gerry McGinty, AF dec. Miles Patton, MINN, 8-3
157: Brandon Kingsley, MNN fall. Zach Stepan, AF, :48
165: Alex Lopouchanski, AF dec. Dylan Urbach, MINN, 3-1
174: Adam Jackson, AF dec. Jordan Rothers, MINN, 5-1
184: Chris Pfarr, MINN dec. Anthony McLaughlin, AF, 8-7 UTB
197: Brett Pfarr, MINN md. Parker Hines, AF, 12-4
285: Mike Kroells, MINN dec. Marcus Malecek, AF, 8-3
Nebraska 35, Wyoming 4
125: Tim Lambert, NEB dec. Drew Templeman, WYO, 7-5 OT

133: Colton McCrystal, NEB md. Gunnar Woodburn, WYO, 16-4
141: Bryce Meredith, WYO md. Anthony Abidin, NEB, 13-4
149: Jake Suefloh, NEB md. Jake Elliott, WYO, 14-3
157: Tyler Berger, NEB dec. Archie Colgan, WYO, 8-1
165: Austin Wilson, NEB fall. Chaz Polson, WYO, :48
174: Micah Barnes, NEB dec. Ben Stroh, WYO, 8-6
184: Tim Dudley, NEB fall. Jace Jensen, WYO, 1:21
197: Aaron Studebaker, NEB dec. Brandon Tribble, WYO, 10-3
HWT: Colin Jensen, NEB dec. Tanner Harms, WYO, 7-3
Old Dominion 28, Cal Poly 9
125 — Brandon Jeske (OD) maj. dec. David Gonzalez (CP) 14-3

133 — Emilio Saavedra (OD) maj. dec. Jason DelaCruz (CP) 12-1
141 — Chris Mecate (OD) maj. dec. Connor Pollock (CP) 11-3
149 — Alexander Richardson (OD) pinned Jason Leon (CP) 2:38
157 — Colt Shorts (CP) dec. Austin Eads (OD) 9-4
165 — Seldon Wright (OD) dec. Joe Granger (CP) 13-6
174 — Brooks Climmons (OD) dec. Sohrab Movahedi (CP) 6-3
184 — Jack Dechow (OD) maj. dec. Mitch Woods (CP) 16-6
197 — J.T. Goodwin (CP) dec. Austin Coburn (OD) 3-2
285 — Spencer Empey (CP) dec. John D’Augostino (OD) 4-1

Sunday, November 22:

North Carolina State’s Wolfpack Open – BRACKETS
Lock Haven’s Mat Town Open – BRACKETS

Penn State 31, Stanford 12
165: Jim Wilson STAN dec. Shakur Rasheed PSU, 6-3 
174: Bo Nickal PSU maj. dec. Keaton Subjeck STAN, 12-4 
184: Matt McCutcheon PSU dec. Garet Krohn STAN, 6-3
197: Morgan McIntosh PSU pinned Boomer Fleming STAN, WBF (4:11) 
285: Josh Marchok STAN win by forfeit
125: Nico Megaludis PSU dec. Connor Schram STAN, 7-1 
133: Jordan Conaway PSU dec. Mason Pengilly STAN, 10-4
141: Joey McKenna STAN dec. Jimmy Gulibon PSU, 7-3 
149: Zain Retherford PSU pinned Paul Fox STAN, WBF (6:35) 
157: Jason Nolf PSU pinned Ryerson Dempsey STAN, WBF (5:24) 
Virginia Tech 23, North Dakota State 13
125: Joey Dance (VT) over Joshua Rodriguez (NDSU) (Dec 8-1)

133: Kevin Norstrem (VT) over Nicholas O`Brien (NDSU) (Dec 13-7)
141: Solomon Chishko (VT) over Mitchell Friedman (NDSU) (Dec 8-3)
149: Clayton Ream (NDSU) over Chad Saunders (VT) (MD 9-1)
157: Grant Nehring (NDSU) over Jameson Spengler (VT) (Fall 3:47)
165: David McFadden (VT) over Tyler McNutt (NDSU) (MD 12-2)
174: Cody Hughes (VT) over Charley Popp (NDSU) (Dec 11-9)
184: Hayden Zillmer (NDSU) over Zachary Zavatsky (VT) (Dec 7-5)
197: Jared Haught (VT) over Logan Paxton (NDSU) (MD 12-3)
285: Ty Walz (VT) over Benjamin Tyanan (NDSU) (Dec 14-7)
Boise State 22, Arizona State 21*
157: Chris Castillo, BSU dec. Oliver Pierce, ASU, 3-2
165: Taylor West, BSU fall. Jacen Petersen, ASU, 2:57
174: Austin Dewey, BSU fall. Zach Smith, ASU, 1:58
184: Blake Stauffer, ASU tech. Keavon Buckley, BSU
197: Josh Dasilveira, ASU fall. Chili Saban, BSU, 6:43
285: Tanner Hall, ASU dec. Gaylen Edmo, BSU, 2-1
125:  Rami Haddadin, BSU dec. Ares Carpio, ASU, 11-6
133: Josh Newberg, BSU, dec. Cord Coronado, BSU, 5-3
141: Robbie Mathers, ASU md. Jake Velarde, BSU, 13-5
149: Matt Kraus, ASU dec. Geo Martinez, BSU, 3-2
*Boise State awarded criteria point to break the tie


by Ron John Rinaldi

RJohn0209562001448131551_filepicker111111Just as the cold weather struck and the St. John’s Arena seemed rather brisk than usual, The Sun Devils from Arizona State traveled northeast to Columbus,OH Friday night to face the #5 ranked Buckeyes. The Ohio State Buckeyes, led by Head Coach Tom Ryan at the helm, are coming off a dominating win last Week Home against ranked Virginia, taking 8 out of 10 bouts against the Cavaliers.

For a change of scenery, the sticks drew to the mid-weights and 165 pounds was the starting bout of the evening! Starting out for Ohio State was the RS SR. out of PA, Justin Kresivic and he faced off the Montana native, Jacen Petersen of the Sun Devils. Kresivic grasped a tight waist tilt on Petersen for a 2 point near-fall early on in the bout, to take the lead 4-1 after the first. Action stayed minimal until Peterson of ASU hit a tremendous dump, but Kresevic defended it, however; Petersen pulled a counter-roll through and put the Buckeye on his back in the opening bout! This move ignited into the St. John’s Arena. The score is 8-4 now in favor of Petersen at the start of the 3rd period, who starts the final period of the opening bout of the dual.

The next bout featured #1 ranked Buckeye Bo Jordan who packed the PA-North Allegheny boy in 2 min with his painful power half, to get the Buckeyes back on top 6-3. Following the pin from BoJo, #3 Blake Stauffer stepped out for the Sun Devils to face off #4 Kenny Courts for the much antipicated marquee match-up of the night; however, Tom Ryan gave Jack Rozema a RS Sophmore the nod instead to take on the tough PAC 12 opponent. Stauffer threw Rozema to his back in the 2nd, but it was evidently a potential dangerous call and Stauffer loss the possession. Rozema, who actually won the 184 pound wrestle-off during pre-season, held on tough against the Brute Blake to just give up a 3 point gain for the Sun Devils, scoring a 7-4 decison with riding time.

Arizona State Head Coach Zeke Jones shows his displeasure for the stalling Buckeyes…

Senior Mark Martin returned to the Buckeye line-up and making his home debut at 197lbs. Martin who is ranked #17th faced off against the Miami, Florida boy-Josh DaSilveira who is 2x NCAA Qualifier. The Buckeye Veternan rolled out to an early lead with a pair of takedowns and remained steady throughout the rest of the bout to take the 8-5 regular decision heading inito the HWT match.

Mark Martin makes his season Debut for the Buckeyes at 197 lbs! PHOTO BY:R.J RInaldi

The Heavyweight match featured the Poster Boy of the night Nick Tavenello versus True Frosh and former 3x Idaho State Champ Tanner Hall. Hall battled the big boy the whole bout racking up an escape and riding time point heading into the final 30 seconds into the match with the huge upset in sight at the end of the tunnel! Action stops with 15 seconds remaining in the match and the wrestlers head to the center to close out the big boys… whistle blows and the TAVmanian fires off a strong takedown to wake the crowd up to their feet and Hall goes down to give the #18 ranked HWT the win-avioding the near upset against the True-Freshmen. Zeke Jones ran to the table to review a controversial locked-hands which would give Hall +1pt and would bout the bout tied at 3-3!!! Nevertheless, the win stands and Nick Tavenello gets the victory of the evening!

Mark Martin makes his season Debut for the Buckeyes at 197 lbs! PHOTO BY:R.J RInaldi

Mark Martin makes his season Debut for the Buckeyes at 197 lbs! PHOTO BY:R.J RInaldi

After intermission, the Buckeyes ran off with 3 straight dominating victories, starting with #1 top ranked at 125 pounds Nathan Tomasello as he dominated the scrappy Ares Carpio with his relentless neutral leg-attacks. Tomasello took the 16-6 MJD and that secured another 4 points to Ohio State’s Team Score. Nathan Tomasello, Redshirt sophomore on his match:   “I just let it fly and went after it. I think I wrestled a lot better than I did last week. The effort level was a lot better. I’m still working on improving on different things but I put a lot of points on the board and it was overall a good match. It starts in the practice room. If you push real hard in the practice room it simulates what you are going to feel when you go out there. We have been going through a lot of hard, live practices. I just know when I’m watching I’m excited because I was in the shoes of those younger guys last year.”-NASTY NATE 125

 Next up 133 #5 ranked Johnni DiJulius, a youth fan crowd favorite started off to a slick start then just dominanted Sun Devil Chad Cornado (who seemed to not show up mentally at all) to a 16-0 Tech-Fall to give the Buckeyes a 21-6 lead heading into the 141 pound match. At 141, Micah Jordan joined his brother, Tomasello, and DiJulius by putting up a bonus point victory of his own. Mini-Jo steam-rolled throughout the whole bout and earned a 18-6 Major decision.

Arizona State attempted to switch momentum as the 149 pound #17 ranked Matt Kraus controlled Burcher of the Buckeyes to a sound 4-2 until some sparks towards the end of the bout!

In the final match of the night, Jake Ryan took the mat for the Buckeyes at 157 lbs to take on ASU’s Oliver Pierce. Son of Head Coach Tom Ryan showed his toughness as he pulled off an overtime victory against the evenly match Oliver Pierce of ASU. Ryan’s win put a cap on the scoring with the Buckeyes improving to 2-0 after defeating the Sun Devils 28-9. The Ohio State Buckeyes travel North up Route 71 to take on the Cleveland State Vikings and look forward to marquee match-up between ranked Heavyweight opponents, NIck Tavenello and CSU’s Riley Shaw! Up next for the Sun Devils of Arizona State, the wrestlers have a quick turnaround as they return to Wells Fargo Arena to open the Pac-12 slate on Sunday against Boise State.

No. 5 Ohio State 28, Arizona State 9

Attendance: 3,034 | Records – OSU 2-0; ASU 4-3

165: Jacen Peterson (ASU) decision over Justin Kresevic (OSU) 10-4 | ASU 3, OSU 0

174: #1 Bo Jordan (OSU) fall over Zachary Smith (ASU) 1:54 | OSU 6, ASU 3

184: #3 Blake Stauffer (ASU) decision over Jack Rozema (OSU) 7-4 | OSU 6, ASU 6

197: #17 Mark Martin (OSU) decision over Joshua DaSilveira (ASU) 8-5 | OSU 9, ASU 6

285: #18 Nick Tavanello (OSU) decision over Tanner Hall 3-2 | OSU 12, ASU 6

125: #1 Nathan Tomasello (OSU) major decision over Ares Carpio (ASU) 16-6 | OSU 16, ASU 6

133: #5 Johnni DiJulius (OSU) tech fall over Cord Coronado (ASU) 16-0 | OSU 21, ASU 6

141: #19 Micah Jordan (OSU) major decision over Robert Mathers (ASU) 18-6 | OSU 25, ASU 6

149: #17 Matt Kraus (ASU) decision over Cody Burcher (OSU) 4-2 | OSU 25, ASU 9

157: #20 Jake Ryan (OSU) decision over Oliver Pierce (ASU) TB-1 2-1 | OSU 28, ASU 9



by Ron John Rinaldi


The Wrestling Dual of the decade was hosted in Iowa City, Iowa on Saturday the 14th! Fans packed the stands as an amazing atmosphere at Grapple on the Gridiron welcomed 42,287 fans into Kinnick Stadium this Saturday and more than half-filled the 70,585-seat capacity!

“I know it is great for wrestling and people in Russia and Iran are going to see this, as well. This is the city that Dan Gable lives in, that’s a big part of it as well, they will know about it internationally.” –Coach Brands

The dual action began right away and Gilman man at 125 pounds handled Kilmara to ignite the energy at Kinnick Stadium and brought 40,000 wrestling fans to their feet! The 133-pound weight class showcased Cory Clark and Gary-Wayne Harding of the Cowboys. Clark clearly controlled Harding and captured the second win of the dual for the Hawkeyes! Coach Brands was pumping up his solid soldier Clark all pre-match and it really paid off.RJohn #2 story

The next Cowboy to strap up the spurs was Ohio Native Dean Heil to face off Logan Ryan a trouble-maker RS-Frosh who racked up a 22-6 Redshirt season while training at the Hawkeye Wrestling Club. Heil consistently worked his attacks off of an Elbowtie and controls the proportion of the match. As the #1 Ranked Wrestler now at 141 pounds ran out of time against Ryan, the Cowboys lost an opportunity at expected bonus points and Heil rounded up a 7-1 decision. At 157lbs #9 Ranked Wrestler in the nation takes on the tough Hawkeye Brandon Sorenson however wrestles him tough and Sorenson pulled off a 8-3 victory, and handing the Hawkeyes 3 more Team points.

By winning three of the first four duals, Iowa led 10-3 and this led up to as in my eyes an embarrassment for the out of shape Okie St Cowboy Chance Marstellar competing in his 2nd collegiate season, who departed from high school with an impressive 166-0 record. The not so stellar Marstellar faced off against a Hawkeye back-up black boy Edwin Cooper Junior.

“Cooper did not let the match unravel on him after giving up 8 back points. Cooper kept his intensity high and the crowd fed him a lot of energy to stay in that match,” Head Coach Tom Brands stated. However, Marstellar hung out to just pull off the Cowboy win and the 40,000 plus Iowa fans voiced their displeasure for the outcome and performance of the gassed RS Frosh Chance Marstellar.

165lb Phenom Alex Dieringer kept shots coming from the Cowboys and sealed up a nice major decision, which maybe Okie St counted on being more bonus points perhaps. Oklahoma State looked like it might score bonus points at 174 pounds where Kyle Crutchmer used a headlock to throw Iowa’s Alex Meyer to his back before officials ruled it was a potentially dangerous hold. Trailing 6-1, Meyer fought back to tie the match 9-9 before Crutchmer clinched the victory 11-10 … but Oklahoma State could have used those bonus points in the final team score.

That’s where Iowa’s Sam Brooks provided the winning margin on a day both team won five individual bouts when the junior from Oak Park, Ill., dominated Jordan Rogers in a 17-2 technical fall to give Iowa a 15-13 lead.

Iowa and OSU then split the final two matches at 197 and heavyweight to preserve the Hawkeyes’ historic win.

“I can’t even describe this,” said Brooks, who was one of just two Iowa wrestlers to lose a bout in last year’s meeting, also won by the Hawkeyes, 30-7, in Stillwater, Okla. “It’s unbelievable.

Iowa 18, Oklahoma State 16

125 — Thomas Gilman (I) major dec. Eddie Klimara 9-1

133 — Cory Clark (I) dec. Gary Wayne Harding, 8-2

141 — Dean Heil (OSU) dec. Logan Ryan, 7-1

149 — Brandon Sorensen (I) dec. Anthony Collica, 6-1

157 — Chance Marsteller (OSU) dec. Edwin Cooper, Jr., 14-11

165 — Alex Dieringer (OSU) major dec. Patrick Rhoads, 17-5

174 — Kyle Crutchmer (OSU) dec. Alex Meyer (I), 11-10

184 — Sammy Brooks (I) tech. fall Jordan Rogers (OSU), 17-2 in 4:09

197 — #4 Nathan Burak (I) dec. Nolan Boyd, 5-3

285 — #5 Austin Marsden (OSU) dec. Sam Stoll, 6-1













BIG 12 WRESTLING NEWS: Wyoming gallops passed Air Force in Big 12 debut


Wednesday, November 11:

Citadel, 35 Anderson, 13

125: Caleb Smith (The Citadel) (For.)

133: Derek Bohle (Anderson) over Andrew Clayton (The Citadel) (MD, 8-0)

141: Ty Buckiso (The Citadel) over Tyler Fitzpatrick (Anderson) (TF, 17-0 2:49)

149: Matt Frisch (The Citadel) over Dylan Crossland (Anderson) (F, 1:55)

157: Aaron Walker (The Citadel) over Dan Ebert (Anderson) (F, 1:18)

165: Jared Costa (Anderson) over Zach Appleby (The Citadel) (Dec. 9-6)

174: Trevontay Rhodes (Anderson) over Timothy Knipl (The Citadel) (Dec. 8-2)

184: Sawyer Root (The Citadel) Michael Gallagher (Anderson) (Dec. 6-2)

197: Marshall Haas (The Citadel) over Stephen Washington (Anderson) (F, 1:12)

HWT: Joe Bexley (The Citadel) over Ty Williams (Anderson) (F, 2:45)

Thursday, November 12:

Boise State 36, Midland 9

125: Rami Haddadin (Boise State) major dec. Hogo Perez (Midland), 10-0

133: Josh Newberg (Boise State) dec. David Berg (Midland), 6-3

141: Jake Velarde (Boise State) fall Daniel Martinez (Midland), 2:31

149: Geordan Martinez (Boise State) fall Luis Sifuentes (Midland), 1:32

157: Chris Castillo (Boise State) fall Tyler Willis (Midland), 4:48

165: Taylor West (Boise State) major dec. Cooper Self (Midland), 12-4

174: Tyler McMichael (Midland) dec. Austin Dewey (Boise State), 4-3

184: Boise State forfeit

197: Harley DiLulo (Boise State) major dec. Adam Ball (Midland), 18-4

285: Gaylen Edmo (Boise State) dec. Aaron Rafalko (Midland), 4-2 (SV2)

Iowa State 51, Midland 0

125: Kyle Larson (ISU) dec. Hugo Perez (MU), 8-2

133: Earl Hall (ISU) fall. Joe Berg (MU) (2:26)

141: John Meeks (ISU) fall. Daniel Martiniez (MU) (1:35)

149: Blayne Briceno (ISU) fall. Luis Sifuentes (MU) (1:42)

157: Renaldo Rodriguez-Spencer (ISU) fall. Tyler Willis (MU) (1:05)

165: Tanner Weatherman (ISU) tech-fall. Cooper Self (MU), 22-6. (4:24)

174: Lelund Weatherspoon (ISU) maj. dec. Tyler McMichael (MU), 14-1

184: Dane Pestano (ISU) fall. Asaiah Dyer (MU) (3:58)

197: Duke Egli (ISU) fall. Adam Ball (MU) (0:32)

285: Joe Scanlan (ISU) dec. Aaron Rafalko (MU), 6-0

Iowa State 34, Boise State 3

125: Rami Haddadin (BSU) dec. Kyle Larson (ISU), 5-4.

133: Earl Hall (ISU) maj. dec. Josh Newberg (BSU), 13-0

141: Dante Rodriguez (ISU) fall. Jake Velarde (BSU) (0:28)

149: Gabe Moreno (ISU) dec. Geo Martinez (BSU), 4-2

157: Logan Breitenbach (ISU) dec. Chris Castillo (BSU), 6-4

165: Tanner Weatherman (ISU) dec. Taylor West (BSU), 10-5

174: Lelund Weatherspoon (ISU) dec. Austin Dewey (BSU), 6-1

184: Colin Strickland (ISU) win by forfeit.

197: Dane Pestano (ISU) dec. Harley DiLulo (BSU), 8-3

285: Quean Smith (ISU) dec. Gaylen Edmo (BSU), 8-3

Arizona State 21, Northern Colorado 14

125: Trey Andrews (UNC) def. Mikel Perales (ASU): Dec 8-2

133: Rico Montoya (UNC) def. Cord Coronado (ASU): Tech (15-0)

141: Robbie Mathers (ASU) def. Sonny Espinosa (UNC): Dec 12-8

149: Matt Kraus (ASU) def. Timmy Box (UNC): Maj 12-3

157: Eleazar De Luca (UNC) def. Oliver Pierce (ASU): Dec 5-4

165: Jacen Petersen (ASU) def. Joe Grable (UNC): Dec 9-4

174: Zachary Smith (ASU) def. Horacio Vialpando (UNC): Dec 6-4

184: Blake Stauffer (ASU) def. Dylan Gabel (UNC): Dec 3-1

197: Trent Noon (UNC) def. Josh DaSilveira (ASU): Dec 3-1

HWT: Tanner Hall (ASU) def. Jack Kuck (UNC): Tech 16-0

Davidson 51, Greensboro 3

125: Gabriel Wilson (Greensboro) decision over Zachary Jones (Davidson), 5-2

133: Dustin Runzo (Davidson) fall over Andrew Moorefield (Greensboro), 4:02

141: Billy McClelland (Davidson) fall over Jonathan Bennett (Greensboro), 1:08

149: Aidan Conroy (Davidson) fall over Isaac Burt (Greensboro), 0:14

157: Tony Palumbo (Davidson) fall over Ricardo Cunha (Greensboro), 2:49

165: Zach Colangelo (Davidson) decision over Andrew Chappell (Greensboro), 8-3

174: Nathaniel Powers (Davidson) fall over AJ Palmer (Greensboro)

184: Konner Pritchard (Davidson) win by forfeit

197: Ryan Devlin (Davidson) fall over Emmanuel Garcia (Greensboro) 5:58

285: Will Cooley (Davidson) fall over Thomas Propst (Greensboro) 2:05

Wisconsin 43, Wisconsin-Whitewater 0

125: Jimenez wins by fall over Hanselman, 4:41

133: Lantz (WIS) wins by MD over Peshek (UWW), 16-5

141: Rowh (WIS) wins by Dec. over Adcock (UWW), 4-2

149: Crone wins by fall over Vela, 4:31

157: Ruschell (WIS) wins by Dec. over Arteaga (UWW), 7-1

165: Liegel (WIS) wins by Dec. over Gerszewski (UWW), 10-3

174: Robertson (WIS) wins by Dec. over Price (UWW), 8-3

184: Stilling wins by fall over Dischler, 4:31

197: Peissig (WIS) wins by MD over Wileman (UWW), 9-1

Hwt: Horwath (WIS) wins by TF over Festege (UWW), 16-0

Northern Colorado 25, Grand Canyon 16

125- Trey Andrews (UNC) def. Trayton Libolt Libolt (GCU), 17-2

133- Rico Montoya (UNC) def. Jauquin Olivas (GCU), 5-3

141- Sonny Espinoza (UNC) def. Steven Abayon (GCU), 16-0

149- Timmy Box (UNC) def. Blake Monty (GCU), 9-6

157- Eleazar De Luca (UNC) def. Chayse Jackson (GCU), 8-2

165- Casey Larson (GCU) def. Joe Grable (UNC), 6-0

174- Kenny Moore (GCU) def. Horacio Vialpando (UNC), 16-510

184- Cale Wilson (GCU) def. Dylan Gabel (UNC), forfeit

197- Trent Noon (UNC) def. Austin Gaun (GCU), 8-2

285- Jack Kuck (UNC) def. Sean Medley (GCU), 2-1

Friday, November 13:

Ohio State 34, Virginia 6

125: Nathan Tomasello (OSU) major decision over Nick Herrmann (UVA) 14-6

133: Johnni DiJulius (OSU) decision over George DiCamillo (UVA) 8-7

141: Micah Jordan major decision over Zach Watson (UVA) 19-8

149: Cody Burcher (OSU) won by fall over Thomas Miller (UVA) 4:06

157: Jake Ryan (OSU) won by decision over Andrew Atkinson (UVA) 3-2

165: Garrett Peppelman (UVA) won by decision over Justin Kresevic (OSU) 5-3

174: Bo Jordan (OSU) won by tech fall over Fox Baldwin (UVA) 17-2

184: Kenny Courts (OSU) won by decision over Tyler Askey (UVA) 11-5

197: Zach Nye (UVA) won by decision over Matthew O’Hara (OSU) 10-6

285: Nick Tavanello won by fall over Patrick Gillen (UVA) 5:45

Penn State 50, Lock Haven 0

125: Nico Megaludis PSU pinned Jake Field LHU, WBF (6:07)

133: Jordan Conaway PSU tech fall Bobby Rehm LHU, 19-4 (TF; 7:00)

141: Jimmy Gulibon PSU dec. Dan Neff LHU, 3-1

149: Zain Retherford PSU pinned Kyle Hammond LHU, WBF (2:15)

157: Jason Nolf PSU pinned Dillon Gavlock LHU, WBF (2:42)

165: Shakur Rasheed PSU inj. def. Dillon Gavlock LHU, inj. def. :35

174: Bo Nickal PSU tech fall Tyler Wood LHU, 21-6 (TF; 7:00)

184: Matt McCutcheon PSU pinned Tristan Sponseller LHU, WBF 5:56

197: Morgan McIntosh PSU maj. dec. Phil Sprenkle LHU, 13-2

285: Jan Johnson PSU dec. Brad Emerick LHU, 3-2

Bucknell 33, Franklin & Marshall 3

125: Paul Petrov (B) maj. dec. Edgar Garcia (F&M), 16-3

133: Grim Gonzalez (B) dec. Scott Stevens (F&M), 8-2

141: Tyler Smith (B) dec. Rick Durso (F&M), 11-10

149: Victor Lopez (B) dec. Jason Bing (F&M), 6-5

157: Logan Kerin (B) maj. dec. Andy Francos (F&M), 17-8

165: Robert Schlitt (B) maj. dec. Gordon Bolig (F&M), 11-3

174: Rustin Barrick (B) pinned Colin Gironda (F&M), 6:59

184: Anthony Mancini (F&M) dec. Nick Stephani (B), 3-2

197: Tyler Greene (B) dec. Charles Kerkesner (F&M), 15-8

285: Chuck Boddy (B) dec. Antonio Pelusi (F&M), 4-1

Wyoming 22, Air Force 16

125: Drew Templeman over Drew Romero (AF), Decision 8-1

133: John Twomey (AF) over Gunnar Woodburn, Decision 6-2

141: Bryce Meredith over David Walker (AF), Fall 1:27

149: Jerry McGinity (AF) over Austin Breckenridge, Decision 6-4

157: Archie Colgan over Zach Stepan (AF), Decision 6-5

165: Alex Lopouchanski (AF) over Chaz Polson, Major Decision 11-1

174: Benjamin Stroh over Michael Billingsley (AF), Major Decision 12-3

184: Anthony McLaughlin (AF) over Jace Jensen, Decision 7-4

197: Parker Hines (AF) over Brandon Tribble, Decision 5-4

285: Tanner Harms over Marcus Malecek (AF) , Fall 0:57

Drexel 28, Cal Poly 12

125: Zack Fuentes (D) md. David Gonzalez (CP), 8-0

133: Jason De la Cruz (CP) dec. Franco Ferraina (D), 4-2 OT

141: Kevin Devoy (D) md. Colt Schilling (CP), 12-3

149: Matt Cimato (D) tf. Josh Cortez (CP), 21-3

157: Colton Shorts dec. Richard Viruet (D), 8-4

165: Austin Rose (D) dec. Xavier Johnson (CP), 6-1

174: Nick Elmer (D) dec. Sohrab Movahedi (CP), 3-2

184: Stephen Louiseau (D) dec. Mitch Woods (CP), 8-4

197: JT Goodwin (CP) fall. Josh Murphy (D)

HWT: Joey Goodhart (D) wins by FF.

Saturday, November 14:

Chattanooga 50, Southeastern 0

125: Alonzo Allen (UTC) MD 15-5 Olson Delisca (Southeastern)

133: Chris Debien (UTC) Fall (1:39) Ethan Owen (Southeastern)

141: Alex Ward (UTC) Tech Fall 17-2 (7:00) – Aaron Wiechel (Southeastern)

149: Jacob Murphy (UTC) Tech Fall 16-0 (4:12) T.J. Hasz (Southeastern)

157: Kamaal Shakur (UTC) Tech Fall 17-1 (3:00) Zack Wood (Southeastern)

165: Dominic Lampe (UTC) Tech Fall 17-1 (2:52) Frankie Jaramillo (Southeastern)

174: Justin Lampe (UTC) Fall (2:55) Zech Rives (Southeastern)

184: John Lampe (UTC) Fall (2:06) Nicco Lightfoot (Southeastern)

197: Rodney Jones (UTC) MD 19-6 Aris Knight (Southeastern)

285: Connor Tolley (UTC) MD 15-3 Ben Cruz (Southeastern)

Chattanooga 49, Cumberland 0

125: Alonzo Allen (UTC) Fall (2:16) Sean Nguyen (Cumberland)

133: Chris Debien (UTC) MD 10-2 Sammy Rosario (Cumberland)

141: Roman Boylen (UTC) Fall (1:52) Austin Meyn (Cumberland)

149: Andrew Webb (UTC) Fall (1:42) Evan Cole (Cumberland)

157: Kamaal Shakur (UTC) MD 13-3 Nate Croley (Cumberland)

165: Dominic Lampe (UTC) MD 12-3 Orlando Nawade (Cumberland)

174: Sean Mappes (UTC) MD 18-7 Kyle Delaune (Cumberland)

184: Justin Lampe (UTC) MD 21-8 Dustin Harris (Cumberland)

197: John Lampe (UTC) Tech Fall 23-7 (7:00) – Corey Daniels (Cumberland)

285: Jared Johnson (UTC) Fall (2:23) Tyler Smith (Cumberland)

American 27, Campbell 11

157: John Boyle (AU) fall Grant Blumenthal, 2:24

165: Paul Duggan (CU) dec. Mitchell Wightman, 7-5 (SV1)

174: Jason Grimes (AU) dec. Matthew Olauson, 6-3

184: Ville Heino (CU) maj. dec. Joe Salvi, 17-5

197: Jeric Kasunic (AU) maj. dec. Austin McNeil, 13-0

HWT: Jere Heino (CU) maj. dec. Jake Scanlan, 14-1

125: David Terao (AU) maj. dec. Tyler Walker, 14-3

133: Esteban Gomez-Rivera (AU) dec. Nathan Kraisser, 5-1

141: Tyler Scotton (AU) dec. Zack Barker, 11-5

149: Michael Dahlstrom (AU) maj. dec. Quentin Perez, 13-3

Iowa 18, Oklahoma St. 16 – Attendance – 42,287 | Coverage Here

125: Thomas Gilman (I) md. Eddie Klimara (OSU), 9-1

133: Corey Clark (I) dec. Gary Wayne Harding (OSU), 8-2

141: Dean Heil (OSU) dec. Logan Ryan (I), 7-1

149: Brandon Sorenson (I) dec. Anthony Collica (OSU), 6-1

157: Chance Marsteller (OSU) dec. Edwin Cooper (I), 14-11

165: Alex Dieringer (OSU) md. Patrick Rhodes (I), 16-5

174: Kyle Crutchmer (OSU) dec. Alex Meyer (I), 11-109

184: Sam Brooks (I) tf. Jordan Rogers (OSU), 17-2

197: Nathan Burak (I) dec. Nolan Boyd (OSU), 5-3

HWT: Austin Marsden (OSU) dec. Sam Stoll (I), 6-1

CSU Bakersfield 28, California Baptist 12

125 Sergio Mendez (CSUB) pinned Anthony Hernandez (CB) at 2:27

133 Anthony Racobaldo (CB) pinned Carlos Herrera (CSUB) at 7:00

141 Ian Nickell (CSUB) def. Peter Cunningham (CB), 8-3

149 Brady Bersnan (CB) def. Coleman Hammond (CSUB), 10-4

157 AJ Fierro (CSUB) def. Matt Hickman (CB), 4-1

165 Adam Fierro (CSUB) def. Nolan Kistler (CB), 10-7

174 Bryce Hammond (CSUB) pinned Bradley Christensen (CB), at 4:29

184 Jesus Ambriz (CSUB) def. Christian Smith (CB), 7-6

197 Reuben Franklin (CSUB) def. Paul Head (CB), 17-4

285 Joe Fagiano (CB) def. Matt Williams (CSUB), 7-6

North Dakota State hosting Bison Open, 11:00 AM (10:00 AM) | COVERAGE HERE

Kent State 38, Tiffin 3

Kent State 36, Lake Erie 9

Cleveland St. 54, Toledo 0

Cleveland St. 27, Baldwin-Wallace 12

Cleveland St. 28, Tiffin 9

Lake Erie 18, Cleveland St. 17

Sunday, November 15:

East Stroudsburg Open | BRACKETS

Appalachian State, Bucknell, C. Michigan, Navy, N. Illinois, Northwestern, Ohio, Ohio St., Wisc. at Michigan State’s Michigan State Open, 9:00 AM | Videos Here


125 Klump (UNC) DEC Petry (MN) 7-5

133 Brancale (MN) MAJ Headlee (UNC) 11-3

141 Henderson (UNC) DEC Thorn (MN) 5-2

149 Barber (UNC) DEC Patton (MN) 5-1

157 Kingsley (MN) MAJ Henderson (UNC) 12-2

165 Ramos (UNC) TF Urbach (MN) 5:59

174 Michael (UNC) DEC Wanzek (MN) 6-3

184 Utley (UNC) DEC Pfarr (MN) 6-3

197 Pfarr (MN) DEC Ness (UNC) 11-5

285 Kroells (MN) WBF Daniel (UNC) 4:56


125 Fausz (NCST) TF Badua (ARMY) 5:48

133 Morris (NCST) MAJ Harry (ARMY) 11-3

141 Jack (NCST) DEC Everett (ARMY) 9-2 3

149 Melikian (NCST) MAJ Rodriguez (ARMY) 16-6

157 Gantt (NCST) MAJ Parsons (ARMY) 14-4

165 Davis (NCST) DEC Mendel (ARMY) 14-7

174 Harvey (ARMY) DEC Hall (NCST) 7-2

184 Renda (NCST) MAJ Imonodoe (ARMY) 15-3

197 Barnes (ARMY) DEC Macdonald (NCST) 5-3

285 Gwiazdowski (NCST) TF Farr (ARMY) 5:00


125 Lambert (NEB) MAJ Sheesley (LHU) 12-1

133 Mccrystal (NEB) DEC Rehm (LHU) 11-7

141 Abidin (NEB) DEC Neff (LHU) 8-1

149 Sueflohn (NEB) MAJ Hammond (LHU) 16-2

157 Berger (NEB) DEC Mckinney (LHU) 10-5

165 Wilson (NEB) MAJ Cordes (LHU) 13-2

174 Barnes (NEB) MAJ Moyer (LHU) 14-4

184 Dudley (NEB) WBF Sponsellar (LHU) 5:56

197 Studebaker (NEB) MAJ Sprenklel (LHU) 14-5

285 Jensen (NEB) BY FORFEIT 6 0 41-0


125 Diallo (BING) MAJ Walsh (LIU) 13-4

133 Nicholson (BING) DEC Calderone (LIU) 9-4

141 Caruana (BING) WBF Fabian (LIU) 6:16

149 Garcia (BING) DEC Langan (LIU) 5-1 3

157 Deprez (BING) MAJ Morente (LIU) 14-3

165 Deprez (BING) WBF Ramirez (LIU) 2:20

174 Mckeever (BING) WBF Arkow (LIU) 0:39

184 Schneider (BING) MAJ Mcginn (LIU) 12-1

197 Tracy (BING) MAJ Horton (LIU) 13-5 4

285 Cvijanovich (BING) WBF Mcdonald (LIU) 4:45


125 Peters (UNI) WBF Damon (HOFS) 2:55

133 Alber (UNI) BY FORFEIT

141 Jauch (UNI) WBF Hudson (HOFS)

149 Wolfensperger (UNI) TF Hartmann (HOFS) 6:38

157 Steiert (UNI) MAJ Callander (HOFS) 11-1 4

165 Berger (UNI) DEC Fehr (HOFS) 5-2

174 Affronti (HOFS) DEC Foster (UNI) 8-3

184 Caldwell (UNI) DEC Damiana (HOFS) 12-6

197 Bartel (UNI) DEC Haddad (HOFS) 4-1

285 Cabell (UNI) DEC Hughes (HOFS) 9-5


125 Youtsey (MICH) TF Skinner (SHU) 7:00

133 Bruno (MICH) TF Johnson (SHU) 3:41

141 Fisher (MICH) WBF (SHU) 1:23

149 Pantaleo (MICH) WBF Velez (SHU) 2:02

157 Fisher (SHU) DEC Amine (MICH) 10-6

165 Sutton (MICH) MAJ Vrasidas (SHU) 16-4

174 Mahomes (MICH) DEC Schuster (SHU) 9-5

184 Abounder (MICH) WBF Antler (SHU) 1:06

197 Huntley (MICH) WBF Oliinyk (SHU) 3:47

285 Coon (MICH) WBF Sherwood (SHU) 1:26


125 Milhoff (OU) DEC Antoine (NASS) 2-0

133 Brewer (OU) TF Meloni (NASS) 3:00

141 Blackwell (OU) WBF Miller (NASS) 2:31

149 Jefferies (OU) WBF Hopkins (NASS) 1:23

157 Wingerbermuehle (OU) TF Dusold (NASS) 3:00

165 Glass (OU) BY FORFEIT

174 Reed (OU) TF Canzetta (NASS) 3:09

184 Dixon (OU) DEC Espinal (NASS) 4-2

197 Johnson (OU) WBF Rodriquez (NASS) 3:33

285 Larson (OU) WBF Rosemond (NASS) 2:35


125 Mccabe (RUT) DEC Milhoff (OU) 2-1

133 Brewer (OU) WBF Giraldo (RUT) 2:42

141 (OU) DEC (RUT) 9-2

149 Ashnault (RUT) TF Blackwell (OU) 5:14

157 Lewis (RUT) MAJ Wingerbermuehle (OU) 15-6

165 Glass (OU) DEC Perrotti (RUT) 6-4

174 Reed (OU) DEC Bakuckas (RUT) 7-6

184 Gravina (RUT) DEC Dixon (OU) 3-2

197 Johnson (OU) MAJ Hrymack (RUT) 14-6

285 Smith (RUT) DEC Brown (OU) 8-1


125 Moisey (WVU) DEC Youtsey (MICH) 4-3

133 Bruno (MICH) DEC Stainbrook (WVU) 6-4

141 Fisher (MICH) DEC Deangelo (WVU) 11-5

149 Pantaleo (MICH) MAJ Smith (WVU) 18-5

157 Cottrell (WVU) WBF Amine (MICH) 2:26

165 Sutton (MICH) DEC Renzi (WVU) 3-1

174 Vonegidy (WVU) DEC Mahomes (MICH) 9-7

184 Abounder (MICH) DEC Scheffel (WVU) 5-1

197 Huntley (MICH) DEC Smith (WVU) 5-3

285 Coon (MICH) DEC Vizcarrondo (WVU) 3-0


125 Rios (OSU) DEC Lambert (NEB) 4-3

133 Montoya (NEB) DEC Palmer (OSU) 3-2

141 Abidin (NEB) DEC Hathaway (OSU) 4-0

149 Sueflohn (NEB) DEC Delgado (OSU) 9-6

157 Berger (NEB) DEC Rodriguez (OSU) 4-1

165 Wilson (NEB) DEC Thomas (OSU) 9-6

174 Barnes (NEB) MAJ Chay (OSU) 12-4

184 Dudley (NEB) DEC Griego (OSU) 8-4 3

197 Studebaker (NEB) DEC Crawford (OSU) 6-3

285 Dhesi (OSU) DEC Jensen (NEB) 13-7


125 Fausz (NCST) MAJ Skinner (SHU) 18-4

133 Daly (SHU) MAJ Bowen (NCST) 15-5

141 Clark (NCST) DEC Harnsberger (SHU) 8-7

149 Donahue (NCST) TF Velez (SHU) 6:49

157 Melikian (NCST) MAJ Fisher (SHU) 20-8

165 Pyke (NCST) TF Vrasidas (SHU) 4:23

174 Schuster (SHU) DEC Davis (NCST) 10-4

184 Renda (NCST) TF Boyle (SHU) 2:46 5

197 Oliinyk (SHU) WBF Mcbeonable (NCST) 1:03

285 Gwiazdowski (NCST) WBF Hartnett (SHU) 2:09



141 Hudson (HOFS) DEC Neff (LHU) 9-2

149 Wheeler (LHU) DEC Hartmann (HOFS) 5-2

157 Callander (HOFS) DEC Mckinney (LHU) 3-1

165 Cordes (LHU) DEC Fehr (HOFS) 11-5

174 Affronti (HOFS) DEC Wood (LHU) 3-0

184 Sponsellar (LHU) MAJ Damiana (HOFS) 14-5

197 Sprenklel (LHU) TF Haddad (HOFS) 4:16

285 Hughes (HOFS) DEC Emerick (LHU) 4-0


125 Cruz (LEH) WBF Petry (MN) 1:43

133 Brancale (MN) DEC Beckman (LEH) 4-1

141 Thorn (MN) DEC Cruz (LEH) 3-0

149 Gardner (LEH) MAJ Patton (MN) 12-3

157 Minotti (LEH) DEC Kingsley (MN) 4-2

165 Preisch (LEH) DEC Urbach (MN) 5-2

174 Wanzek (MN) DEC Riddick (LEH) 3-2

184 Brown (LEH) DEC Pfarr (MN) 9-5

197 Pfarr (MN) DEC Bolich (LEH) 7-3

285 Wessell (LEH) DEC Kroells (MN) 10-9


125 Akins (BUFF) WBF Nirchio (SPRG) 2:15

133 Lantry (BUFF) WBF Keane (SPRG) 1:15

141 Lapi (BUFF) DEC Colvin (SPRG) 10-3

149 Cotten (BUFF) TF Pinto (SPRG) 5:24

157 Schaefer (BUFF) TF Morgan (SPRG) 1:40

165 Rill (BUFF) WBF Henson (SPRG) 4:12 6

174 Mcbryde (BUFF) DEC Bohringer (SPRG) 8-5

184 Ariola (BUFF) TF Burgos (SPRG) 4:36

197 Benjamin (BUFF) WBF Williams (SPRG) 2:58

285 Gunning (BUFF) WBF Kakauridze (SPRG) 4:42

llinois 27 Arizona State 9

125-Ares Carpio (ASU) dec Francis Edelen (Ill) 8-6

133-Zane Richards (Ill) tech Cord Coronado (ASU) 22-6

141-Brock Ervin (Ill) dec Robbie Mathers (ASU) 11-5

149-Matt Kraus (ASU) dec Kyle Langenderfer (Ill) 7-5SV

157-Isaiah Martinez (Ill) dec Oliver Pierce (ASU) 2-0

165-Steven Rodrigues (Ill) maj Jacen Peterson (ASU) 17-5

174-Zac Brunson (Ill) fall Zach Smith (ASU) 2:21

184-Blake Stauffer (ASU) dec Jeff Koepke (Ill) 6-4

197-Andre Lee (Ill) dec Josh DaSilveira (ASU) 3-1

285-Brooks Black (Ill) dec Tanner Hall (ASU) 4-3

Arizona State 38 SIU-Edwardsville 6

125-Ares Carpio (ASU) dec Troy Gassaway (SIUE) 14-7

133-Cord Coronado (ASU) dec Dakota Leach (SIUE) 4-2

141-Robbie Mathers (ASU) maj Angelo Silvestro (SIUE) 12-3

149-Matt Kraus (ASU) maj John Fahy (SIUE) 13-2

157-Oliver Pierce (ASU) fall Nate Higgins (SIUE) 1:09

165-Jacen Peterson (ASU) fall Erik Travers (SIUE) 1:32

174-Zach Smith (ASU) maj Clayton Bass (SIUE) 15-5

184-Blake Stauffer (ASU) tech Derek Nagel (SIUE) 17-2

197-Josh DaSilveira (ASU) dec Jake Tindle (SIUE) 6-4

285-Chris Johnson (SIUE) fall Tanner Hall (ASU) 7:37

Illinois 41 SIU-Edwardsville 3

125-Troy Gassaway (SIUE) dec Francis Edelen (Ill) 7-1

133-Zane Richards (Ill) maj Dakota Leach (SIUE) 20-8

141-Brock Ervin (Ill) maj Angelo Silvestro (SIUE) 10-2

149-Kyle Langenderfer (Ill) dec John Fahy (SIUE) 3-2

157-Isaiah Martinez (Ill) fall Nate Higgins (SIUE) 2:52

165-Steven Rodrigues (Ill) tech Erik Travers (SIUE) 18-2

174-Zac Brunson (Ill) fall Clayton Bass (SIUE) 2:44

184-Jeff Koepke (Ill) maj Derek Nagel (SIUE) 14-5

197-Andre Lee (Ill) dec Jake Tindle (SIUE) 3-2

285-Brooks Black (Ill) fall Chris Johnson (SIUE) :24

Virginia 21, Old Dominion 16

184: Jack Dechow (ODU) maj dec. Tyler Askey (ODU), 14-2

197: Zach Nye (UVA) dec. Austin Coburn (ODU, 5-2

285: Pat Gillen (UVA) fall John D’Agostino (ODU), 3:22

125: Nick Herrmann (UVA) dec. Brandon Jeske (ODU), 5-2

133: George DiCamillo (UVA) dec. Emilio Saavedra (ODU), 8-2

141: Chris Mecate (ODU) dec. Zach Watson (UVA), 4-0

149: Alexander Richardson (ODU) fall Chris Yankowich (UVA), 4:07)

157: Andrew Atkinson (UVA) dec. Ausitn Eads (ODU), 10-4

165: Seldon Wright (ODU) dec. Garrett Peppelman (UVA), 9-5

174: Fox Baldwin (UVA) dec. Brooks Climmons (ODU), 6-1

Penn State 21, Virginia Tech, 15 | Coverage Here

125: Joey Dance VT dec. Nico Megaludis PSU, 4-3 (TB)

133: Jordan Conaway PSU dec. Kevin Norstrem VT, 4-1

141: Solomon Chishko VT dec. Jimmy Gulibon PSU, 3-1

149: Zain Retherford PSU tech fall Sal Mastriani VT, 15-0 (TF; 4:25)

157: Jason Nolf PSU dec. Nick Brascetta VT, 4-1

165: Dave McFadden VT dec. (sv) Shakur Rasheed PSU, 10-8 (sv)

174: Bo Nickal PSU dec. Zach Epperly VT, 6-2

184: Matt McCutcheon PSU maj. dec. Zack Zavatsky VT, 18-4

197: Morgan McIntosh PSU dec. Jared Haught VT, 9-2

285: Ty Walz VT win by forfeit

VMI 27, F&M 9

125: Dalton Henderson (VMI) over Edgar Garcia (F&M) (MD 8-0)

133: Scott Stevens (F&M) over Dominick Gallo (VMI) (Dec 3-0)

141: Patrick Quinlan (F&M) over John Reed (VMI) (Dec 12-8)

149: Emmitt Kelly (VMI) over Jason Bing (F&M) (Dec 5-3)

157: Neal Richards (VMI) over Andy Francos (F&M) (Fall 1:57)

165: Shabaka Johns (VMI) over Gordon Bolig (F&M) (MD 9-0)

174: Mark Darr (VMI) over Colin Gironda (F&M) (MD 11-3)

184: Derek Thurman (VMI) over Anthony Mancini (F&M) (Dec 7-2)

197: Urayoan Garcia (VMI) over Charles Kerkesner (F&M) (Dec 6-4)

285: Antonio Pelusi (F&M) over Sivaatasi Mathias (VMI) (Dec 3-2)


125 Lambert (NEB) DEC Cruz (LEH) 10-6

133 Montoya (NEB) DEC Beckman (LEH) 6-1

141 Cruz (LEH) DEC Abidin (NEB) 6-4

149 Sueflohn (NEB) DEC Gardner (LEH) 8-5

157 Berger (NEB) DEC Minotti (LEH) 7-5

165 Wilson (NEB) DEC Preisch (LEH) 3-1

174 Barnes (NEB) DEC Riddick (LEH) 3-2

184 Dudley (NEB) DEC Brown (LEH) 5-3

197 Bolich (LEH) DEC Studebaker (NEB) 3-1

285 Jensen (NEB) DEC Wessell (LEH) 5-0


125 Peters (UNI) DEC Rios (OSU) 3-2

133 Alber (UNI) DEC Palmer (OSU) 8-4

141 Jauch (UNI) DEC Hathaway (OSU) 5-1

149 Delgado (OSU) DEC Wolfensperger (UNI) 7-3

157 Rodriguez (OSU) DEC Steiert (UNI) 8-5

165 Thomas (OSU) TF Berger (UNI) 5:57

174 Lux (UNI) DEC Chay (OSU) 5-2 0

184 Griego (OSU) DEC Caldwell (UNI) 11-6

197 Crawford (OSU) WBF Bartel (UNI) 6:18

285 Dhesi (OSU) DEC Cabell (UNI) 11-5


125 Moisey (WVU) DEC Akins (BUFF) 5-3

133 Lantry (BUFF) DEC Stainbrook (WVU) 10-4

141 Lapi (BUFF) DEC Deangelo (WVU) 3-1

149 Cotten (BUFF) MAJ Smith (WVU) 11-1

157 Cottrell (WVU) MAJ Schaefer (BUFF) 12-3

165 Wheeling (WVU) DEC Rill (BUFF) 7-3

174 Vonegidy (WVU) DEC Mcbryde (BUFF) 7-5

184 Scheffel (WVU) DEC Ariola (BUFF) 7-5

197 Smith (WVU) DEC Benjamin (BUFF) 9-8

285 Gunning (BUFF) DEC Vizcarrondo (WVU) 4-2


125 Fausz (NCST) DEC Petry (MN) 8-6

133 Morris (NCST) DEC Brancale (MN) 5-2

141 Jack (NCST) DEC Thorn (MN) 10-4

149 Donahue (NCST) DEC Patton (MN) 8-4

157 Gantt (NCST) MAJ Kingsley (MN) 12-3

165 Roshkopf (NCST) DEC Urbach (MN) 6-0

174 Hall (NCST) DEC Wanzek (MN) 8-6

184 Renda (NCST) WBF Pfarr (MN) 5:29

197 Pfarr (MN) DEC Boykin (NCST) 7-3 0

285 Gwiazdowski (NCST) DEC Kroells (MN) 10-6


125 Mccabe (RUT) DEC Klump (UNC) 10-3

133 Giraldo (RUT) DEC Headlee (UNC) 5-4

141 Ashnault (RUT) DEC Henderson (UNC) 6-4

149 Barber (UNC) DEC Dippery (RUT) 1-0

157 Lewis (RUT) DEC Clark (UNC) 5-3

165 Perrotti (RUT) DEC Ramos (UNC) 6-4

174 Michael (UNC) DEC Bakuckas (RUT) 6-2

184 Utley (UNC) DEC Gravina (RUT) 7-4

197 Ness (UNC) MAJ Hrymack (RUT) 14-6

285 Smith (RUT) MAJ Daniel (UNC) 12-4


125 Badua (ARMY) DEC Paterno (LIU) 9-3

133 Harry (ARMY) DEC Calderone (LIU) 4-2

141 Everett (ARMY) DEC Turano (LIU) 11-5

149 Marchetti (ARMY) MAJ Langan (LIU) 11-3

157 Parsons (ARMY) TF Morente (LIU) 3:08

165 Mendel (ARMY) TF Ramirez (LIU) 4:35

174 Harvey (ARMY) WBF Sinclair (LIU) 4:17

184 Mclees (ARMY) TF Grillo (LIU) 4:56

197 Barnes (ARMY) TF King (LIU) 4:35 5

285 Smith (ARMY) TF Mcdonald (LIU) 6:45


125 Bulzomi (BING) MAJ Antoine (NASS) 12-1

133 Nicholson (BING) MAJ Meloni (NASS) 12-2

141 Dellavechia (BING) WBF Miller (NASS) 2:38

149 Garcia (BING) DEC Hopkins (NASS) 6-3

157 Deprez (BING) WBF Dusold (NASS) 1:19

165 Deprez (BING) BY FORFEIT

174 Mckeever (BING) MAJ Adon (NASS) 10-2

184 Williams (BING) WBF Espinal (NASS) 2:44

197 Tracy (BING) MAJ Rodriquez (NASS) 18-7

285 Cvijanovich (BING) DEC Rosemond (NASS) 6-2

Clarion 24, Bloomsburg 19

125 Jon Haas (BU) over Patrick Dewitt (CU) (Dec 3-1)

133 Andy Schutz (BU) over Mike Bartolo (CU) (Dec 6-5)

141 Brock Zacherl (CU) won by forfeit

149 Ryan Snow (BU) over Brodie Zacherl (CU) (Dec 5-3)

157 Brendon Colbert (BU) over Jake Keller (CU) (MD 15-6)

165 Evan Delong (CU) over Matt Carr (BU) (DQ)

174 Michael Pavasko (CU) over Kyle Wojtaszek (BU) (Dec 7-3)

184 Dominic Rigous (CU) over Casey Glunt (BU) (Fall 1:59)

197 Dominic Carfagno (BU) over Dustin Conti (CU) (Fall 3:08)

285 Evan Daley (CU) over Saul Wilkins (BU) (Dec 3-0)


125 Milhoff (OU) TF Badua (ARMY) 4:25

133 Brewer (OU) TF Seim (ARMY) 2:48

141 Everett (ARMY) DEC Blackwell (OU) 11-4

149 Jefferies (OU) WBF Rodriguez (ARMY) 2:34

157 Parsons (ARMY) DEC Wingerbermuehle (OU) 8-1

165 Glass (OU) DEC Mendel (ARMY) 13-6

174 Reed (OU) DEC Harvey (ARMY) 6-2

184 Dixon (OU) WBF Imonodoe (ARMY) 4:28

197 Johnson (OU) DEC Barnes (ARMY) 3-2

285 Brown (OU) DEC Smith (ARMY) 5-2


125 Bulzomi (BING) DEC Klump (UNC) 4-2

133 Headlee (UNC) DEC Nicholson (BING) 6-3

141 Ward (UNC) DEC Dellavechia (BING) 6-5

149 Barber (UNC) DEC Garcia (BING) 4-3

157 Deprez (BING) DEC Clark (UNC) 12-11

165 Ramos (UNC) MAJ Deprez (BING) 15-7

174 Mckeever (BING) DEC Michael (UNC) 4-3

184 Schneider (BING) DEC Utley (UNC) 4-1

197 Ness (UNC) DEC Tracy (BING) 9-6

285 Daniel (UNC) DEC Cvijanovich (BING) 4-1


125 Field (LHU) DEC Akins (BUFF) 6-2

133 Lantry (BUFF) DEC Rehm (LHU) 7-4

141 Neff (LHU) DEC Lapi (BUFF) 9-4

149 Cotten (BUFF) MAJ Wheeler (LHU) 8-0

157 Mckinney (LHU) MAJ Schaefer (BUFF) 9-1

165 Rill (BUFF) MAJ Cordes (LHU) 17-7

174 Wood (LHU) DEC Weigel (BUFF) 8-3

184 Ariola (BUFF) DEC Sponsellar (LHU) 8-6 3

197 Sprenklel (LHU) DEC Benjamin (BUFF) 8-7

285 Gunning (BUFF) DEC Emerick (LHU) 5-0


125 Lester (MICH) DEC Damon (HOFS) 6-4


141 Hudson (HOFS) DEC Fisher (MICH) 5-4

149 Pantaleo (MICH) MAJ Hartmann (HOFS) 12-3

157 Callander (HOFS) DEC Amine (MICH) 8-6

165 Sutton (MICH) DEC Fehr (HOFS) 8-2

174 Affronti (HOFS) DEC Mahomes (MICH) 3-2

184 Ralston (MICH) DEC Damiana (HOFS) 3-0

197 Huntley (MICH) WBF Haddad (HOFS) 0:08

285 Coon (MICH) WBF Hughes (HOFS) 0:47


125 Peters (UNI) MAJ Mccabe (RUT) 13-5

133 Alber (UNI) DEC Giraldo (RUT) 3-1

141 Ashnault (RUT) MAJ Jauch (UNI) 14-5

149 Dippery (RUT) WBF Wolfensperger (UNI) 0:30 6

157 Lewis (RUT) DEC Steiert (UNI) 2-1

165 Perrotti (RUT) WBF Berger (UNI) 7:00

174 Bakuckas (RUT) DEC Foster (UNI) 6-1

184 Gravina (RUT) DEC Caldwell (UNI) 7-2

197 Hrymack (RUT) DEC Krumwiede (UNI) 6-2


125 Rios (OSU) DEC Moisey (WVU) 3-2

133 Palmer (OSU) DEC Stainbrook (WVU) 6-2

141 Hathaway (OSU) DEC Deangelo (WVU) 4-2

149 Delgado (OSU) MAJ Smith (WVU) 11-2

157 Cottrell (WVU) DEC Rodriguez (OSU) 8-4

165 Thomas (OSU) DEC Renzi (WVU) 6-5

174 Chay (OSU) DEC Vonegidy (WVU) 4-3

285 Dhesi (OSU) MAJ Vizcarrondo (WVU) 14-5 




The St.John’s Arena in Columbus revealed 4 New Banners during the opening ceremony

The mats rolled out and fans filled the seats for the first time this season at the St. John’s Arena. Entering the Arena you felt the excitement and thrill that wrestling season is back, and better yet; Buckeye Wrestling is back! Before the battle began between the #5 USA NWCA POLL Ranked Ohio State Buckeyes and the #23 University of Virginia Cavaliers, 4 new banners were revealed from the rafters in the St.John’s Arena during opening ceremonies.

The sticks drew 125lbs to start out the dual respectively, with 2015 National Champion for the Buckeyes, Nathan Tomasello, where he would face off against a tough ACC opponent for the Virginia Cavaliers, Nick Hermann. Tomasello broke the ice with a quick 3 second takedown but Hermann remaind solid for the rest of the period and even pulling out a reversal for 2 points with just over a minute left in the 1st period. Tomasello gets warned for stalling in the second however holds onto get the first win of the night for Ohio State, with a major decision 14-6.

On deck for the Bucks was #5 ranked Johnni DiJulius and #10 ranked Virginia stud George DiCamillo and while Johnni struggled to break DiCamillo’s brutal ball-n-chain wing arm bar; Johnni bounced back to get a 2-point nearfall off a crab ride at the start of the 2nd period! Johnni DiJulius followed up the MJD at 125lbs with an intense victory raising the crowd to their feet, while he came back to seal 5 points in the 3rd period. His 5 point come back was triggered by his signature dump for a takedown and remained in control to tilt George to his back; while it seemed in turn that DiCamillo was the one with the control with a spladle locked up?!? However, regulation time runs out and DiJulius puts away the #10 ranked George DiCamillo snagging a 8-7 victory and may I add the 102 win of his career!! Nice Work Johnni!!!

Micah “Micky” Jordan represented Ohio State at the 141 pound weight class and the Jordan Trained young phenom represented himself damn well infront of Wrestling fans last night in Columbus, racking up an impressive 19-8 win over RS-JR. Zach Watson a Chattanooga Native. Micky shot off ankle picks left and right to conclude the 1st period with a 9-4 score. Jordan almost pinned Watson several times in a “middle school” 3/4 Nelson while riding strong on top. From the neutral position it looked like Micah’s hand was magnetized to Watsons leg knee down racking up an impressive takedown count. This win put the Buckeyes ahead 11-0!

Next up the 149 pound bout sparked the St.John’s Arena to their feet as Claymont Cradle boy for the Buckeyes locked up his signature pin-hold and rocked Jersey fella T.J Miller back for the Fall in the 2nd Period. The crowd arises in cheer and Buckeye Wrestling excitement is back in Ohio!! 

Following the excitement at 149lbs, Son of Head Coach Tom Ryan and 2015 Eastern Michigan Open Champ, Jake Ryan ran out in the new Ohio State Singlet tonight at 157lbs for the Buckeyes. Ryan started off stiff and didn’t really seem to find a rhythm until the 3rd period and with 15 seconds remaining in regulation, Ryan fires off a leg attack and gets a last second winning take-down!! The Ohio State University heads into Intermission with a 20-0 lead over the traveling University of Virginia Cavaliers, following that victory.

Following Intermission, The University of Virginia earned their first team points of the night with a 5-3 decision win out of Rs. Frosh-Netflix Movie Star, Garret Peppelman at 165lbs. Peppelman got the first points of the match and coasted through as RS. Sr Justin Kresivic a Pennsylvania pally displayed a lot of medal in this match up as he JUST came up seconds short of the victory. However Buckeyes recovered from the knock down with Co-Captain Bo Jordan dominating Young Fox Baldwin a True Frosh for the Cavaliers. Bo almost stuck the youngin-countering Baldwins deep leg attack with locking up a cradle and nearly packing his ass!  

Daddy Bo Jordan continued to Cradle back the Little Foxy for several more sets of back points to rack up a huge statement 12-1 lead heading into the 2nd period. Virginia’s Baldwin chose Top to avoid BoJo’s brutal riding technique and painful power-half. Jordan gets up and out scoring an easy Escape point and then bulldozes Baldwin off the mat for a 2-point takedown, to seal the 17-2 TechFall plus 5-Team Points for the Buckeyes!!!!!

The next bout showcased another reigning All-American for the Buckeyes Kenny Courts and Courts battled to earn an 11-5 decision to seal the dual for OSU. Courts scored two takedowns in each of the first two periods while looking slick on his feet. Courts now has a solid 5-1 record on the year. #23 Ranked Virginia showed life again with No. 10 Zach Nye defeating the deceiving, tall and lanky Matthew O’Hara by regular decision at 197lbs. However; Nick Tavanello concluded the evening pinning Patrick Gillen in 5:45. It was Tavanello’s 3rd Pin of the season, tying him with Micah Jordan for the team lead.

The Buckeyes return to action on Sunday, Nov. 15 when they take part in the Michigan State Open. While the Virginia Cavaliers host Old Dominion on that Sunday as well. 

Ohio State Wrestling 
No. 5 Ohio State 34, No. 23 Virginia 6
Attendance: 2,080 | Ohio State (1-0); Virginia (3-2)
125: No. 1 Nathan Tomasello (OSU) major decision over Nick Herrmann (UVA) 14-6 | OSU 4, UVA 0
133: No. 5 Johnni DiJulius (OSU) decision over No. 10 George DiCamillo (UVA) 8-7 | OSU 7, UVA 0
141: No. 19 Micah Jordan major decision over Zach Watson (UVA) 19-8 | OSU 11, UVA 0
149: Cody Burcher (OSU) won by fall over Thomas Miller (UVA) 4:06 | OSU 17, UVA 0
157: Jake Ryan (OSU) won by decision over No. 19 Andrew Atkinson (UVA) 3-2 | OSU 20, UVA 0
165: Garrett Peppelman (UVA) won by decision over Justin Kresevic (OSU) 5-3 | OSU 20, UVA 3
174: No. 1 Bo Jordan (OSU) won by tech fall over Fox Baldwin (UVA) 17-2 | OSU 25, UVA 3
184: No. 5 Kenny Courts (OSU) won by decision over Tyler Askey (UVA) 11-5 | OSU 28, UVA 3
197: No. 10 Zach Nye (UVA) won by decision over Matthew O’Hara (OSU) 10-6 | OSU 28, UVA 6
285: No. 18 Nick Tavanello won by fall over Patrick Gillen (UVA) 5:45 | OSU 34, UVA 6


  1. IOWA
  24. RIDER

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RJ Blog #2


FOLKS NCAA Wrestlers got their first taste of blood this past week throughout Wrestling Arenas around the Nation! Ron John’s Wrestling Round-Up is providing you wrestling fans ALL of the Box Scores from Duals and Major Tourney Results along with the kickoff NWCA All-Star Classic and coverage from each conference in D1 Wrestling from this past opening week of the 2015-2016 NCAA Wrestling Season!!!


*Offered the experimental 3 point takedown*

125: Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State) dec. Zeke Moisey (West Virginia) 7-1. [Tomasello scored 2 takedowns over the gassed Moisey]

133: Rossi Bruno (Michigan) dec. Mason Beckman (Lehigh) 4-1, SV. [Overrated Beckman loses to the Brute Bruno in OT; taking zero shots!]

141: Cody Brewer (Oklahoma) dec. Dean Heil (Oklahoma State) 13-12. [Brewer bumping up in weight survives the tough FUNK FEST against the Cowboy Dean-O.

149: B.J. Clagon (Rider) dec. Alexander Richardson (Old Dominion) 9-6 [Jersey Junk Yard Matchup]

157: Mitchell Minotti (Lehigh) FALL Cody Pack (South Dakota State) 7:45, SV [Recently just receiving a 6th year of eligibility after 2 Medical Red-Shirt years?!, Cody gets PACKED in OT of a scramble!]

165: Max Rohskopf (N.C. State) dec. Clark Glass (Oklahoma) 9-2 [Strong showing from the ACC stud.]

174: Zach Epperly (Virginia Tech) dec. Kyle Crutchmer (Oklahoma State) 2-1. [Another BIG12 boy going down!!!]

184: Blake Stauffer (Arizona State) dec. Nathaniel Brown (Lehigh) 4-1, SV. [Solid Win from the Sun Devil]

197: Conner Hartmann (Duke) dec. Max Huntley (Michigan) 8-1

285: Ty Walz (Virginia Tech) dec. Adam Coon (Michigan) 9-3



125lbs-1st: Joey Dance (VT)-2nd: Brian Rossi (Stanford)-3rd: Tyrone Klump (U.North Carolina)-4th: Thayer Atkins (Duke)

133lbs-1st: Kevin Norstrem (VT)-2nd: Mason Pengilly (Stanford)-3rd:AC Headlee (U. Carolina)- 4th: Alex Rinaldi (UNC)-5th: Keegan Moore(West Virginia)-6th: Drew Walker (Campbell)

UNC Tar Heel Alex Rinaldi

141lbs- 1st: Joey McKenna (Stanford)-2nd: Evan Henderson (U North Carolina)-3rd: Sam Speno (NC State)-4th: Zach Finesilver (Duke)

Joey Mckenna vs. Henderson

Joey Mckenna (Stanford) vs. Evan Henderson (UNC)

[Joey McKenna former Blair Boy on Upset victory in Finals over #1 Rank in Nation ]

149lbs- 1st: Konbeh Koroma (GMU)- 2nd: Zach Moore (West Virginia)-3rd: Paul Fox (Stanford)-4th: Michael Dahlstro (American)-5th: Tyler Ponte(Columbia)-6th: Christian Barber (U. North Carolina)

157lbs. 1st: Connor Bass (Duke)-2nd:Chad Pyke (NC State)-3rd: Robert Henderson (U. North Carolina)-4th: Jonathon Rivera (Notre Dame College)-5th: Markus Schiedel (Columbia)-6th: Jack Clark (UNC)

165lbs: 1st: Jack Faust (Duke)-2nd: Jim Wilson (Stanford)-3rd: David McFadden(VT)-4th: Shabaka Johns (VMI) [Faust talks about Upset Win in tough weight ]

Alex Rinaldi in action scoring a big win for the Tar Heels

174lbs-1st:Bryce Carr (UT-Chatt)-2nd: Zach Hernandez (Columbia)-3rd: Sean Mappes (UTC)-4th: John Staudenmeyer (U. North Carolina)-5th: Keaton Subjeck (Stanford)-6th: Randy Roden (Duke)

184lbs-1st: Alex Utley (U. North Carolina)-2nd: Zach Zavatsky (VT)-3rd: John Lampe (UT-Chatt) 4th: Ryan Davies (Stanford)-5th: Trey Adamson (Duke)

197lbs– 1st: Connor Hartmann (Duke)-2nd: Scottie Boykin (UT-Chatt)-3rd: Chip Ness (U. North Carolina)-4th: Jared Haught (VT)-5th: Michael Sojka (Stanford)- Chance McClure (U.Virgina)

HWT- 1st: Nathan Butler (Stanford)2nd: Garret Ryan (Columbia)-3rd: Dan Garwood (VT)-4th: Cory Daniel (U. North Carolina)-5th: Chance McClure (Virginia)





 UNC Tar Heels ranked No. 10 Wrestling Team in Nation

UNC wrestling team